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nSmall, round green beans.beans, small greenPhaseolus family; vigna sesquipadalisHāpbātungin hinang inihup.Small green beans are good for a (sweet) soup.monggotahuri1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)

bawang lebbuk

nGreen onions, spring onions, scallions.Allium ascalonicumThey are mostly used for the leaves.onions, greensibolyas1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nTurmeric, yellow ginger.turmericCurcuma longaTurmeric is used to make rice yellow and to add flavor, also to make a marinade by
adding salt and turmeric to water. Chicken, fish, or vegetables are sometimes cooked
in such a merinade. It is also used as a dye in matmaking. When a child has just been
born, the cord cut, and the child bathed, the juice of turmeric is touched to the
eyebrows and the middle of the forehead between the eyes of the child. Also a thin
sliver is placed in the middle of the forehead of all who have seen the blood of the
birth. A prayer or incantation is whispered while the elders, an imam or the midwife
places it.
1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)
vsubjectN-, mag-ngan-object-anTo add turmeric to s.t., to use turmeric.Dulewanku buwasin duk binaning duk bengngi.I will add turmeric to the rice so that it will be yellow and fragrant.


nA type of squash (used as vegetable).When young, the fruit as well as stems and leaves have little hairs. It looks similar
to the square stemmed passion fruit but has a darker green color, almost like a cucumber.
It is bland in taste.
1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nSquash, yellow squash, pumpkin.squash, a; pumpkinCucurbita maxima1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nTomato.tomatoLycopersicum esculentumPapīhanun kamatis sayulnun.Put tomatoes into your vegetables.1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nSquare stemmed passion flower (a vine and its fruit).Passiflora quadrangularisThe fruit is oblong, 12 to 20 cm long, greenish yellow, edible. It can be eaten as
a fruit or used as a vegetable. Not highly valued by Yakans.
1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nWhite squash, summer squash, common gourd.Lagenaria leucantha (or siceraria)squash, white; upoLabu sinayulten bi lettu miyaˈan.We will cook white squash as the vegetable at noon.1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nA small tree that bears edible seeds similar to small beans.The seeds grow in relatively short pods. They are dark violet and somewhat bigger
than mung beans. They are used for soups.
1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nMung beans.Phaseolus familyDark red - almost black.mung beans; beans, mungNiyaˈmonggo tanemku.I planted some mung beans.bātungtahuri1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nGreen beans, string beans, sitao (Tag.).beans, greenVigna sesquipedalis (Phaseolus vulgaris)Luwalkami magsayul paraholes.We always have green beans for vegetables.1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nAmpalaya, bitter melon.ampalaya; bitter melonMomoidica charantia1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nPatola, a kind of vegetable.Luffa acutangulaA type of gourd.patola1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nChayote.chayoteSechium eduleSayuti sayulkun.My vegetable is chayote.1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nSmall hot pepper; chili pepper.pepper (hot and red)1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


vsubjectmag-To use onions.Magsibolyaskubangku maglampa kenna.I use onions when I boil fish.
vobject-anTo add onions to s.t.Sibolyasanun sayulnun.Put onions in your vegetables.Sinibolyasan sayulnen.Her vegetables have onions in in them.


nSmall, hot, red pepper; chili pepper.pepper (small and hot)Capsicum frutescensThey grow on bushes, are about one centimeter long and can be eaten green or red.
They are crushed and often mixed with salt.
kew ngeddoˈ sili.Go and fetch some pepper.pā-pā1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo use hot pepper in s.t.Bangkew magsayul daˈa silihanun, iyuˈ ku lalahan.When you cook vegetables don’t use peppers in it; I find them hot.Gaˈkutagammagsili.I am not accustomed to using peppers.Niyaˈnilihan sayulkun.Someone put hot peppers in my vegetables.

sili bulan

nLarger, yellow pepper (not very hot).Capsicum family1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nA variety of bean.bean varietyPhaseolus calcaratusThe seed is light green in color and longer than bātung. It is cultivated like other beans.Magkettu buwaˈ tahuri kami.We will pick the beans (lit. fruit of the beans).bātungmonggo1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)


nA vegetable made of unripe jackfruit or marang.jackfruit (unripe, cooked as vegetable)Tibabalnangkaˈ sayulkun.Cooked unripe jackfruit is my vegetable.21.5General termsGeneral terms1.7.2Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)Vegetables (fruit, roots, bulbs)
vsubjectN-, mag-To cook unripe jackfruit or marang as a vegetable.Magtibabalkew.Cook unripe (marang) as vegetable.Nibabalnekew marangku iyan.Cook that marang of mine as vegetable.Sarangnetinibabal marangin.The marang is big enough to be cooked as a vegetable.