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nStomach, belly. (Slightly less proper than betteng.)stomach; bellyĪˈpeddiˈbabatku.My stomach is hurting.betteng11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nShoulder.shoulderPeddiˈbahaku magbalung nakanakin.My shoulder hurts from carrying the child.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nBody (of living persons, animals or things).body (of creature or things)Hadjemanamalbaranaˈa miyaˈan.The body of that person is very big.Tettepadun badjuˈ iyan, iyuˈ tahaˈ barannen.Cut some of that blouse off, the body (of that blouse) is too long.puhuˈ12.1Various sicknesses and general medical termsVarious sicknesses and general medical terms11.1External body partsExternal body parts4.7Parts of fish and other sea creaturesParts of fish and other sea creatures


nMouth.mouthLuha bangaˈan behenen bang ngohap.The opening of his mouth is wide when he yawns.11.4Teeth and mouth etc.Teeth and mouth etc.

sīng behe

behe gawang


behe karut, baˈung, kassaˈ, boloˈ

nOpening of a sack, coconut container, bottle, water container.opening (of a container)

behe buliˈ


vpabehesubjectmag-object-anTo scold s.o.scoldPabehehanun meˈ mākanak iyan bang siye maghidjul.Scold those children if they are noisy.Bekkatan ku magpabehe bu gaˈi du ngasip mākanakin.I have scolded them a lot but the children do not pay attention.amā(han)s(in)abit


vmabehe, magbehe-beheTo talk,, to; speakWeˈeykewgaˈimabehebangniyaˈ tinilew si kaˈu?Why don’t you speak when something is asked of you?Gaˈikumagbehe-behebisanniyaˈ takiteku aˈa nangkew.I don’t say (anything) even if I have seen someone steal.bissā


adjbehehanHarsh, critical.harsh; critical of s.t., to beAˈa bahiˈ miyaˈan gaˈ niyaˈ mabayaˈ ampune patapit si iye peggeˈ behehan, luwal ngamā.None of her grandchildren wants to go close to that old woman because she is harsh; she always gets angry.laˈatan

bisa behenenBeing sharp tongued (lit. his mouth is poisonous).sharp tonguedtahaˈ behenenTo tell or pass on things that are none of one’s business (lit. his mouth is long).


nBelly; stomach.belly; stomachHadjebettengkun bangku bakas mangan.My stomach is big after (lit. when) I have eaten.babat11.1External body partsExternal body parts


adjPregnant.pregnantBettenghatiˈdende miyaˈan, hadje ne bettengnen.That woman is pregnant - surprise; her stomach is big already.12.10Childbearing and sexual functionsChildbearing and sexual functions


v. statmagbettengTo be in the state of developing the head (of rice while growing).The head develops inside the three leaves tuglus of the rice plant.Bangbeytupangellewbumagbetteng paleyin ngapa.If the rice is developing the head in dry season it becomes mostly chaff.Bettengne paleyin; sōng paguwaˈ ne buwaˈnen.The rice is in the state of developing the head; the fruit will soon come out.tuglusupung9.3Stages of developmentStages of development


nThroat.throatPeddiˈdembikellenkubangku sōng pinalad.My throat hurts when I am getting a cold.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nPenis.peniskewmagsawal duk gaˈi takite botoˈnun.Go put trousers on so that your penis isn’t seen.

Panyap lella.Euphemism for penis (lit. belonging of a man).11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nKnuckle; ankle; joint of bamboo.knuckle; ankle; joint (of bamboo)Bang aˈahin kagkag paguwaˈ bukunen.When a person is thin his knuckles stick out.Ānanun buku bātakan iyan.Remove the joint from that bamboo.tangan11.1External body partsExternal body parts1.14Parts of plants or fruitParts of plants or fruit


nBack (of the body from the nape of the neck to the end of the spine); back (of a house
as opposed to the front).
back (of body or house)Peddiˈbukutkuluwal maningkoloˈin.My back hurts (when) I am always sitting.Ekka tinanemne si bukut lumaˈ.She planted lots of things in the back of the house.harap(an)

bukut tanganBack of hand.bukut bettisTop of foot.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nFontanel, soft spot (on babie’s head); top of the head.fontanel; soft spot on babie’s head; top of headNiyaˈ usaˈ-usaˈ diyataˈ buˈun-buˈun nakanak iyan.Something is moving on the fontanel of that baby.Ekka kutuku diyataˈ buˈun-buˈunku.There are many lice on the top of my head.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nBottom (of objects); buttocks (of a person); the behind or seat (of a person); the
rear end (as of boat, bus, etc.).
bottom (of anything); behind, the; buttocks; rear end of s.t.Eggasbuliˈ kalderokun.The bottom (inside) of my pot is burnt.Bangkābew iyan sungiˈ lege buliˈnen.When that carabao defecates its behind is dirty.Binettad kalgahin si buliˈ lansa.The cargo is placed at the rear end of the boat.kegolkōk311.1External body partsExternal body parts18.2Parts of motor vehiclesParts of motor vehicles

buliˈ dalum

nEye of a needle or head of a pin.

buliˈ kellong

nBack of the neck.

lowang buliˈ



nHead (as distinct from hair); skull.head; skullHadjebungkugnen.He has a big head.kōk11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nScrotum; testicle.scrotum; testicleHadjebuyungaˈa iyan, hatu binolot.The scrotum of that man is big; perhaps he has a hydrocele.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nSonny (term of familiarity for boys).It can be used for any boy up to the age of about 15 years.address for young male (younger than self)kewBuyung, eddoˈanun kite boheˈ.Go, Sonny, fetch water for us.dayang16.1Types of relationshipsTypes of relationships


nChest (body).chest, bodypartSinuntuk ku weˈ ne si dākanku.He punched me in the chest.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nWaist.waistDikiˈhawakanaˈa miyaˈan peggeˈ kagkag iye.That person’s waist is small because she is skinny.igut(an)11.1External body partsExternal body parts


adjSmall waisted.waist, smallNiyaˈ sanam (lepitut) igut baranden.There are insects (lepitut) that have small waisted bodies.Igutiyemanamal.She is very small waisted.

Aˈa miyaˈan kuweˈ betteng lepitut.That person has a waist (lit. stomach) like a lepitut.igutan

nWaist.Dende iyan hāp iye magbadjuˈ lapiˈ, niyaˈ igutanne.That girl looks nice wearing a tight black blouse; she has a waist.hawakan11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nDimples (on the face).dimplesNakanak miyaˈan mannisan bang magsaye peggeˈ tege kandiˈis.That child is pretty when she laughs because she has dimples.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nFontanel, membranous space in infant’s head.fontanel; spot, soft in baby’s headLemmaˈkebbuˈ-kebbuˈ nakanakin bang dikiˈ pe.The fontanel of a child is still soft when it is small.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nCoccyx, tailbone; behind, buttocks.behind, the; buttocks; coccyx; tailboneThe coccyx consists of four fused vertebrae which form the terminus of the spinal
column in humans and tailless apes.
Peddiˈkegolkuluwal ningkoloˈ.My behind is hurting from constantly sitting.Humantak ku bu peddiˈ kegolku.I sat down hard and my tailbone is hurting.buliˈpigiˈ11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nShoulder blade.shoulder bladeBangku bakas ngalabas peddiˈ kellabku.When I cut grass my shoulder blade hurts.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nThe neck (of people, animals, bottle, squash); neckline of dress.neck; necklineMeˈ aˈa sinduwehin binugen kellongnen.Some people have a growth on their neck.Pitasnedembiyaˈkellong badjuˈnen.One side of the neckline of his shirt has come undone.11.1External body partsExternal body parts23.4Parts of clothingParts of clothing


nSmall of the back, loins.back, small of; loinsPeddiˈkewompangkuluwal matennunin.The small of my back hurts from always weaving.11.1External body partsExternal body parts



nHair.hairBayaˈ ku kulinut kōkkun.I want my hair to be curly.

bulu kōkHair on the head.bulu11.7HairHair26.4Nouns used in connection w/ hairNouns used in connection w/ hair3

nFront of any conveyance.front of jeep; spring of waterNingkoloˈ laˈi iye si kōk jīp.He is sitting there in the front (seat) of the jeep.mundaˈ1buliˈ18.2Parts of motor vehiclesParts of motor vehicles


nSource, spring of water.Lumaˈkun tapit si kōk boheˈ.My house is near the source of the creek.tindakan


nThe head-end (of the house, bed etc.); upriver (towards its source).Kōkan lumaˈ is always the longer wall of a house facing south or west and is opposite the doorway.
(In a mosque the alcove is on the narrow side of the building and facing west. This
is also called kōkan.)
upriver; head of house or bedBangkew magtanem sayul, laˈi kew si antag kōkan lumaˈ.When you plant vegetables, do it there near the head of the house.Bangmimbal asal subey si kōkan langgal.The alcove should really be at the head of the mosque.Landesulan amban kōkan boheˈ.There was strong rain upriver.Bettadun uˈan iyan laˈi si kōkan kamanu.Place that pillow there at the head of your bed.tindakan19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


nCollarbone (clavicle) and the depression just above it. Body part just below the neck.collarbone; clavicle; depression above collarbonePaguwaˈ kohangkun peggeˈ luha kellong badjuˈkun.My collarbone is seen because the neck of my blouse is low.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nA hill; a rise in the land (topography); a ridge (as of a mountain or corrugated iron).ridge; hillDiyataˈkūd lumaˈden.Their house is on a hill.Lansangun mital iyan diyataˈ kūdne.Put the nail in the ridge of that corrugated iron.punulettud(lettud-)lebbakkellud-kelludlebbak5.4TopographyTopography


nRidges (in terrain, in wood, corrugated iron, etc.).ridges and grooves, to have; corrugatedDaˈa badjaˈun peggeˈ iyuˈ ekka kūd-kūdne.Don’t plow because there are many ridges.
v. statmagkūd-kūdFor s.t. to have ridges and grooves, be corrugated; uneven.Magkūd-kūd mital hinang sapewin.The metal for roofs is corrugated.Lanuˈanun kāpan iyan iyuˈ magkūd-kūd.Smooth that floor; it is uneven.

kūd bukut

nSpine.spineTalemkūd bukutkābew iyan peggeˈ kagkag.The spine of that carabao is sticking out (lit. sharp) because he is skinny.11.1External body partsExternal body parts

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