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nA hole (in the ground, hiding place of a creature).Used mainly of holes of crabs. The opening is usually to one side.hole, hiding place of crabsNiyaˈakaskākaˈ.There is a hole of a crab.lowang1lingab5.4TopographyTopography


nExtent (of territory); border (of land); goal (in a race).extent (of territory); border (of land); goal in a raceTamanbatuinindubatasan bulakten bi.Up to this stone is the extent of our field.tarasdibisiyun5.4TopographyTopography


adjSteep.steepPunuhin bīd manamal, hunit ilengngan.The mountain is very steep; it is difficult to walk on.taked
nA slope (on a mountainside).slope, aTanaˈaˈa miyaˈan diyataˈ bīd punu.The field of that person is on the slope of the mountain.tembīdpunu5.4TopographyTopography


nCluster of trees; small forest (or new growth after the land had been cleared); thicket;
overgrown (former) field.
Growing by itself, not planted.trees, cluster of; thicketEkka pataˈ laˈi dem buˈug miyaˈan.There is much round wood (for house building material) in that cluster of trees.Buˈugne bakas tanaˈin.What was once a field is a thicket now.talunkabbunlatiˈgulangan5.4TopographyTopography


vsubjectpa-, mag-#-an (repet.)To cross (a stream or road); to pass by (people or a place).cross a stream etc.; pass by s.o. or a placePabutasku amban dem boheˈ.I crossed (over to the other side) through the water.Luwalsiyemagbutasan amban bihing lumaˈku.They always pass by my house.lataslipaglabadlabey231WAYS OF WALKINGWAYS OF WALKING


nCrossing (of roads, trails, or of a road crossing a river).crossing of roadsTiyaˈku maluglub laˈi si butasan īˈ.I am going to (have the carabao) wallow there at the crossing.5.4TopographyTopography


adjFlat.flatDatagsapew lumaˈnen.The roof of his house is flat.pasad


nA flat place; level ground.level groundLumaˈin subey si kadatagan.Houses should stand on level ground.5.4TopographyTopography


nBoundary, dividing line (of land or area).boundary; dividing lineTaman ingge dibisiyunbin?Where is your boundary?tarasbatasan5.4TopographyTopography


nThe top of s.t.; of s.t.; surfaceLamisahanin, lanuˈ diyataˈnen.The surface of the table is smooth.
prepOn; on top of; inland-toward-location, up in the hills.on; on top of; inland-toward-locationNiyaˈmanuk-manukdiyataˈkayu.There is a bird in/on the tree.Libruhin diyataˈ lamisahan.The book is on top of the table.Lahatkun laˈi diyataˈ.My place is up in the hills.diyawaˈ


vsubjectpa-, -um-, mag-#-an (repet.)To go up (to the hills); go further inland; go upstairs.go up; go inlandPadiyataˈkuhap Kurestal.I go up to Korestal.Maki kami dumiyataˈ bang ubus hinang kami matuˈuhin.We will be able to go up (to the hills or up into the house) when we have finished our work here.(pa)dahik


vsubjectmag-To place s.t. on top of s.t. s.t. on topPadiyataˈku libruhin diyataˈ libru dembuwaˈ.I placed the book on top of the other book.Bangku magbella buwas magpadiyataˈ kemuntiˈ ku.When I cook rice I place camote on top.


prepAbove; further up (on an incline).above; further upSaweˈkun ningkoloˈ si tanggaˈ diyataˈankun.My companion sits on the step above mine.Lumaˈnen diyataˈan lumaˈ kami.His house is above our house.atag2diyawaˈ(an)5.4TopographyTopography


vsubjectN-To outdo s.o. (in behavior, looks, possessions, etc.).outdo s.o.Aˈa iyan diyataˈanne ku.That person outdoes me.Dende iyan basag ngandiyataˈan saweˈne.That woman outdoes her companions in many things.lindi


nForest; former forest (land that used to be forested but is cleared now for farming).forest; forested area, formerlyEkkapayew duk kuyaˈ dem gulangan.There are many deer and monkeys in the forest.Ekkaaˈasinna magtanaˈ dem gulangan peggeˈ hāp bulaknen.Many people like to make fields in the former forest because the soil is good.talunbuˈug15.4TopographyTopography

buˈug1 thicket, secondary growth forest
gulangan area with large (forest) trees
kabbun area planted with fruit trees
latiˈ copse, small forest
talun area with large or small (forest) trees


nA grassy area; plaza; recreation ground.grassy area; recreation groundLuhahāmanlaˈi si Plaza Pershingin, hāp paningkoloˈ-ningkoloˈan.The grassy area there at Plaza Pershing is big; it is nice to sit there.lame5.4TopographyTopography


nA road.roadA built road (wide enough for jeeps).Kalsara si Basilanin gey hāp, meglowang-lowang.The road in Basilan is not good, it has holes.lānbanaˈas5.4TopographyTopography

ispalton asphalt
gebbaˈ barrier, blockade on trail or road
kanal ditch
kongkong bank of road, drop off 1.50 m or more
lipag side of road or river
powente bridge
sehepang fork in road, trail or river


nCliff; gorge; gully; ditch with steep walls.cliff; gorge; gully; ditch (deep)It may be deep or rather shallow.Laboˈkudiyalemkongkong.I fell into the gully.Diyalemkongkong boheˈin.The river is in the gorge.Langkewkongkong si higad tahik miyaˈan.The cliff at the sea shore is high.pampang5.4TopographyTopography


nA hill; a rise in the land (topography); a ridge (as of a mountain or corrugated iron).ridge; hillDiyataˈkūd lumaˈden.Their house is on a hill.Lansangun mital iyan diyataˈ kūdne.Put the nail in the ridge of that corrugated iron.punulettud(lettud-)lebbakkellud-kelludlebbak5.4TopographyTopography


nRidges (in terrain, in wood, corrugated iron, etc.).ridges and grooves, to have; corrugatedDaˈa badjaˈun peggeˈ iyuˈ ekka kūd-kūdne.Don’t plow because there are many ridges.
v. statmagkūd-kūdFor s.t. to have ridges and grooves, be corrugated; uneven.Magkūd-kūd mital hinang sapewin.The metal for roofs is corrugated.Lanuˈanun kāpan iyan iyuˈ magkūd-kūd.Smooth that floor; it is uneven.

kūd bukut

nSpine.spineTalemkūd bukutkābew iyan peggeˈ kagkag.The spine of that carabao is sticking out (lit. sharp) because he is skinny.11.1External body partsExternal body parts


nPath, trail, road, way.path; trail; road; wayA trail not big enough for a jeep to go on; a trail that has come into being because
of common use, not planned. Any road.
Kataˈuhanku lān hap Boheˈlebbengin.I know the way to Boheˈlebbeng.Lān miyaˈan kajari palabeyan jīp.A jeep can go on that trail.Inispaltun ne lān si bihing Lamitanin.The road near Lamitan has been asphalted.kalsarabanaˈas5.4TopographyTopography

mata lān

nThe middle of the road.Daˈakew magingket kābew si mata lān.Don’t tie a carabao in the middle of the road.

behe lān (gaˈ niyaˈ)

nOvergrown road (lit. mouth of the road (there is none)).Gaˈneniyaˈbehe lāninin; tiyaˈne tabuˈ weˈ sabet.There is no road (lit. mouth of the road) anymore; it is overgrown by weeds.


nPlace,, a; countryTapit boheˈin laˈi si lahat kami.The water is close to our place.Si Dende sōng hap lahat Arab.Dende is soon going to the country of the Arabians.Magdembuwaˈlahatkami.We live in the same place.puweblokawum5.4TopographyTopography


nThe place of s.t.Punsuhin lahatan aney.The termite hill is the place of termites.


nThe entire place.Danglahatan miyaˈan puru Sūk.That entire place has only Tausugs (living there).

lahatan nakanak


nAirfield, a landing strip, runway; airport.airfield; airport; runway; landing stripIyehep iyan landing eriplenuhin.That is the airfield for the airplane.Tahaˈteˈedpaglandingan eriplanuhin tuˈu si Sembuwangan.The runway for the airplanes here in Zamboanga is very long.5.4TopographyTopography


nA small forested area, growth of small trees; thicket.forested area, small; thicketHāp tinanaˈ latiˈ miyaˈan.That thicket is good for making a field.buˈug1gulangan5.4TopographyTopography


nA hollow, dell, valley; indentation.hollow, a; valley; dell; indentationNiyaˈnelebbak si lān peggeˈ bakas ulan.There are now hollows in the road because it rained.Bang kite si punu miyaˈan, niyaˈ pe lebbakne talabeyte.When we go to that mountain, we have to pass its valley first.Niyaˈlebbak kāpanin peggeˈ gaˈ datag paglanuˈin.The floor has indentations because it was not planed level.lobbongpunulettudkūd5.4TopographyTopography


nRolling country (several hills and valleys in succession; said also of a bumpy road).rolling country5.4TopographyTopography


nHump; ridge.hump in soil; ridgeLansangun mital iyan diyataˈ lettudne.Nail that metal sheet on its ridge.Gey untul pangahinangan lumaˈ naˈan si inin, iyuˈ niyaˈ lettudne.It is not good to build the house here; there is a hump here.kūdlebbaklobbong

Lettud lendoˈnen.His forehead is prominent (lit. a ridge).maglettud-lebbak

v. statFor s.t. to be uneven (having high and low places); rolling hills, up-and-down country.Maglettud-lebbak bulakin bang bakas binadjaˈ.The field is uneven when it has been plowed.pasad5.4TopographyTopography


nCave, hole.The opening is to the side. No big caves are known on Basilan.cave; hole (opening to side)Niyaˈlingabdiyawaˈkayu.There is a cave under the tree.Hatuniyaˈkesīdiyawaˈbatu miyaˈan, īˈ maglingab.Perhaps there is an eel under that stone; it has a hole.akaslowang15.4TopographyTopography


nThe other side (of a river, road, etc.).other side of road, riverĪˈ lumaˈnen si lipag kalsara īˈ.His house is there on the other side of the road.dembiyaˈ5.4TopographyTopography
vsubjectpa-, mag- (repet.)To cross (river, road), go to the other side of s.t.cross over river etc.; go to other sideGeykutaˈupalipagpeggeˈdunuk boheˈin.I can’t cross over because the river is flooded.Bangdunuk boheˈin iye bahankun maglipag aˈa.When the river is flooded my work is taking people across.butas2latas31WAYS OF WALKINGWAYS OF WALKING


nA deep depression, hole or hollow (in a surface).hole, a; hollow, a; depression in surfaceGaˈi untul binadjaˈ bulak iyan, ekka lobbongne.That land is difficult to plow; there are many depressions.Niyaˈlobbongluˈu si iyan peggeˈ bakas kupung.There is a hole over there because there used to be a well.Gaˈi takite lumaˈ aˈa miyaˈan peggeˈ diyalem lobbong.The house of those people cannot be seen because it is in a hollow.lebbaklowang1lettud5.4TopographyTopography
vmaglobbong-lobbong, palobbongTo have holes (depressions) in a surface; be sunken (of eyes, cheeks).Maglobbong-lobbong kalsarahin peggeˈ luwal ulan.The road has many holes because it always rains.Palobbong bulakin peggeˈ luwal diˈikan kābew.The ground has holes because the carabao always steps on it.Palobbong matanen peggeˈ luwal magsandal karuˈ.His eyes are sunken because he always endures his tiredness.


nAn inlet of the sea; a narrow appendage to a field; a small peninsula.inlet of sea; appendage to field, narrow; peninsular, small; extend into s.t.Niyaˈloˈok tanaˈnen.His field has a small appendage.
vsubjectpa-, mag-To extend into s.t.; to have inlets.Magloˈok-loˈoknehadja tahikin.The sea has many inlets.Paloˈok bulakkun dem tahik.My land is extending into the sea.soˈok5.4TopographyTopography


nA hole (made in the ground).hole (made in ground); dig a hole in groundLalemlowakolom lumaˈkun.The holes of the posts of my house are deep.lowang15.4TopographyTopography
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo dig a hole (in the ground).Ilowakanolom lumaˈnen, dumaˈin binettad diyataˈ batu.The posts of his house are buried (lit. dug in); they are not placed on stones.Īˈsiyemaglowak, hinangde kupung.They are over there digging a hole. They are making a well.Ngalowaknekewluˈu si iyan.Dig a hole over there.kali


nA hole.hole, aNiyaˈlowangkāpan lumaˈnen.There is a hole in the floor of his house.Luhalowang teyingenen.The holes in his ears are big.lobbonglowaklingabakaslessuˈ5.4TopographyTopography
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo make a hole.Maglowangkayumanuk-manuk miyaˈan hinangne sabakan.That bird makes holes in a tree to build a nest.Ngalowangkewkāpan lumaˈnu iyan duk niyaˈ panontongannu padiyawaˈ.Make a hole in the floor of your house so that you can look down.Lowanganunbulak iyan patanemannu jambangan.Make a hole in the ground for planting plants.kalikuliku
vpalowangFor s.t. to have holes.Palowang kapayahin.The papaya has a hole.Palowang papanin.The board has holes in it.powang