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nAntenna (as for radio or television).antenna


nElectrical line or wire.electrical lineDaˈa antanun antena iyan kaw kew tewwaˈ litrik.Don’t touch that electrical wire; you may be struck by electricity.litrik19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nA loft for for sleepingA bench/platform for sleeping, made on the upper cross beams. Especially for a girl
or boy to sleep on, to have a separate space, especially in older times, now rooms
are made.
Bangkew mabayaˈ tuli kew diyataˈ angkap.If you want to sleep, go up in the loft.bangkuˈ19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nHorizontal floor beams; girders.Large beams to support cross beams on which the floor boards are placed.beam under floor (horizontal); cross beam; girder; joistKayuinin hinangku bābag lumaˈku.This wood I will make into a girder of my house.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


vTo be crosswise; be in a position across to s.t.crosswise; acrossKayuhin pabābag si kalsara.The tree is across the road.Pabābaggudlis badjuˈnen.The stripes of her blouse are crosswise.uyun1

mābag lahat

advNorth-south direction (across from east-west).north-south direction5.1World and timeWorld and time


vsubjectN-, mag-To lock s.t.lock, a or to; bolt, aBagatun lumaˈnu bang kew tahalaˈ.Lock your house when you leave.Niyaˈmagat lumaˈin ensiniˈ.Someone locked the house earlier.


nA lock on door; hook on window; a bolt (anything to secure an entrance).kandaru19.2Parts of housesParts of houses20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


nA backdrop (used as decoration).screen, decorativeIt is made of lengthwise laid strips of rattan or bamboo, that are strung on thin
strips of rattan at intervals of about 30 cm and fastened by a decorative edge of
rattan on top and bottom. It is usually painted and placed at the inside wall of the
house opposite the entrance for decoration. Nowadays few of this kind are seen. Sometimes
decorative mats of plastic are used in the same way.
19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nStringers; horizontal pieces in the frame of a building (to which vertical boards
are nailed).
They are the same size as the studs patindeg and together they make up the frame for the walls, windows, and doorway.wall frame, horizontal; stringer (timber)19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nA room, esp.; bedroomTulikudiyalembilik.I sleep in the room.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nTop, ridge (of a roof).Sometimes used for the whole roof of a house.rooftopLaraknebūngan lumaˈnen.The ridge of his house is destroyed.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nRidge cap (the cover on the ridge of a house).ridge cap of houseBellihanun kite mital hinangte bubung lumaˈte.Buy us some sheet metal for making the ridge cap for our house.sapew19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nWall.wall; close (as door); cover s.t., toPapandinding lumaˈnen.The walls of his house are made of boards.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


vsubjectN-, mag-To close s.t. (as putting up a wall); to cover s.t. (as with a wall).Dindingun gawangin.Close the door.Magdindingkamibangsangem.We close (the door) at night.tambel19.6Verbs used in connection w/ carpentryVerbs used in connection w/ carpentry


vsubjectpa-To cover, conceal, block off s.t.cover; conceal; block offPadinding inalakin si mata ellew.The clouds are covering the sun.Gaˈi takiteku lumaˈ dembuwaˈin peggeˈ padinding semmekin.I cannot see the other house because the clothes block it off.ellig

dinding hali

nBoards, lit. wall of rest (closing off the ledge where a body is placed in burial).boards closing ledge in graveBang kinubul aˈa mateyin binettadan dinding hali si behe liyangne.When a dead person is buried boards are placed at the opening of the ledge.kubul13.1Nouns used in connection w/ deathNouns used in connection w/ death


nGutter (on the roof of a house).gutterLessuˈneelulungkun hangkan buˈus boheˈin.My gutter has holes, therefore the water runs out.salud(an)19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nDoorway; entrance; door.door; entrance; doorwayTambelun gawangin duk gaˈi paˈasek meˈ asuhin.Close the door so the dogs won’t come in.tarangkataklep

behe gawang


nFaucet, tap.faucet; tap (for water)kew ngeddoˈ boheˈ dem giripu.Go and get water from the faucet.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nStairs; ladder.stairs; ladderPituˈtanggaˈharen lumaˈnen.The stairs of his house have seven steps.tanggaˈ19.2Parts of housesParts of houses

kōk harenThe upper end of stairs or ladder.bungsu harenThe lowest step on stairs or ladder.anak harenSteps on stairs or ladder.birang harenHandrail and the support under and parallel to it.


nFloor.floorPahidanun kāpanin iyuˈ ekka seggitne.Sweep the floor; there is lots of rubbish.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nCasing, frame of door or window; frame for glasses.casing of door or window; frame of door or window; frame for glassesNiyaˈne kayuku hinangku kaha tendewan.I already have the wood to make the casing of the windows.Subey ne ginantiˈan kaha sāmin inin peggeˈ tiyaˈ ne polong.The frame of these glasses should be changed because it is broken.sāmin mata19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nA small ditch (beside the road or house for water to drain off); a channel (diverted
stream); groove (made in a piece of wood in carpentry).
ditch (small); channel; groove in woodHinanganun kanal si higad kalsara iyan duk gey palabey boheˈin amban diyataˈ kalsara.Make a ditch at the side of that road so that the water will not flow on the road.Hinanganne kanal boheˈin tudju si basakanne.He digs a channel for water towards his wet rice fields.Lalemkanalpapaninin.The groove of this board is deep.
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object-anTo dig or make a ditch or channel; to make a groove in wood.Tabanganun ku nganalan higad kalsara miyaˈan.Help me to make a ditch at the edge of that road.Kanalannehigad lumaˈnen duk gaˈi diyawaˈ lumaˈ boheˈin.He makes a ditch at the edge of his house so that the water does not run under the house.Magkanal kaha tendewan iye.He is making a groove in the casing of the window.Taˈuiyenganalpapan hinang dinding.He knows how to make grooves in boards to make a wall.5.5Bodies of waterBodies of water19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nSupports (in a roof for tying the shingles nipaˈ on).roof, part ofThere are three beams forming the slope of a roof, one on either side and one in the
middle kulung. Then three cross pieces are fixed to the beams, one near the top, one in the middle
and one near the edge selilihan. Then strips of wood or bamboo, approx. 3 fingers wide are nailed to the cross pieces
about 2 handspans or more apart kasew. The nipaˈ is tied onto these. If cogon grass is used to thatch the roof another layer of bamboo
cross pieces lasag is nailed onto the kasew about one handspan apart. The cogon grass is folded over these lasag and tied.
Kajarine sinapewan nipaˈ peggeˈ niyaˈ ne kasewne.The nipa can be put on now because the supports are already there.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nToilet, comfort room (CR), rest room.toilet; comfort room; rest roomkewmangeˈ si kasilyas.Go to the toilet to urinate.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nPorch, balcony, veranda (with a roof).porch; balcony; verandaNiyaˈnekayira lumaˈnen.Her house has a balcony already.
v. statkinayirahanTo have a balcony, porch, veranda.Kinayirahan lumaˈnen.Her house has a balcony.simpeykuridulpantalan19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nCeiling.ceilingPapaninin hinangku kisami.These boards I will make into a ceiling.sapew19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nRafter (part of roof construction).rafterDiyataˈkulung pamettadan selilihanin.The rafters are the place for the roof joists (on which the roofing is fixed.)19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nKey.key; lock with key, toBoˈonu du kunsiˈin?Did you bring the key?20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items19.2Parts of housesParts of houses
vsubjectN-, mag-To lock s.t. (with a key).Bangkewduwaˈikunsiˈungawang lumaˈin.When you go out, lock the door of the house.Gaˈikutaˈungunsiˈaparadulinin.I am not capable of locking this cupboard.kandaru


nPorch or balcony (with a roof).porch; balconyEkkajambangan si kuridul lumaˈde.There are many plants on the balcony of their house.pantalankayirasimpey19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


nKitchen.kitchenMagbella kew laˈi si kusina.Cook there in the kitchen.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses
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