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nSupernatural power. (Some people use it in the sense of ‘blessing’.)power, supernaturalBalakat can be given by God, prophets, spirits, ancestors, at shrines or by certain people.
People who have balakat can heal, foretell the future, and have requests granted. People who can practice
white magic, call on spirits, or whose prayers are answered are balakatan.
Hadjepahāpbalakattabib miyaˈan, taˈu iye magpakewuliˈ aˈa peddiˈan betteng.That specialist has very great power; he can heal people with stomach aches.ledjikiˈkawasesukudsapāˈat14.14‘Things’ that come to people (luck, disaster, etc.)‘Things’ that come to people (luck, disaster, etc.)14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge
adjbalakatanPowerful.powerfulAˈa bahiˈ miyaˈan balakatan teˈed manamal. Bang sōng ulan ubus bu tawalanne gey palaˈus ulanin, peggeˈ basag balakatnen.That old person is really very powerful. When it is going to rain and he uses his incantation the rain does not come because
his power is great.
Tampatin balakatan.The grave (of an ancestor) is powerful.basag14.19Adjectives used in connection w/ religionAdjectives used in connection w/ religion


nA prayer ceremony for special occasions.ceremony, prayerA duwaˈa ceremony is performed in the months of Hadjiˈ, Mawulud, Puwase, and Sappal. Also at the mabatsa, maggunting, magkawin, magtammat, salayan tahun. These ceremonies are all similar except for certain words or statements that are
specific for each one. At the magtapus and the other days of remembering after 7,10, etc. days it is a different duwaˈa. It is shorter and includes maglawatib. At other occasions, such as for a special thanksgiving or request a ceremony may
also be requested. Special people know how to do these ceremonies, but they can be
initiated by anyone. There always has to be a rice mound dulang for such a duwaˈa ceremony.
Tahaˈduwaˈaimam iyan.The ceremony of that imam is long.14.8CeremoniesCeremonies
vsubjectN- [perform], mag- [participate]
To have or perform a prayer ceremony.It can consist of offering up a petition, giving thanks, asking for blessing, long
life, protection from misfortune, etc. It is directed towards God or ancestors.
pray (special occasions); petition to the supernaturalEddoˈanun kite imam magduwaˈa kite gana-gana si lumaˈ.Fetch the imam; we will have a prayer ceremony later at the house.Bangdumaˈinimamgaˈitaˈunganduwaˈa.If one is not an imam one doesn’t know how to perform the prayer ceremony.14.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general

magbangunpatey during the month of Saˈban
pabatsa at the end of Saˈban
sāwat offering, Puwase and Hadjiˈ
salayantahun for good harvest, Muharram


nFormula or incantation (for a certain occasion).formula for certain occasionNiyaˈduwaˈakubangkumangan bulan Puwase.I have a formula for when I eat during the month of fasting.Aˈa miyaˈan niyaˈ kataˈuhanne duwaˈa aseˈ-aseˈ.That person knows a formula for (causing) pity.tawal14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge


nSpecial supernatural knowledge and/or power.It is acquired from other people or through dreams; also foreknowledge of future happenings
gotten by divination. Occasionally something appears and teaches the person to give
him ilmuˈ.
knowledge (supernatural); power (supernatural); foreknowledge of futureNgasi elimuˈnen, bisan iye tinimbak gaˈi iye katamaˈan.His supernatural power is effective; even if he is shot, he will not be hurt.
adjelimuˈanTo be knowledgeable and/or powerful (in supernatural matters).Elimuˈanaˈa bahiˈ miyaˈan, taˈu iye nabang aˈa saki.That old person is knowledgeable; he can help sick people.(ka)taˈusihil14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge


nBlessing; power (supernatural).power (supernatural); blessingBasagpahāpsapāˈatnen, taˈuiye nawal.He has very great power; he knows how to use white magic.Māku-māku kite sapāˈat duk ledjikiˈ.We ask for power and blessing.Bang kite nalam si imam pēkuhanne kite sapāˈat.When we salute the imam he asks blessings for us.ledjikiˈbalakat14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge
v. statkasapāˈatanTo be blessed.Bang kite magduwaˈa kasapāˈatan kite.When we have a prayer ceremony we are blessed.


nKnowledge (of charms and spells to aid in fighting).knowledge (supernatural to aid in fighting)Ekkasihilne.He has much knowledge (of spells that aid in fighting).(ka)taˈuelimuˈ14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge
adjsihilanTo be knowlegeable (about spells and charms that aid in fighting).Gaˈiiye katamaˈan pungluˈ peggeˈ sihilan iye.He is not hurt by bullets because he is knowlegeable (about charms).14.19Adjectives used in connection w/ religionAdjectives used in connection w/ religion


vTo know how to do s.t.; to be able to do s.t.know how to do s.t.; able to do s.t.Taˈuneiye magbella.She knows how to cook already.Taˈuiye maghinang lumaˈ.He knows how to build a house.mahilpandey(maka)sabutkakuˈ


nKnowledge (esp. of supernatural things).knowledge (special)Aˈa iyan ekka kataˈune sabab magpakaˈat aˈa.That person has much knowledge about how to harm people.Aˈa iyan niyaˈ kataˈune, bang iye lumengngan gaˈi iye takite.That person has knowledge; when he goes out he cannot be seen.elimuˈ14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge


vTo know s.t.know s.t.Kataˈuhankulānhap lumaˈden.I know the way to their house.Gaˈikataˈuhannu bangintag oroˈkun?Don’t you know where my knife is?bistuinab-inabgimet-gimetkilalebawagtamamtukasinday

magkinataˈu, pagkinataˈu

vTo know each other, be acquainted.acquainted; know each otherMagkinataˈukami duk disi Dende.Dende’s family and we are acquainted.Tiggelnepagkinataˈu kamihin.We already know each other a long time.

magintaˈu, pagintaˈu

vTo make s.t. known; let s.o. know s.t.make known s.t.; know, to make or let s.o.Pagintaˈukew si aku bang kew hap lumaˈ.Make it known to me when you go home.Gaˈniyaˈmagintaˈuaku weˈ bakas niyaˈ pitu magdagang kenna.Nobody let me know that someone came here selling fish.Pagintaˈuhunkubangtekka bisitanun.Let me know when your visitors arrive.


vTo come to know s.t., learn s.t. (by studying or experience).know s.t., come to (by study or experience)Subey kew pataˈu duk kew makapasa si iskulan.You should come to know it (by studying) so that you will pass in school.Bisaniyegaˈitaˈu maghinang lumaˈ, pataˈu iye duk niyaˈ tarabahune.Even though he doesn’t know how to build a house, he comes to know how (to do it by experience) so that he will have employment.