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nCupboard; wardrobe; cabinet (closed with doors).cupboard; wardrobe; cabinetBettadun laley inin dem aparadul.Place these plates in the cupboard.paha19.3FurnitureFurniture


nA wooden box; wooden, wooden; chest, woodenLumaˈ imamin ekka baˈulne pangisihande semmek.In the house of the imam there are many wooden chests in which they put clothes.maletabilulang19.3FurnitureFurniture


nTrestle table.It is erected outside at weddings etc., to accomodate the numerous guests.table, trestleSōng magkawin si Totoˈ, īˈ ne maghinang balan-balan.Totoˈ is soon to be married; they are already making the trestle tables.lamisahan19.3FurnitureFurniture15.4Things concerning the feastThings concerning the feast


nA bench; stool; chair; wooden bedstead.bench; bed; stool; chairMaghinang ku bangkuˈ gana-gana duk niyaˈ paningkoloˈanku si bukut.I will make a bench later today so that I will have something to sit on outside.kantilangkapsiya19.3FurnitureFurniture


nA wooden box, chest (for storing dishes, rice, etc.).baˈul19.3FurnitureFurniture


nA (wide) swing, hammock (made of rattan).swing made of rattan; hammock, rattanBowetun kite duyanin laˈi si poˈon mangga iyan, hāp pahali-halihan.Put the swing up for us at the mango tree; that’s a good place to rest.dondang(an)puyut(an)19.3FurnitureFurniture


nBedstead, iron bed.bedsteadEkkakantil si ispital.There are many bedsteads in the hospital.bangkuˈ19.3FurnitureFurniture


nA table (as in the house).table, aDiyataˈlamisahan pamettadan kinakanin.The table is the place for putting the food.balan-balan19.3FurnitureFurniture


nSuitcase.Suitcases are used for storing clothes in the house as well as for carrying them when
suitcaseEnnaˈku semmekkun dem maleta.I store my clothes in a suitcase.baˈulbag19.3FurnitureFurniture


nMosquito net.mosquito netBowetun bi mustakerohin bang sangem duk kaˈam gey kekkeb kēmmut.Hang up your mosquito net when it is evening so that the mosquitos won’t bite you.
vmagmustakeroTo use a mosquito net.Gaˈku takekkeb kēmmut peggeˈ magmustakero ku.I am not being bitten by mosquitos because I am using a mosquito net.kulambuˈtilam19.3FurnitureFurniture


nShelf for storing things (such as dishes, wood, fruit, etc.).Usually in the kitchen.shelf in kitchenBettadun laley iyan diyataˈ paha.Place that plate on the shelf.aparadul19.3FurnitureFurniture


nTapestry (a textile wall hanging with a big picture).tapestryNiyaˈpamaddaniˈne toketne diyataˈ dinding.She has a tapestry that she hung up on the wall.19.3FurnitureFurniture


nA rack (for drying and smoking fish or meat).rack (for drying fish or meat)Bettadun kenna iyan diyataˈ siklat.Place that fish on the rack.lepohan20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items19.3FurnitureFurniture


nChair.chairNingkoloˈ kew diyataˈ siya.Sit on a chair.Ekkasiyadem lumaˈneShe has many chairs in her house.bangkuˈ19.3FurnitureFurniture
vsubjectmag-To use a chair.Daˈanekew subey magsiya bang kew ningkoloˈ.When you sit down you should not use a chair.


nPillow, cushion.pillow; cushionDikiˈdu meˈ uˈankun.My pillows are small.tilam19.3FurnitureFurniture
vsubjectmag-To use a pillow or cushion.Maguˈankubangkutuli.I use a pillow when I sleep.Paˈuˈananunnakanak iyan bang pabāknu.Give that child a cushion when you lay it down.


nA drawer (as in a chest of drawers).drawer (sliding box)Ennaˈku pitakakun dem unsud-unsud.I store my purse in the drawer.19.3FurnitureFurniture