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nA constellation of stars (according to which people plant their fields).constellation of starsIt consists of 3 bright stars. A certain position of them in the sky used to be taken
as the sign that the planting season had come. Few people nowadays can tell the seasons
by the stars.
Bangku magtanaˈ payamanku bātikin bang inggehin masahayahin.When I plant a rice field I look at the constellation as to which of the stars is the brightest.Banglangkewnebātikin behu ngalabas kite ubus bu ngeddek.When the constellation is high (up in the sky) we start to cut the weeds and then we plant.poteˈan5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nRainbow.rainbowIf the rainbow is only partially seen it is called tunggul pisang and it is said that there is fighting somewhere. If it is seen completely it is said
that the sky maidens are taking a bath.
Bangbenek-benek paguwaˈ biraralihin.When it sprinkles the rainbow appears.tunggul pisangawan5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nA rainbow, said to be a mythical being; sky maiden.There are said to be seven sisters, beautiful girls with long hair. They have wings
and live in the sky. When a rainbow is seen to touch water one says the children of
the rainbow are (or the rainbow is) taking a bath. If it touches land one says, they
are coming down.
Hāp koˈ manamal dende biraralihin.They say the sky maidens are very good looking.kadjang14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions


nMoon.moonBanghāp lahatin dantaˈ bulanin bang sangem.If it is good weather the moon is bright at night.sahaliellew5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nMonth.monthSubey aˈahin tinimbang bang inanakan bulan Sappal.People have to have the weighing ceremony if they were born in the month of Sappal.Moleˈ iye bulan inin.He will come home this month.14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time
vsubjectmag-#-anTo spend months (doing s.t. or being in some place).Magbulanan palaˈi kami si lumaˈnen.We spent months there at his house.

Muharram (Heylaya Hadjiˈ)

Sappal Safar
Mawulud (Rabbil Awwal)

Rabīˈul Awwal
RabbilAhil (Heylaya Mawulud) Rabīˈul

JumarilAwwal Jamadal Ula
JumarilAhil Jamadal Akhira
Rajab Rajab
Saˈban Shaˈban
Puwase Ramadan
Sawwal (Heylaya Puwase)

Julkaˈidda Zulqaˈda
Julhadjiˈ Zulhijjah


nLight.lightSahayadantaˈ bulanin.The light of the moon is bright.lindem5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


adjBright (of light).bright (of light)Dantaˈ litrikin amban peyitaˈan.An electric light is brighter than a kerosene lamp.Dantaˈne pamayamten peggeˈ ubus ne tinebbengan meˈ kayuhin.Our view (what we see outside) is bright because the trees have been cut down.sahaya1kundemlindem


vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo place s.t. in the in sunInellewan kennahin duk manjari sempinaˈ.The fish is placed in the sun so that it becomes dried fish.Nakanak iyan ngellewan dīne.That child is sunning himself.Magellewkennaiye.He is placing fish in the sun.
vsubjectN-, mag-To go out into the sun.Ngellewkudahuˈ duk tohoˈ semmekkun diyataˈ barankun.I will just go out into the sun so that my clothes will dry.Daˈakewmagellew duk gaˈi kew ilemmun.Don’t go into the sun so that you won’t get a fever.

mata ellew

nThe sun, the disk of the sun.Bangsalung paguwaˈ mata ellewin si silangan.In the morning the sun comes up in the east.


nDry season.dry seasonTeggang boheˈin bang beytu pangellew.The (sources of) water are dried up when it is dry season.uttalaˈtunggaraˈ(pang)ulan5.1World and timeWorld and time


nDay.dayPitusiyeellewituˈ.They will come this day.Bangku moleˈ hap Basilan meˈ tellu ellew hadja ku laˈi.When I go home to Basilan I will be there for only three days.bahangikekkohapan


nDaytime, daylight hours.daytimeLumengngan ku hadja bang ellew, bang sangem gaˈi ne ku paluwas amban lumaˈ.I only go out during daytime; in the evening I don’t leave the house.sangem5.1World and timeWorld and time

bahangi a day, 24 hour period
bayaˈ kohap early evening
dibuhiˈ last night
diˈilewkohap yesterday afternoon
diˈilewsangem night before last
kekkohapan all day
kellawan all night
kohap afternoon, early evening
lettuellew noon
ninaˈ tonight
salung morning
sangem night
subu early morning

ellew-sangemDay and night.Aˈa miyaˈan maghinang ellew-sangem.That person works day and night.kekkohapan-kellawande ellew

nOne day, one whole day, all daylight hours.De ellew paghinang kamihin.We worked one day.kekkohapan

ellew dembuli

nThe hereafter, life after death.hereafter, the; life after deathBangekka dusete hinukum kite si ellew dembuli.If we have many sins we will be judged in the hereafter.ahilat14.5Religion generalReligion general

ellew liˈi

nA day of no work, a rest day.A day when work is not allowed by the religious law. If one would work, the body would
hurt; if one would cut oneself, it would be hard to heal.
14.5Religion generalReligion general


nCloud, rain cloud;; mistThey may be white or dark and bringing rain.Gaˈi takite ariplanuhin peggeˈ subuk gabunin.The airplane can’t be seen because the clouds are thick.inalaktayiˈ baliyu5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


adjEclipse (of sun or moon).eclipse of sun or moonIlahuˈ bulanin dibuhiˈ.There was an eclipse of the moon last night.Minteddeduku ngite ellew ilahuˈ.I have seen an eclipse of the sun only once.5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nClouds (white and high up).cloud, whiteKaˈelligan mata ellewin weˈ inalak.The sun is hidden by clouds.gabuntayiˈ baliyu5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nLightning, flashes of lightning.lightning, flashes ofTakiteku lalatin ngillap laˈi si seddepan.I saw the lightning flash there in the west.Dibuhiˈsigi-sigimaglalat.Last night there were constant flashes of lightning.lugungletteˈ5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nShade, shadow (as under a tree or cloud cover).shade; shadowNingkoloˈ kite bi laˈi dem landung miyaˈan.Let us sit there in the shade.
v. statmaglandungTo be in the shade (said of a place).Used only of a place under rain clouds.shade, to be in theMaglandung lahatin peggeˈ sōng ulan.The place is in the shade because it is going to rain.pakūb5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nSky.skyWeˈeylangitin pakūb, hatu sōng ulan.Why is the sky overcast; perhaps it will rain soon.Tēguriˈkun langkew manamal, diyataˈ langit ne.My kite is very high; it is high in the sky (lit. on top of the sky).Diyawaˈ amban langit gabunin.The clouds are low in the sky (lit. below the sky).mahawandunya5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein

baliyu wind
gabun raincloud
inalak cloud
lalat lightning
letteˈ thunder
lugung thunder
mabag lahat north/south direction
mata satan south


nRumbling sound (as of far-off thunder).rumbling soundGaˈ takalebi leggen dibuhiˈin?Did you not hear the rumbling last night?
vsubjectN-, mag-For s.t. to rumble.Magleggen amban silangan hatu ekka kenna.It rumbles from the east; perhaps there will be many fish.lugungletteˈ5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nThunderclap (a sudden loud crack).thunderclapIt is believed that it is a thunderclap rather than lightning which will strike someone
or something.
Kalaboˈan letteˈ lumaˈin.The house was hit by a thunderclap.lugungleggenlalat5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein

impen letteˈ

nWhite stones, smooth, that are said to drop when there is a thunder clap. Anything
hit by it will reportedly die.
Such a stone can be used as a sharpening stone.


nShadow, silhouette; reflection.shadow; reflection; silhouetteBangdantaˈmata ellewin takitete lingewten.When the sun is shining we see our shadow.Takite lingew kayuhin dem boheˈ.The reflection of the tree can be seen in the water.Nāmin kew duk takitenu lingewnun.Look in the mirror so that you can see your reflection.5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


vsubjectN-, mag- redup. (repet.)To sparkle, twinkle (as stars or the reflection of light on a moving surface), flash
(as lights going on and off).
sparkle; twinkle (as star); flash (of lights on and off)Ngalinggat badjuˈnen bang kasilakan ellew.Her blouse sparkles when the sun shines on it.Niyaˈ takiteku poteˈan ngelinggat-ngelinggat tala manamal.I saw a star twinkling very far away.Maglinggat-linggat badjuˈnen bang sangem bu kadantaˈan.Her blouse will sparkle when it is night and light shines on it.killap5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nThunder (rumbling).Paleslugungin dibuhiˈ.Last night the thunder was loud.letteˈleggenlalat5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein
vmaglugungTo thunder.Maglugungkuweˈitu, hatu sōng ulan.It is thundering now; perhaps it will soon rain.


nThe morning star.morning starTakitenu māgahin bang subu-subu paguwaˈ amban silangan.You can see the morning star coming out in the east when it is early morning.poteˈan5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nCorner.corner, aAmpatpidjū kahunin.The box has four corners.Ampatpidjū dunyahin.The four corners of the earth.Ningkoloˈ laˈi kew si pidjū.Sit down there in the corner.tipopong5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein

poteˈan, aMaki takite poteˈanin bang sangem.The stars are only seen when it is night.māgabātik5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nThe moon on the night after new moon; crescent of the moon, the thin sickle of the
new moon.
crescent of the moon; new moon; moon (new)Ampatsahaline bulanin - ampat bahangi ne.The new moon is four times its (original) size - four days.

Ngangganap ne, nahali ne.(The moon/month) is complete, the new moon is out now.On the 30th day of the month the moon isn’t seen. It (or the month) is complete and
the moon is getting ready to come out again.
bulan15.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein
sahali bulan

nA rice cake panyām in crescent shape.half moon shaped rice cakes; rice cake, crescent shapedThe shape is achieved by placing half a coconut shell into the oil and pouring the
batter on one side around it.
Bangkew magpanyām ngahinang kew sahali bulan.When you make rice cakes make crescent shaped ones.panyām21.1Baked goods and sweetsBaked goods and sweets


vsubjectN-, pa-To shine (of sun).shine (of sun)Pasilak ellewin.The sun is shining.Nilakne ellewin peggeˈ gaˈ ne ulan.The sun is shining now because it is no longer raining.sinag5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein

hūlew-hulew call rain to stop
kūluk-kuluk call rain to come
sīlak-silak call sun to shine


vTo be dazzled (by a very bright light).dazzled (by light)Silewkubang payamanku mata ellewin.I am dazzled when I look into the sun.dulat5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


vTo shine brightly (of a light esp. the moon).shine brightly (of light)Dibuhiˈsinagmanamal bulanin, peggeˈ hāp lahatin.Last night the moon shone brightly because it was good weather.
vsubjectN-, pa-To shine (of sun and moon only).Mangkin bettadun pinuhiˈannun bang ninag ne manamal ellewin.Put your things out for drying only when the sun is shining brightly.Pasinagne bulanin.The moon is shining now.silak5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein

tayiˈ baliyu

nDark rain clouds (lit. waste of the wind).rain cloudsLow, dark rain clouds driven by wind.Hatu sōng ulan, iyuˈ ekka tayiˈ baliyu.Perhaps it will rain soon; there are many dark clouds.gabun5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein

tunggul pisang

nRainbow that is only partially seen.rainbow, partialIt is considered to be a sign that there will soon be fighting. Also one should not
point at it with a finger as the finger will reportedly become crooked; or some say
parts of the finger will be lost.
birarali1awan5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein