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nFuture.future‘In the future’ occurs always with si.Magsusunkew si ahil bang gaˈi kew magiskul.You will regret it in the future if you don’t go to school.Bangkaˈamluwal magulahan ahilnen magsasaˈ.If you always joke in the end you will fight each other.(pa)sōng2(an)suddaujud5.1World and timeWorld and time


advEventually, ultimately; finally; in the end.eventually; ultimately; finallyThe concept refers to a state that can be predicted to occur in the future. Or if
used with a negative it refers to a state that has receded from what it used to be.
Bang kite magtanem jambangan ubus gey tantu nulig paˈinte, tiyaˈ jambangan ituˈ ahil (ahil-ahil) palellek, gaˈ niyaˈ pasōnganne.If we plant plants and they don’t grow well we say, this plant will eventually recede, it doesn’t advance.Weˈeykew iyan ahil gaˈi taˈu magbella?Eventually you will no longer know how to cook! (lit. Why do you not know in the end how to cook?)Iyuˈ mangga iyan ahil gaˈi buwaˈ.That mango tree ultimately will not bear fruit.ujudsudda

Addat aˈa miyaˈan gaˈi magawwal-magahil.The customs of that person never change.


nThe world; the earth; the; universe; earthEverything that was created, earth, sky and heavenly bodies are included in this term.Ampatpidjūalamin.The four corners of the world.Tabelline kēmon dem alam inin hawal dayanen.He can buy everything in this world because of his wealth.dunya5.1World and timeWorld and time


nAges ago, ancient times, olden times, a long time ago.Used only in connection with the suffix -ley ‘having been in existence before’ or the noun jaman ‘time’.ages ago; ancient times; past, long ago; time, ancientEwwalley pinaˈal ne andang bonoˈin.In ancient times already the fighting was foretold.Banggaˈ magduse disi apuˈ Adam ewwalley gaˈ kite matuk magduse.If grandfather Adam had not sinned in old times we would not be sinning.Gaˈniyaˈjīpawwalley.There were no jeeps in olden times.14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time

awwal jaman

nAncient time, a long time ago.Masaewwal jamanpe meˈ inakane iyan.He already told that a long time ago.matuˈuhin (metuˈuhin)masa


nHorizontal floor beams; girders.Large beams to support cross beams on which the floor boards are placed.beam under floor (horizontal); cross beam; girder; joistKayuinin hinangku bābag lumaˈku.This wood I will make into a girder of my house.19.2Parts of housesParts of houses


vTo be crosswise; be in a position across to s.t.crosswise; acrossKayuhin pabābag si kalsara.The tree is across the road.Pabābaggudlis badjuˈnen.The stripes of her blouse are crosswise.uyun1

mābag lahat

advNorth-south direction (across from east-west).north-south direction5.1World and timeWorld and time


nA day; 24 hour period.It can be less than 24 hours but has to include the night, else it would be de ellew or; period of 24 hoursBakas laˈi ku si Basilan dem bahangi.I was there in Basilan for one day.ellewkekkohapan-kellawan5.1World and timeWorld and time


nDeath remembrance ceremony.The noun is followed by the number of days since death, except for the seventh, which
precedes it.
death remembrance ceremonySumupitum bahangi papuˈnen.Tomorrow will be the seventh day ceremony of his grandfather.Harapkubahangi duwempūˈinin.I will go there to this twenty days ceremony.Bahangipiye kuweˈitu? Bahangi tellum bahangi.Which death remembrance ceremony is it now? It is the third day remembrance ceremony.hinang214.8CeremoniesCeremonies

bahangitellumbahangi 3rd-day
pitumbahangi 7th-day
bahangiduwempūˈ 20th-day
bahangiampatpūˈ 40th-day
bahangiennempūˈ 60th-day
bahangiwalumpūˈ 80th-day
tapusdahatus 100th-day
tapusdengibu 1000th-day


nSeason; time; span of time.season; time; span of timeTalaboheˈ kamihin bang baytu pangellew.Our water supply is far away during dry season.tempomusimtulid2waktu5.1World and timeWorld and time

beytu pangellew

nDry season.dry season

beytu uttalaˈ

nDry season.dry season

beytu pangulan

nRainy season.rainy season

beytu panaki

nA time when many are sick with the same sickness; an epidemic.epidemic, time of

beytu buwaˈ kayu

nSeason for fruit.


conjAt the time when..., while; during.while; during; at the time when...Gaˈikukasandal maghinang bang beytuku maganak dikiˈ.I don’t like to work at the time when I have a small child.sasangtiggel(an)hinaˈbusātaˈsābu1


nMoon.moonBanghāp lahatin dantaˈ bulanin bang sangem.If it is good weather the moon is bright at night.sahaliellew5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein


nMonth.monthSubey aˈahin tinimbang bang inanakan bulan Sappal.People have to have the weighing ceremony if they were born in the month of Sappal.Moleˈ iye bulan inin.He will come home this month.14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time
vsubjectmag-#-anTo spend months (doing s.t. or being in some place).Magbulanan palaˈi kami si lumaˈnen.We spent months there at his house.

Muharram (Heylaya Hadjiˈ)

Sappal Safar
Mawulud (Rabbil Awwal)

Rabīˈul Awwal
RabbilAhil (Heylaya Mawulud) Rabīˈul

JumarilAwwal Jamadal Ula
JumarilAhil Jamadal Akhira
Rajab Rajab
Saˈban Shaˈban
Puwase Ramadan
Sawwal (Heylaya Puwase)

Julkaˈidda Zulqaˈda
Julhadjiˈ Zulhijjah


nThe world; the earth; the; earth; universeEverything that was created, earth, sky and heavenly bodies are included in dunya. There is no difference in meaning to alam.Ekkaaˈa magseddili-seddili bantuk tuˈu dem dunya inin.There are many people who look different from each other here in this world.alamlangit5.1World and timeWorld and time

Ampat pidjū dunyahin.The four corners of the world, i.e. the whole earth.


vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo place s.t. in the in sunInellewan kennahin duk manjari sempinaˈ.The fish is placed in the sun so that it becomes dried fish.Nakanak iyan ngellewan dīne.That child is sunning himself.Magellewkennaiye.He is placing fish in the sun.
vsubjectN-, mag-To go out into the sun.Ngellewkudahuˈ duk tohoˈ semmekkun diyataˈ barankun.I will just go out into the sun so that my clothes will dry.Daˈakewmagellew duk gaˈi kew ilemmun.Don’t go into the sun so that you won’t get a fever.

mata ellew

nThe sun, the disk of the sun.Bangsalung paguwaˈ mata ellewin si silangan.In the morning the sun comes up in the east.


nDry season.dry seasonTeggang boheˈin bang beytu pangellew.The (sources of) water are dried up when it is dry season.uttalaˈtunggaraˈ(pang)ulan5.1World and timeWorld and time


nDay.dayPitusiyeellewituˈ.They will come this day.Bangku moleˈ hap Basilan meˈ tellu ellew hadja ku laˈi.When I go home to Basilan I will be there for only three days.bahangikekkohapan


nDaytime, daylight hours.daytimeLumengngan ku hadja bang ellew, bang sangem gaˈi ne ku paluwas amban lumaˈ.I only go out during daytime; in the evening I don’t leave the house.sangem5.1World and timeWorld and time

bahangi a day, 24 hour period
bayaˈ kohap early evening
dibuhiˈ last night
diˈilewkohap yesterday afternoon
diˈilewsangem night before last
kekkohapan all day
kellawan all night
kohap afternoon, early evening
lettuellew noon
ninaˈ tonight
salung morning
sangem night
subu early morning

ellew-sangemDay and night.Aˈa miyaˈan maghinang ellew-sangem.That person works day and night.kekkohapan-kellawande ellew

nOne day, one whole day, all daylight hours.De ellew paghinang kamihin.We worked one day.kekkohapan

ellew dembuli

nThe hereafter, life after death.hereafter, the; life after deathBangekka dusete hinukum kite si ellew dembuli.If we have many sins we will be judged in the hereafter.ahilat14.5Religion generalReligion general

ellew liˈi

nA day of no work, a rest day.A day when work is not allowed by the religious law. If one would work, the body would
hurt; if one would cut oneself, it would be hard to heal.
14.5Religion generalReligion general


nA set time frame; a set date for s.t.time, set; date, set for s.t.It is decided by one party only.Gaˈniyaˈiddanepitubalik.He has no set time for coming back.Taˈabutneidda si iyehin.His set date has been reached (meaning he died).
vsubjectmag- (recip.)object-anTo set a time frame; set a date; allow a specified time.Bagaykun nginum tambal duk gaˈi anakan; iniddahan weˈ ne duwen tahun.My friend drank medicine so that she would not give birth; she set the time for two years.Niyaˈ sinsimne sandaˈanku. Magidda kami taman tellum bahangi. Bang gey talekkatne leleb.I have pawned a ring for her. We set a time frame of up to three days. If she cannot redeem it, it is lost to her.keddew5.1World and timeWorld and time


nTime (in the past), era, age; epoch.time in past; era; epochDaˈane esseb-essebun meˈ jamanin.Don’t dwell on the times past.Taˈessebnu jaman palaˈite si Sambuwanganin?Do you remember the time when we were there in Zamboanga?Gaˈduku mabayaˈ si kaˈu jamanley.In the beginning (times past), I didn’t like you. (A wife might say this to her husband.)masa5.1World and timeWorld and time


nCalendar.calendarLaritun lambahan kalendariyo iyan.Tear that page off the calendar.5.1World and timeWorld and time


nThe whole day, all day, all day, whole; all day (long)Maghinang ku tuˈu kekkohapan.I will work here all day long.Gaˈniyaˈ tabahan kami kekkohapanin.We were not able to do anything the whole day.Laˈikami si tahik diˈilew kekkohapan.We were at the ocean yesterday all day.ellew 2
5.1World and timeWorld and time


nDay and night, all and nightKekkohapan-kellawangaˈku tumuli.I didn’t manage to sleep day and night.bahangiellew(-sangem)5.1World and timeWorld and time


nAll night, all night long.Dibuhiˈkellawangaˈku tumuli.Last night all night long I did not sleep.Kellawanininhadja ubuste hinangten.Let us finish what we are doing in just this night.sangemellew5.1World and timeWorld and time


nPrescribed direction (for houses, mosques, when worshiping, of dead people).The right direction for people worshiping is facing Mecca. The head of laid out corpses
should also point to Mecca. For houses the kōkan i.e. the long side wall opposite the door is supposed to face either west or south.
direction, prescribed; diagonal to direction of houseGaˈ tumewwaˈ kiblat langgal iyan.The direction of that mosque is not correct.
vsubjectpa-, mag-#-an (repet.)For s.t. to be situated in a diagonal line to the prescribed direction of a house
(of houses and people lying down).
Nakanak iyan bang tuli luwal magkiblatan.When that child sleeps he always lies diagonal to the sides of the house.Iyuˈ lumaˈ iyan pakiblat.That house is diagonal to the prescribed direction.
vpakiblatTo place s.t. in the prescribed direction.Pakiblatunaˈamatey iyan.Place the dead person in the prescribed direction.5.1World and timeWorld and time


nAfternoon.afternoonSumukohappitukew si lumaˈku.Tomorrow afternoon come here to my house.Kohapne behude hap lumaˈ.It was already afternoon when they went home.salungellew5.1World and timeWorld and time

bayaˈ kohap

nEarly evening, about 6-8 or 9 o’clock.Bayaˈ kohappetulinekami.It is only early evening, yet we (are going to) sleep already.Bayaˈ kohapin pe tekkanen.It was still early evening when he arrived.


nAll day, from dawn to dark.Maghinang kami kekkohapan.We work all day.


advNow.nowHaplumaˈkukuweˈitu.I will go home now.Kuweˈituneku nabuˈ.I will go shopping now.Bangkuweˈitugaˈinekukahagad si iye.Now I don’t believe him anymore.maˈin15.1World and timeWorld and time


adjFor s.t. to be extended or prolonged in time, go on for a long time, lasting a long
Said of rain or crying.long time, going onLanat ulanin, tiggel padeheng.The rain went on for a long time; it took a long time to stop.Asal nakanak iyan bang nāring lanat.That child, when he cries he goes on for a long time.tiggel5.1World and timeWorld and time


vsubjectN-To beg to be taken along.Used esp. of children, often accompanied with crying.beg to be taken alongBasagnakanak iyan ngānat (ngalanat).That child always begs to go along.Gaˈilanatne samanen.He did not beg his father (to go out with him).30WAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKINGWAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKING


advDistant, far removed (of space or relation).Like a 3rd cousin or further.distant; far removedMagusba kami duk aˈa miyaˈan sugaˈ lantaˈ ne.We are related to that person but it is already distant.Lantaˈ puweblohin amban kami.The town is far from us.talapengged, pingged5.1World and timeWorld and time16.2Adjectives used in connection w/ relationshipsAdjectives used in connection w/ relationships


nZenith.zenithLettune ellewin.The sun is at its zenith.

lettu ellewNoon.noonPadeheng kaˈam maghinang bang lettu ellew.Stop working when it is noon.5.1World and timeWorld and timelettu bulanMoon at its the zenith.Behukamihaplumaˈdibuhiˈlettune bulanin.We only went home last night when the moon was at its zenith.lagaˈ lettuHigh noon; exactly noon.Lagaˈ lettunehatiˈ hangkan du ku inusan.It is high noon already; that’s why I am hungry.


nO’clock; time (in telling the time).o’clock; time, telling itLisagtellu pabira balik lansahin.At 3 o’clock the ferry returns.Lisagpiye papitubin?At what time did you come?alas25.1World and timeWorld and time


nAirspace, sky,; airspace; atmosphereAreplanuhin palayang diyataˈ mahawan.The airplane flies in the airspace.Ekkagabundiyataˈmahawan.There are many clouds in the airspace.langit5.1World and timeWorld and time


advToday.todayNabuˈ ku maˈin.I am going shopping today.Maˈiniyetekka.He will arrive today.kuweˈituellewinin14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time


nTime of...; olden times; era.times of old; era; time of...Gaˈniyaˈjīpmasaley.In olden times there were no jeeps.Teggang boheˈin masa pangellew miyaˈan.The water dried up at the time of the last dry season.Gaˈniyaˈkinakanmasa Hapunin.During the era of the Japanese there was no food.jamanmatuˈuhin5.1World and timeWorld and time

masa ewwal

nLong ago; in the distant past.distant past; long agoEkkanabimasa ewwalley.In the distant past there were many prophets.

aˈa masa

nPeople of old.Gaˈitantu magbadjuˈ meˈ aˈa masahin.The people of old did not wear blouses much.

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