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nPalace; residence (of a chieftain or sultan); a large nice house that is used as a
law court.
palace; residence of sultanSi Dende duk si Totoˈ magbutas siye laˈi si astanaˈ si lumaˈ sultanin.Dende and Totoˈ were divorced there at the palace, at the house of the sultan.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nBodega, a storehouse, storeroom.bodega; storehouse; storeroomPennoˈbodeganen weˈ lahing.His storehouse is full of coconuts.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nA small blade (tied to a fighting cock’s leg).small blade, for fighting cockTinoketan bulang manukin bang sōng pinasēppug.A cock gets a blade tied (to the leg) when he is going to fight.20.2Bladed weapons and implementsBladed weapons and implements


nCockpit, hall for cockfights.Cocks with a blade tied to the leg are brought to fight there and bets are placed
on the cocks.
cockpitEkkaaˈalaˈi si bulangan mayam-mayam magsēppug.There are many people in the cockpit watching the cockfight.(pag)sēppug(an)talik19.1Types of housesTypes of houses

manuk bulanganA fighting cock.They usually have long wings and a standing up tail.


nSchool; lessons; classes.schoolGaˈniyaˈeskuweladesimana.There is no school for one week.
vsubjectmag-To go to school, attend school.go to school; attend schoolMageskuwelane anaknu lu?Is your child going to school already?
neskuwelahanSchool building.iskul(an)19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


vsubjectN-, mag-ngang-To mill s.t.; to grind s.t.mill, to; grind, toHap Lamitan ku sumu maggiling paley.I will go to Lamitan tomorrow to mill rice.9.4Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ riceVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ rice


nA mill.mill, aGaˈ tagiling paleyin peggeˈ magkaˈat gilinganin.The rice cannot be milled because the mill broke down.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


n(Lessons in) school, (to have) classes.classes, to have; school, go toGanaˈ iskul ellew inin.We have no classes (school) today.
vsubjectN-, mag-To go to school; to have school (lessons).Ekka mākanakin magiskul laˈi si Badjaˈ.Many children go to school in Badjaˈ.Ekkamākanakkuweˈitungiskul duk siye gaˈi ignorante.Many children now go to school so that they won’t be ignorant.


nSchool buildingHāpplasaiskulan Parambasakin, limpiyu.The yard of the school in Parambasak is nice; it is clean.Niyaˈiskulan hininang baˈahu.There is a school built recently.eskuwelamadrasa19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nHospital.hospitalBoˈohun si ispital bang niyaˈ aˈa saki.If a person is sick take him to the hospital.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nRestaurant (a fairly high class restaurant).restaurantEkkaaˈa ngadday si restawuran.Many people eat at the restaurant.kadday(an)19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nPrison.prison; imprisonEkkaaˈadupangdemkābusu.There are many bad people in prison.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses17.4PenaltiesPenalties
vsubjectN-, mag-To imprison s.o., to put in prison.Subey kinābusu meˈ munduhin.Outlaws ought to be imprisoned.Gaˈi pulisin ngābusu bang gaˈ niyaˈ dusene.The police don’t imprison anyone if he doesn’t have a sin.


vsubjectN-, mag-To eat in a in a restaurantTakiteku siye magkadday laˈi si Lamitan.I saw them eating at a restaurant in Lamitan.Ngaddaykuensiniˈ.I ate at a restaurant earlier.mangan22.1Verbs used in connection w/ eatingVerbs used in connection w/ eating


nA restaurant (not very elegant).restaurant; eating placeistawuran19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nStorage shed, chicken house, shelter for animals.A small house for storage of different kinds of things such as rice, corn or implements.
It is often built on the ground without flooring, or the floor is close to the ground.
Sometimes it consists of a roof only. It is also used as a chicken house or to give
shade to animals.
storage shed; shed for storage; chicken house; shelter for animalsĪˈlaˈi inennaˈ badjaˈkun dem kamalig.My plow is stored there in the storage shed.payad19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nCommissary (store for employees of a plantation).commissaryNowadays it has also become a place name of a village in the hills of Basilan.Bellihanun kite buwas si kantena.Buy us rice at the commissary ( Kantena).tinda19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nA shelter; hut; small poor house.shelter; hut; house (small and poor)It may be a small house with floor and walls, but can be just a temporary roof on
the ground.
Kuhup-kuhupkamiituˈ makaˈiyaˈ-iyaˈ bang niyaˈ ngitene.This shelter of our’s makes us be ashamed if someone sees it.Gaˈi tapabākan kuhup-kuhup kamihin, peggeˈ gaˈ niyaˈ kāpanne.Our shelter cannot be slept in because it does not have a floor.payad19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nA cage.It can be one that can be carried around or a fixed enclosure.cage, aNgahinang kew kulungan para si manuk-manuk.Make a cage for the bird.Hinanganun kulungan kuyaˈ inin luˈu si bukut.Make a cage for this monkey outside.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nFort, fortress, fortifications.fort; fortress; fortificationsMagangkut batu meˈ sundaluhin hinangde kutaˈ.The soldiers are getting stones to make fortifications.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nHouse.houseAmpatbiliklumaˈnen.His house has four rooms.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses
vmaglumaˈTo live (somewhere), to make one’s place (somewhere).Sinnakumaglumaˈdempuweblo.I like to live in town.
vngalumaˈanTo keep going to other people’s houses.Nakanak iyan luwal ngalumaˈan bang ellew.That child always goes to other people’s houses in daytime.
nlumaˈ-lumaˈPlayhouse.playhouseSine mangahinang lumaˈ-lumaˈnu iyan?Who made you that playhouse?
vmaglumaˈ-lumaˈTo play house.Mākanakīˈ, tabahanden luwalmaglumaˈ-lumaˈ.Those children are always playing house.


nA decorated structure maligey with just one story.Hadjepalumaˈ-lumaˈnen panammat iyehin.Her one story maligey was big when she graduated.maligey


nVillage, cluster of houses, houses close together.village; houses close togetherKalumaˈan miyaˈan kuweˈ hidjul ine meˈ aˈanen.In that village the people are very noisy.Ekka meˈ kalumaˈan Badjaˈin, bang Boheˈ Bessey kulang.Badjaˈ has many houses close together, Boheˈ Bessey has few.puweblo

kōkan lumaˈ

nHead-end of the house.One of the longer sides facing to the west or north.

tindakan lumaˈ

nFoot-end of the house.Opposite side of the head of the house. It always has the main door.

hantal proper direction for housebuilding
kōkanlumaˈ facing west or north for most houses
tindakan opposite of kōkan, side for the door

duwaˈi go down from
hawas to burgle a house
lampasu to polish floor
langkat to break in
manaˈik go up into
pahid to sweep
poleˈ to return home


nOffice, esp. the post; post officeLangkew lumaˈin peggeˈ opisina diyawaˈnen.The house is high because its lower part is the post office.Magharegla laˈi kami si opisina.We settled (the case) there at the office.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nA hunting blind.hunting blindA small house in a tree for spying on game when hunting or a sort of scaffold for
cutting a tree some ways above the ground with an axe.
Subey ku palangkew ellew bang ku malīm gana-gana peggeˈ maghinang pala-pala pe ku.I have to go when the sun is high if I want to hunt later in the afternoon, because
I still have to make a hunting blind.
19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nA very temporary shelter (made of a banana leaf, sarong, etc.).shelter, temporaryHinanganun kite pandung-pandung duk niyaˈ paseyindungante bang ulan.Make us a shelter so that we have something to take shelter under when it rains.pilayaglumaˈ(-lumaˈ)19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


vsubjectmag-To place (goods for sale) on the ground (or in a makeshift stall), to sell in/from
a stall.
place on ground for saleEkkamagpasal si higad kalsara.Many place (their goods) at the edge of the road.Pinasalne weˈ ne meˈ dagangannen.He has placed his goods on the ground already.
npasal-pasalA stand or stall (for selling goods).Just a small table with a few items or the goods just placed on the ground.stall (for selling goods)Melli luˈu kew si meˈ pasal-pasal si luwasanlu.Buy there at the outside stalls.Niyaˈpasal-pasalnelaˈi si pantān.She has a little stall at the wharf.tinda19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nShelter (in the field); hut; small poor house.shelter, a; hutOne can cook and sleep in it.Laraknepayadku si tanaˈin.My hut in the field is already broken down.kuhup-kuhupkamalig19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nA temporary shelter (to stay out of the sun).shelter, temporaryIt is used in harvesting in an irrigated rice field. One upright piece of wood or
bamboo has two sticks fixed to it crosswise on top. A sarong, any cloth or sack is
tied to the four corners. The reaper works underneath and moves the shelter on as
Hadjepilayagnen.His shelter is large.pandung-pandung19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nMovie theater, movie house, house; movie theater; cinemaSini inggehin paˈasekanbin?Which movie house did you go to?salida19.1Types of housesTypes of houses
vmagsiniTo go to a movie (theater).Bakas ku magsini.I have gone to a movie (theater).


nEnclosure for cockfights.A fenced in area of approx. 3 m in diameter in the market area.cockfight enclosureMagsēppug manukin dem talik.The cocks fight in the enclosure.Niyaˈtalik pagsēppugan ley si tabuˈan.There is an enclosure for cockfighting in the market.bulangan19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nA, akew melli bāng-bāng hap tinda.Go and buy cookies at the store.kantena19.1Types of housesTypes of houses
vmagtindaTo run a store.Magtindakulaˈi si Lamitan.I am running a store there in Lamitan.pasal1