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nDecorations.They can consist of clothes hung up as decorations, pictures on walls, etc., flags
in a street.
decorationsEkkateˈed meˈ alat-alat binowet si lumaˈ bang niyaˈ kādjaˈan.There are really many decorations hung up in the house when there is a celebration.buwaˈ-buwaˈ219.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo rent or hire, to; hire, toEkkangalkila si Lamitan.Many (people) rent in Lamitan.Alkilahanun jīpku inin pagboˈohannu pangantin.Hire this jeep of mine when you bring the bride (to the house.)19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


vsubjectN-, mag-To fence or wall in s.t.Binirang lumaˈin.The house has a fence.Magbiranglumaˈ meˈ aˈa kuweˈituhin.People nowadays fence (around) their houses.


nWoodworm.woodwormA worm or insect larva that infests wood. Cebuano bukbuk.
v. statbinubukTo be woodworm infested.Binubukkāpan lumaˈkun.The floor of my house is infested with woodworms.2.4.3Small insectsSmall insects19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


vsubjectpa-, mag- + redup. (repet.), mag-#-an (repet.)For s.t. to swing, dangle.swing, to; dangleMagdondang-dondangbuwaˈ manggahin peggeˈ tihup beliyu.The mango fruit swings because the wind blows.Magdondanganbuwaˈ manggahin peggeˈ tihup beliyu.The mango fruit swings because the wind blows.Niyaˈ takiteku buwaˈ marang padondang.I saw a marang fruit swing.
vpadondangsubjectmag-To dangle, swing s.t.Padondangne pusuˈnen.He dangles his legs.Magpadondangpusuˈiye.He dangles his legs.


nA swing (made of ropes with a board suspended).swing, a and toBekkatdondangannen.The (rope of his) swing is broken.duyan19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry
vsubjectN-, mag-To use a rope swing; to swing.Nakanak iyan luwal magdondangan.That child is always using the swing.dāyung
vsubjectN-To swing s.o. on a rope swing.Akungedondangan iyehin.I will swing him (on the rope swing).Dondanganne nakanakin.He swings the child.


nProper or prescribed direction (for houses or corpses).direction, proper or prescribed for houses or corpsesThe direction for corpses to be laid out is northwest-southeast or southwest-northeast.
The head always pointing in the westerly direction. For a house to be positioned in
the proper direction the side opposite the door, the kōkan, should be to the west or south.
Gaˈ tumewwaˈ hantal lumaˈnen peggeˈ kōkannen tudju silangan.The direction of his house is not proper because its head-end is towards the east.Hantalaˈa mateyin subey tudju piyu.The proper direction for a dead person should be in that direction.19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry14.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general
vsubjectpa-To place in proper direction (of corpses only).Pahantalaˈa mateyin bang pinabāk.The dead person is placed in proper direction when laid out.Gaˈ tumewwaˈ bettadan lumaˈnen, iyuˈ pahantal.The placing of his house isn’t right; it has been placed in the direction of a corpse.13.2Verbs used in connection w/ deathVerbs used in connection w/ death



nHair.hairBayaˈ ku kulinut kōkkun.I want my hair to be curly.

bulu kōkHair on the head.bulu11.7HairHair26.4Nouns used in connection w/ hairNouns used in connection w/ hair3

nFront of any conveyance.front of jeep; spring of waterNingkoloˈ laˈi iye si kōk jīp.He is sitting there in the front (seat) of the jeep.mundaˈ1buliˈ18.2Parts of motor vehiclesParts of motor vehicles


nSource, spring of water.Lumaˈkun tapit si kōk boheˈ.My house is near the source of the creek.tindakan


nThe head-end (of the house, bed etc.); upriver (towards its source).Kōkan lumaˈ is always the longer wall of a house facing south or west and is opposite the doorway.
(In a mosque the alcove is on the narrow side of the building and facing west. This
is also called kōkan.)
upriver; head of house or bedBangkew magtanem sayul, laˈi kew si antag kōkan lumaˈ.When you plant vegetables, do it there near the head of the house.Bangmimbal asal subey si kōkan langgal.The alcove should really be at the head of the mosque.Landesulan amban kōkan boheˈ.There was strong rain upriver.Bettadun uˈan iyan laˈi si kōkan kamanu.Place that pillow there at the head of your bed.tindakan19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


vsubjectN-, mag-To make a sketch, drawing, or picture (usually in preparation for the object to be
produced); to make a statue.
sketch, to make aLimbagundahuˈdiyataˈkātasdehellu ubus maki ne kew ngahinang pinatoˈo (sabab ukilan papan).Make a sketch on paper first and then make the real thing (about carving on a board).Aˈa iyan taˈu maglimbag pattaˈ ine-ine.That person knows how to draw any picture.Ilimbag weˈ de Jose Rizal diyataˈ semento.They made a statue of Jose Rizal in concrete.Bangkew magpahinang sinsim, ngalimbag kew dahuˈ diyataˈ kātas maki kew mekehinang.If you have a ring made, make a sketch first on paper and then tell them to make it.


nA sketch, drawing (of an object); a picture (in preparation for the object to be produced);
an example or pattern (for the thing to be made).
sketch, a; drawing for an object; pattern (to be copied)Indamanun ku sinsimnu iyan, hinangku limbagan.Lend me your ring; I want to use it as a pattern.Bangku ngahinang lumaˈ ngahinang ku dahuˈ limbagan diyataˈ kātas duk niyaˈ lekkat meˈ kalpenterohin.If I am going to build a house, I make a sketch first on paper so that the carpenters have something to copy.pattaˈumbagaˈ(an)19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


nStatue or image (of a hero or saint).statue of hero or saint; image of saintEkka meˈ limbagan dem langgal katoliko.There are many statues in the church of the Catholics.Bangbeytupiyesta binoˈo weˈ de limbagan tuhan-tuhanden.At the time of a fiesta they carry the statues of their gods around.santu14.13ObjectsObjects


vsubjectN-, mag-To put a child into his swing.Puyutun nakanakin ambat tuli.Put the child in the swing; let him sleep.Taˈukumagpuyutnakanak.I know how to put a child in the swing.Geykutaˈumuyutnakanak iyan.I don’t know how to put that child into the swing.


nSwing or hammock (for a small child to sleep in).swing to sleep in (for child); hammock to sleep in (for child)Langkewpuyutan iyan.That swing is high.duyan19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


nA shim (any object (paper, wood) one puts under s.t. to prop it up).shimPapīhanun singal diyawaˈ bettis lamisahan iyan duk timbang.Place a shim under the leg of that table so that it will be level.19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo prop up s.t. (in order to keep it from moving, as one leg of a table that is shorter
than the rest).
prop up (as leg of table)Singalanunbebettislamisahan iyan.Prop that table leg up.Magsingalbangkuˈsiye.They are propping up a chair.Niyaˈningalan papanin.Someone is propping up the boards.bingalsigsip


nModel, pattern, sample (the original thing to be copied).As a ring to be copied. The original may be larger or smaller.model, a; master copyBoˈoku sinsim inin hap kapandeyan hinangku suntuˈan.I will take this ring to the expert to use as a model.umbagaˈ(an)(panga)lekkat2(an)19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry


nBraided rings (of rattan or a thin vine nutiˈ).rattan rings; rings of rattanBangkewpadiyataˈ boˈohanun kite nutiˈ hinangte tugul para si iskulan.When you go to the hills, bring us vines for making rings in school.Ngeddoˈ ku buwey hinangku tugul.I got rattan to make rings.19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry
vsubjectN-#-anobject-anTo cover the handle of a knife (with a thin strip of pliable material).Rattan, a fern vine nutiˈ, or plastic may be used. It is either just wrapped around tightly and close together
or intricately braided.
Tugulanun piranu iyan duk gey mura kepak ūnen.Cover the handle of your knife so that it will not easily split.Daˈakku iye nugulan piraku.I told him to cover my knife (handle).19.6Verbs used in connection w/ carpentryVerbs used in connection w/ carpentry


vsubjectN-To take s.t. as an example.example, take s.t. asDaˈanekewngumbagaˈtungan, si aˈa miyaˈan ne kew hadja; peggeˈ gey iye takoleˈ-koleˈ takalabusu ne iye.Don’t go just anywhere (to look) for an example, just go to (look at) that person; because he did not obey, he is in prison now.Daˈanekewngumbagaˈpusine-sine, si aˈa miyaˈan ne kew hadja. Peggeˈ hāp pamikilnen kuweˈitu ngandayahan ne iye.Don’t look for an example to anyone else, just look at that person. Because his thinking is good he has become
rich now.


nAn example for behavior; a sample for making s.t.; s.t. to copy from or to model after.example for behavior; sample for making s.t.Bangkew magpasasal sinsim moˈo kew umbagaˈan duk niyaˈ pangalekkatan mangahinangan kaˈuhin.When you have a ring fashioned, take a sample along so that the one making it has something to copy from.Banggeykewtakoleˈ-koleˈ ngeddoˈ ne kew umbagaˈan si aˈa miyaˈan, peggeˈ gey iye takoleˈ-koleˈ kinalabusu iye.If you are not obedient take an example in that person; because he was not obedient he was put in prison.lekkat2limbag(an)suntuˈan19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry