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nAdjustable wrench.wrench, adjustableHagetun siput iyan duk adjastabol.Tighten that screw with an adjustable wrench.20.1ToolsTools


nA drill (used in carpentry).drill, a20.1ToolsTools


nA pump (for water or air).pump for water or airGaˈine kite kaˈeddoˈ boheˈ, magkaˈat bombahin.We can’t get any water now; the pump is broken.20.1ToolsTools
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo pump (water or air).pump, toBombahanun kulayitin, iyuˈ sōng pandem.Pump the pressure lantern up; it is almost out.Mombakewisab pagantiˈ.Take your turn to pump.


nThread; spiral ridge (as on a screw or on top of a jar to screw the lid on).thread (as on screw); spiral ridge (as on screw)Siputin niyaˈ gellet-gelletne.Screws have threads.lengget-lengget20.1ToolsTools


nA file (tool for smoothing edges, sharpening a saw, etc).file (tool)Gunate gewgariˈ pagtalem kukutan.We use the file for sharpening the coconut scraper.20.1ToolsTools


nScissors.scissorsHāpguntingin pagtabas amban oroˈ. Geypeddiˈ tangante.Scissors are better for cutting cloth than a knife. One’s hand doesn’t hurt.laˈit20.1ToolsTools


nHaircutting ceremony; name-giving ceremony.haircutting ceremony; name-giving ceremonyIt is usually a big occasion. Many people attend and much food is provided. A special
type of song at the paggunting is the barajanji.
Kaˈekkahannen bang anak panganayen lami teˈed pagguntingin.Most people have a very big haircutting ceremony for their firstborn child.
vmagguntingTo have a haircutting ceremony.Bulan dembuwaˈ pe siye maggunting.The next month they will have the haircutting ceremony.getteb


nLeaf (from a tree) that is used like sandpaper. (Probably from the amugan tree.)Pygeum glandulosumleaf used as sandpaperThe leaves have a rough surface similar to marang leaves.1.14Parts of plants or fruitParts of plants or fruit20.1ToolsTools


nTweezers.tweezersBeddutanun bongotnun duk himanget.Pull out your beard with tweezers.20.1ToolsTools26.1Things used in connection w/ hairThings used in connection w/ hair


nA rake.rake, a20.1ToolsTools


nAn ax.axTebbengun kayu miyaˈan duk kapa.Fell that tree with an ax.patukwasey20.1ToolsTools


nA plane (for wood).plane (for wood)Lanuˈanun papan iyan duk katam.Smooth those boards with a plane.sosok20.1ToolsTools


vsubjectN-, mag-To cut, saw s.t.cut, to; saw, toMagkehetkukayu para hinang papan.I will saw wood to make boards.Niyaˈ bakas ngehet tennunkun ensiniˈ.Somebody cut my weaving earlier.29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING


nA saw.saw, aPutukun kayu iyan duk kekehet.Sever that wood with a saw.20.1ToolsTools


nCompass; metal detector.compass; metal detectorNiyaˈkekumpasnu?Do you have a compass?20.1ToolsTools


nWasher (esp. metal).washer, esp. metalA flat thin ring or perforated plate used in joints or assemblies to ensure tightness,
prevent leakage, or relieve friction.
Lansangsapew mitalin subey niyaˈ kusingne.The nail for a metal roof should have a washer.20.1ToolsTools19.4Building materialsBuilding materials


nScrew driver.screw driverIndamanun ku kusu pangahagetku siput mākinaku.Lend me a screwdriver for tightening the screws of my sewing machine.20.1ToolsTools


nNail (made of metal).nail, metalkew melli lansang pengehinangte lumaˈ.Go and buy nails so we can build the house.lagsak20.1ToolsTools


nA wrench.A tool for holding, twisting or turning an object.wrench, akew ngeddoˈ liyabe pangahagette siput badjaˈte.Go get the wrench and we will tighten the screw of our plow.20.1ToolsTools


nHammer.hammer, atukul20.1ToolsTools


nA spade.spade, a20.1ToolsTools



papel deliha

nSandpaper.sandpaperSusutun duk papel deliha kayu iyan duk lanuˈ.Rub that wood with sandpaper so that it will be smooth.20.1ToolsTools


nAn adze (tool in carpentry).adze (tool)A cutting tool that has a thin arched blade set at right angles to the handle and
is used chiefly for shaping wood.
Bakbasanku papanin duk patuk.I shave the board with an adze.Ginihil ne koˈ patuk duk kapahin duk pirahin.The adze, the axe and the knife have reportedly been sharpened.kapasangkap20.1ToolsTools


nPickax.Pointed on one side and a short blade on the other.pickaxLowanganun bulakin duk piku.Make a hole in the ground with a pickax.20.1ToolsTools
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo use a pickax on s.t., dig up s.t. with a pickax.Pikuhanunbulak iyan.Use a pickax on that soil.Magpikubulakiye pagtanemanne sayul.She used a pickax on the ground when she planted vegetables.kewmikubulak.Go and dig up the ground with a pickax.


nA chisel.chisel, a; chisel, toIndamanun ku sangkap paglowangku linsunganku.Lend me a chisel for making a hole in my mortar.patuksosok20.1ToolsTools
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object-anTo chisel s.t.Daˈakku iye nangkapan kāpan lumaˈku.I told him to chisel the floor of my house.Nangkapnekewlinsungan iyan.Chisel that mortar.Ubus ne sinangkapan.It is already chiseled.


nA screw.screw, aLokaˈnesiput badjaˈin.The screw of the plow is loose.20.1ToolsTools
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