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vsubjectN-#-an, mag-To call to worship; call to ward off evil spirits; do the first part of corporate
The very first part of the worship service. The call to prayer. A man stands and chants.
He sings and cups his ears. Any man who knows how to and has a good voice can do it.
It has to be loud. But even if only one is there going to worship, he does the balang, but only in the mosque. It is said that the balang wards off the evil spirits so they won’t tempt during worship. When a child is lost
and believed to be hidden by unseen beings kokok someone also has to balang so that the beings leave and the child becomes visible again and can be found.
call to worship, to; ward off spirits, call to; prayer, first partBang aˈahin sōng nambahayang balang dahuˈ.If the people are about to worship the call to worship is done first.Niyaˈ takaleku magbalang dibuhiˈ.Last night I heard s.o. do the call to worship.Bangniyaˈnakanakbehu inanakan subey binalangan.If there is a child newly born it should have the call to worship done for it.sambahayang14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship


nA type of spell; magic hypnotism.The people whom it is directed against are rendered helpless. They don’t know how
to answer as in a court case or they sleep so deeply that they are unaware of what
happens around them. It is caused by an incantation duwaˈa of secret knowledge elimuˈ by s.o. who has knowledge beyond the ordinary.
spell, a type of; hypnotism, magicTewwaˈhikmataˈa depuˈ lumaˈin weˈ aˈa manangkewin.The owner of the house had magic hypnotism put on him by the thief.14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects


nPurification rites.It consists of a special kind of incantation in connection with a bath to achieve
ceremonial purity after menstruation or sexual intercourse. There are several kinds
of purification incantations tawal junub. Some are long and others are short, but they achieve the same results. Junub from the outside is a bath; junub from the inside is a drink. If a man drinks it before intercourse the child will
be good.
purification rites; ceremonial bath; incantationNiyaˈjunubne kahāpanku.He has an (incantation for) purification which I like.
vsubjectmag-To take a bath for purification, take a ceremonial bath.Magjunubkewdahuˈ maki nambahayang.Take a ceremonial bath first, then you can worship.Bang dendehin bakas ilahaˈ subey iye mandi junub maki makajari nambahayang.When a woman has had her menstruation, she should have a ritual purification bath; only then can she worship.

junub duk istinjaPurification rites and ritual purity.The two words usually occur together only in this phrase.14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects

lindang1duwaˈa lindang

nA love spell.It can be performed by either man or spell; spell causing love

tewwaˈ lindang


nA taboo (held by previous generations).taboo (by forefathers)Pali-palihanaˈadehellu, gey koˈ kajari hininang.It is a taboo by the people of old; they say one may not do it.Dembuwaˈpali-palihanaˈadehellu, geymakajari magandaˈ kohap, mekebinihag.One taboo of the people of old was that one may not delouse in the afternoon; it causes one
to be caught and sold into slavery.
Lumengngan gaˈ pe ubus magduwaˈa pali-palihan koˈ.Reportedly it is taboo to leave before the prayer ceremony is finished.(gey) kuhi114.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects


nSpell to become beautiful; beauty spell.spell to become beautiful; beauty spellEkkaduwaˈapalmanis kataˈuhanne.He knows many incantations for beauty spells.14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects


v. statkasāgan, sināganTo have (spirit induced) nausea and vomiting.vomit, to (spirit induced); nausea (spirit induced)It is believed to be caused by demons. Children are hit by it more often than adults.
If children have eaten something or else want to eat something but don’t get it they
are likely to be kasāgan. The cure for it is an incantation called sāg-sāg. The medicine for it is crushed pepper leaf soaked in water and drunk.
Kasāgankuensiniˈ.I vomited earlier.Sināganku weˈ kenna.I vomited because of the fish.ebburan(ng)utaˈ12.6StomachStomach


nWhite magic treatment, treatment with incantations for spirit induced nausea and vomiting.Taˈuiye nawal sāg-sāg.He knows how to treat with sāg-sāg incantations.
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo treat s.o. with white magic for vomiting.treat with incantation for vomitingSināg-sāgan nakanakin peggeˈ hatu kasāgan.The child is treated with white magic because perhaps he has spirit induced nausea and vomiting.Magsāg-sāglaˈikaˈamdiyalem.Do the sāg-sāgtreatment there inside.kew makatawal si iye, taˈu iye nāg-nāg.Go and request white magic treatment from him; he knows how to treat with sāg-sāg.12.11TreatmentTreatment14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects


vsubjectN- [perform] mag- [participate]
To have or perform purification rites.purification rites (to have or perform)Subey kew magsātun, peggeˈ bakas kew mangan haram.You have to have purification rites because you ate something forbidden.Imam iyan bakas nātun.That imam has performed the purification rites.
vsubjectN-, mag-To purify from defilement (caused by eating forbidden food).purify (from defilement from forbidden food)In order to purify a person from a defilement (and to make him ritually clean again),
the imam or any person who knows the correct formula gets soil out of a hole that
is made forearm deep, mixes it with water and gives it to drink. A bath in connection
with the correct formula can accomplish the same thing.
Sātunun koˈ anakku iyan, iyuˈ bakas mangan haram.Please purify my child; he ate something defiling.Bakas iye magsātun aˈa laˈi si boheˈ.He purified people there at the river.Bakas makaˈakan halam, gey kew pinaˈasek dem langgal bang gey kew tasātun.You have eaten something forbidden, you are not allowed inside the mosque if you have
not been purified.
Manukin taˈu nātun dīne.The chicken knows how to purify itself.ayilsutsikosoˈ14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects


vsinubellewTo be in danger of being struck by thunder.danger (of being struck by thunder), to be in; thunder, danger of being struck byIf one laughs at creatures, esp. at kittens, at chicken manure, private parts of people,
animals, or dolls, one precipitates being struck by a thunder bolt. (It is believed
that it is thunder that strikes, not lightning.)
Sinubellewkamipeggeˈpasayehankamitayiˈ manukin.We are in danger of being struck by thunder because we laughed at the chicken manure.Daˈa pasayehanun anak meyong iyan mekesubellew (mekesinubellew) iyan.Don’t laugh at that kitten; it makes you be in danger of being struck by thunder.
vmagsubellewTo avert the danger (of being struck by thunder).avert danger (of being struck by thunder); thunder, to avert danger ofIt is said that one way of achieving the desired result is by cupping and releasing
the hand over the mouth in quick succession while making a sound. Then the head is
hit with the knuckles of one hand and the word tukkiˈ is uttered.
kewmagsubellew duk kew gaˈi tumbuk letteˈ.Go and avert the danger so that we will not be hit by thunder.14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects


nA curse.Suknaˈante kew iyan duk suknaˈ mabisahin.I will curse you with the strongest curse.14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects17.2Offenders and offencesOffenders and offences
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo curse s.o.; to wish s.t. bad to happen to a person.curseSinuknaˈannesiye weˈ Tuhan manjari batu.They were cursed by God to become stones.Basagiyeluwalmagsuknaˈ.He always curses a lot.Daˈakewluwalnuknaˈ.Don’t always curse.14.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general

talang hāti

nName of a spell to quicken the mind.spell to quicken the mindNiyaˈ duwaˈane talang hāti, meketawal kew si iye.He has a special incantation for quickening the mind; ask him to do the spell for you.tawal14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects