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nDam or dike (between wet rice fields).Usually made of mud.dam (of rice field); dike (of rice field)Bentelapil-apilbasakan miyaˈan.The dam of that rice field is straight.8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields


nRice paddy; wet rice field.rice paddy; rice field, wetLuhapahāpbasak si Apuˈ miyaˈan.The rice paddy of Apuˈ is big.


nA collection of wet rice fields.Luhabasakan si lān tudju Limoˈokin.The rice paddies at the road toward Limook are large.tanaˈ8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields


nFurrow.furrowLuhagadlisnen bangbatadtinanem. Hiretgadlisnen bangmaniatawapaleytinanem.The furrows are wide when maize is planted. The furrows are close together when rice or peanuts are planted.lumbey8.1LandLand


nA garden, vegetable bed.It is a plot of land that is planted with vegetables. The dirt is usually piled up
to form a ridge.
garden; vegetable bedkew ngeddoˈ sayul si galden.Go and get some vegetables from the garden.likuslame8.1LandLand


nRubber, rubber tree.Hevea brasiliensisrubberBakas ku magtanem goma.I planted rubber trees.Bellihanun ku goma pitikan.Buy me rubber for a slingshot.1.1.1Trees, forestTrees, forest


nRubber plantation.Aˈa iyan luha gomahannen.That person has a big rubber plantation.8.1LandLand


nHectare.Unit of measuring land. It is equivalent to 10,000 square meters.hectareGinantaˈan weˈ gubelnohin. Gey makajari meˈ aˈahin melli bulak bang luha ne manamalan, taman lime ittariyas hadja.The government has set a limit. People cannot buy a lot of land; up to five hectares only.Daittariyassangdanne dan tanaˈan.One hectare is big enough for one rice field.8.1LandLand


nGarden (around a house), around house; yard (grounds)Paluwas kite bi si lame.Let’s go outside to the yard.Luhalameten buekkajambangantinanemlaˈi.Our garden is big and many plants are planted there.hāman8.1LandLand

birang fence
galden vegetable garden
hāman park, recreation ground, large yard
likus planted with various things
limbubung camote patch
pake fence
plasa yard, town square
sasak woven fence
tarangka gate
taras boundary, edge


nGarden (that is planted with useful plants).Vegetables, maize, camote, cassava and perhaps a few fruit trees may be with (mainly) vegetablesLuhalikuskun diyataˈpunu.My garden on the mountain is big.Niyaˈ tanemku bawang laˈi dem likusku miyaˈan.I planted onions there in my garden.galdenlimbubunglame8.1LandLand


nDry rice field (narrow or small).Often used to belittle the extent of a field, in order not to seem bragging.rice field, narrowUbus ne pinagani lupukun.I have already harvested my narrow rice field.tanaˈ8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields
vmaglupu-lupuTo make a small rice field.Īˈkumaglupu-lupulaˈi si Pipil kuweˈitu.I am making a small rice field there in Pipil now.


nPlantation.An extensive area of plants esp. trees under cultivation.plantationAˈa iyan tege palantasiyon uyat.That person has a banana plantation.kabbun8.1LandLand


nsubunganA mound (earth piled around the roots of a plant).mound; earth piled around rootsIt is done to loosen the soil and so make the plants grow better.Hadjesubung talungkun.The mound (around) my eggplant is big.Ubus ne ineddoˈ isi subungan kamuntiˈkun.The tubers of the mound (around) my camote were already fetched.8.1LandLand
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo pile earth around a plant; to make a mound around a plant.Sinubungan weˈ ku talungkun duk mura hadje.I have already piled earth around my eggplants so that they will easily get big.Magsubungkamuntiˈsiye.They are making mounds around their camote.Makatabang ku si siye nubung.I asked them to help me make mounds around (plants).8.4Verbs used in connection w/ agricultureVerbs used in connection w/ agriculture


nDry rice field; swidden.field of rice (dry); swiddenLuhatanaˈkun.My dry rice field is big.lupubasak8.4Verbs used in connection w/ agricultureVerbs used in connection w/ agriculture8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields
vsubjectN-, mag-To plant (or make s.t. into) a dry rice field.Magtanaˈkukahabaˈmusim.I plant a dry rice field every season.Niyaˈnenanaˈ sōng tinanaˈkun.Someone is planting a field already where I was about to plant a field.Tanaˈunne bakas maniku miyaˈan.Make a dry rice field out of where I had my peanuts.