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nSequin (a small plate of shining metal or plastic sewn on cloth as decoration).decoration with sequin; sequinBinettadan antuwilas badjuˈ aˈa miyaˈan duk ngillap.The blouse of that person has sequins sewn on it so that it glitters.laˈit23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nSafety pinTabuˈun badjuˈnun duk aperel.Close your blouse with a safety pin.laˈit23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nA ball.ball
vmagbolaTo play ball.Sinna mākanakin magdagey magbola.Children like to play ball.tipopong27GAMES AND TOYSGAMES AND TOYS


nA ball (of thread); spool (of thread).reel of thread; ball of threadBellihanun ku tunglut de bola.Buy me one spool of thread.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nA knot (in a rope or thread).knot, aNiyaˈbukutennuninin.This weaving has knots.laˈit23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-, mag-object+/-#-anTo tie or make a knot (as in thread or rope).tie a knotBukuhun tunglutin duk gaˈi pellus bang pangalaˈitnu.Make a knot in the thread so that it won’t slip out when you use it for sewing.Niyaˈmuku tennunkun.Someone is tying my weaving.simbōng


nButton (other than a flat one with holes).button (other than flat with holes)Lukabuton badjuˈnun.The button of your blouse is open.tipey223.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nNeedle.needleIndamanun ku dalum pangalaˈitku badjuˈku.Lend me a needle for sewing my blouse.laˈit23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing

tōng dalum

nPoint of the needle.

buliˈ dalum

nDull end (eye) of the needle.

Ngandalum ne paleyin.The rice is coming up (said of seedling, lit. making a needle).9.4Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ riceVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ rice


nDMC (embroidery) thread; thread for embroidery.embroidery threadNiyaˈdimsiku pagbuldaw.I have DMC thread for embroidery.hilu23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nGarter, elastic (band).garter; elastic (band)Easily stretched rubber, usually prepared in cords, strings, or bands.Tiyaˈne ngalonggong galtel sanyawakun.The elastic (garter) of my panties has become loose.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


vsubjectN-, mag-ngang-To cut or tear s.t. (into small pieces, as cloth or leaves).cut s.t. (into small pieces); tear s.t. (into small pieces)kewnganggīsdawen pamutusante lutuˈ.Go and cut (banana) leaves for wrapping the lunch.kehet29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING


nSmall pieces, scraps (of cloth).It is also used of banana leaves or pepper leaf.piece of cloth, small; scraps (of cloth or leaf)kaˈam māku gīs-gīs hinangte bi tarapu.Go and ask for scraps (of material); we will use them as rags.iris23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nThread.thread, aMelli ku hilu poteˈ pangalaˈitku badjuˈku.I buy white thread for sewing my blouse.tunglutsalbantingkallaˈit23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nLace.lace, aBinettadan ingkahi lengngen badjuˈkun.The sleeves of my blouse have lace.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nScraps (of cloth); small pieces (of cloth, banana leaf, or paper).scraps (of cloth etc.)Ekkairis-irislaˈi si paglaˈitan.There are lots of scraps at the sewing place.gīs(-gīs)23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-, mag-To cut s.t. into small pieces (with a knife or scissors, esp. of cloth, banana leaf,
and paper).
cut s.t. (into small pieces)Irisundawenuyatinin hinangte suwit.Cut this banana leaf in small pieces; we will make it into small plates.Banggaˈiumabut hinangnu badjuˈ, ngiris kew si tela dembuwaˈ miyaˈan.If (the cloth is) not enough for making a blouse, cut some off that (other) cloth.tabas29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING


nPleats (in clothes).pleatsPaldakun tege kolaˈ.My skirt has pleats.konodlaˈit23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo pleat s.t., make pleats.Tiyaˈkungolaˈan paldaku.I am pleating my skirt.Īˈsiyemagkolaˈ paldade.They are pleating their skirts.


nGathers (in cloth, in sewing).gathers (in cloth); gather, to (in sewing)Paladjabun konodnen.Make the gathers wider.Paldahin tege konod.The skirt has gathers.kolaˈlaˈit23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo put gathers (in clothes), to gather fabric.Magkonodbadjuˈiye.She is putting gathers in her blouse.Konodanun paldanu iyan.Gather your skirt.Mākina iyan ngonod bang pangalaˈitan.That machine gathers when it sews.
vmagkonodTo pucker, wrinkle (of cloth and skin).puckered; wrinkledMagkonod semmekin peggeˈ gaˈ higtal pangalaˈitku iyehin.The cloth is puckered because it wasn’t tight when I sewed it.Bahiˈ ne aˈa miyaˈan, īˈ ne magkonod luwenen.That person is already old; his face is already wrinkled.kotot


nA design or sketch (for embroidery).design for embroidery; sketch for embroideryHāplukispunda uˈannen.The design of her pillowcases is nice.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo sketch, outline, or make a design (for embroidery).Geykutaˈumaglukispunda.I don’t know how to make a design for a pillowcase.Ngalukiskewnaˈandiyataˈkātasinin.Make the sketch here on this paper.Lukisanun pundaku inin.Sketch a design on this pillowcase of mine.


nMachine, esp. sewing machine; motor.machine; sewing machine; motorHāp laˈitan mākinanen.Her sewing machine sews well.Magkaˈatmākina jīpin.The motor of the jeep is broken.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nPiping, trimming (on clothes).trimming (on clothes); piping (on clothes)Niyaˈpeyipitkellong badjuˈne.There is piping on the neckline of her blouse.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo trim, put trimming or piping on (clothes).Taˈukumeyipitanne.I know how to put piping on it.Geyku mabayaˈ magpeyipit badjuˈ.I don’t want to put trimming on my blouse.Pineyipitaningkahi badjuˈnen.Her blouse is trimmed with lace.


nA plait; a braid.plait s.t.; braid s.t.Ubus ne tinoketan sāpid sawalnen.The braid of her trousers is already attached.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-, mag-To braid s.t.; to plait s.t.Sāpidne kōknen.She braided her hair.Magsāpidiyekōkatawahilu.She braids hair or thread.Taˈukunāpid.I know how to braid.26.3Verbs used in connection w/ hairVerbs used in connection w/ hair


nSewing thread.sewing thread; thread for sewingUrungun ku salban paglaˈitku.Give me some thread for sewing.tungluthilu23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nCrocheting thread.Crocheting yarn is used to create the pattern in bunga sama and seputangan weaving. It is heavier than the background weft.thread for crochetingbannang23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing24.3Parts of a patternParts of a pattern
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo insert s.t. (in a narrow space, as behind rafters or in bamboo wall, esp. to insert
colored threads in the warp in weaving).
insert s.t. (in narrow space); weaving (insert colored threads)Daˈakewnulip (magsulip) oroˈ diyataˈ sapew, kaw laboˈ.Don’t insert the knife under the roof; it may drop.Sulipanne selopenin diyataˈ sapew.He inserts a plastic bag in the roof.Sulipanunnehadjatennun iyan bisan kolol ine.Just insert whatever color into that weaving.


nSteps on stairs; rung on a ladder; notches in a tree trunk (for climbing).step (on stair); rung (on ladder); notch (for climbing)Piyetanggaˈharen lumaˈnen?How many steps are on the stairs of his house?tukad19.2Parts of housesParts of houses10.5Nouns used in connection w/ coconutsNouns used in connection w/ coconuts
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object-anTo make steps or notches (in a tree, hillside, etc.).Banggaˈikewtaˈumanaˈiklahing iyan tanggaˈanun duk kew tapanaˈik.If you cannot climb that coconut tree make notches so that you can climb it.Niyaˈnanggaˈanlahing miyaˈan.Someone cut notches into that coconut tree.Bakas ku magtanggaˈ batang kayu miyaˈan.I have cut notches into that tree trunk.kewnanggaˈlahing.Go and cut steps into the coconut tree.


nA zigzag or ‘staircase’ pattern; teeth of a saw.zigzag pattern; teeth (of saw)Tanggaˈ-tanggaˈ badjuˈnen hadje.The zigzag pattern of his shirt is big.Niyaˈtanggaˈ-tanggaˈtuggu badjuˈnen.The edge of his shirt has a zigzag pattern.Ekkatanggaˈ-tanggaˈ kekehetin.The saw has many teeth.23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nThread for weaving (bought or in old times homemade, of cotton).Different words are used for thread for sewing.threadNgahani ne ku, niyaˈ ne tingkalku.I will wind the warp; I have thread now.hilu23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing24.2Parts of a loomParts of a loom


nButton (flat with holes, regardless of size).button (flat with holes)Historically most buttons of this kind were made of mother-of-pearl. This fact is
no longer considered - often not even known - when the term is used.
Tipeytabuˈan badjuˈkun.Buttons close my blouse.buton23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo put buttons on s.t.button, to put on s.t.Tipeyanun badjuˈnu iyan.Put buttons on your blouse.Magtipey badjuˈne pe iye.She is still putting buttons on her blouse.Sinenipeyan badjuˈnu iyan?Who put buttons on your blouse?


nThread (for sewing).thread for sewing; thread a needleBellihanun ku tunglut poteˈ.Buy me white thread.hilusalban23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object-anTo thread (a needle).Geyneiye ngite magtunglut dalum.She no longer sees to thread a needle.kewnunglutdalum duk talaˈit badjuˈnun.Go and thread the needle so that your blouse can be sewn.Tinunglutanne dalumin.The needle has been threaded.