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nReligion.religionAku nuhut āgama islam.I follow the religion of Islam.Kaˈuke mangantan āgama matuˈu si ininen?Is it you who is in charge of religious things (lit. religion) here in this place?14.5Religion generalReligion general
vsubjectmag-To observe religious practices.religiousBang aˈahin magāgama gaˈi maghinang laˈat.If a person observes religious practices he does not do anything bad.magtuhan


nThe hereafter, life after after death; hereafterAˈahin kēmon moleˈ si ahilat.All people will go to the hereafter.ellewdembuli

Dalil dunya, dalil ahilat.As it is in the world so it will be in the hereafter. (Meaning: If people like us
here (because we are good people) God will like us there. or: One who does good here
will have a good situation there.)
14.5Religion generalReligion general


nForgiveness.Māku ampun kite si Tuhan bang niyaˈ hinangte laˈat.We ask forgiveness of God if we have done something bad.14.5Religion generalReligion general
vsubjectmag- (recip.)To forgive.forgiveAmpununku.Forgive me.Peggeˈ magpungtinaˈi du kaˈam magampun kaˈam.Because you are brothers forgive each other.maˈap


vngampun, ngampun-ngampunTo pray.prayBangngampun-ngampun, māku-māku kite si Tuhan.When we pray, we ask / petition from God.pāku (māku-māku)14.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general


nSin, trespass, fault.sin; trespass; faultNakanak iyan ekka dusene peggeˈ luwal ngusaˈ aˈa.That kid has many sins because he always attacks people.sāˈ2kīs114.5Religion generalReligion general17.2Offenders and offencesOffenders and offences
vsubjectmag-To sin, do wrong, be at fault.sin, to; wrong, to do; fault, to be atBang tangkewannu saweˈnun magduse ne kew.If you steal from your companion you are sinning.
vnganduseFor s.o. to ascribe or impute sin (to another person who faults him); to count s.t.
as sin; to sin against s.o.
ascribe sin; count s.t. as sin; sin, to ascribeNgandusenakanak iyan bang usaˈte bu gaˈ niyaˈ dusene.That child counts it as sin if we attack her but she doesn’t have any fault.Banggaˈi sābubi bahangikun bang ku matey, nganduse ku.If you don’t observe the different ceremonies when I have died, you sin against me (lit. I ascribe sin).
adjdusehanSinful.sinfulDusehaniyepeggeˈluwaliye maghinang laˈat.He is sinful because he always does bad.


nDebt of gratitude to one’s parents.debt of gratitude to parentsGaˈi puwas duseten si saˈi-samate.One’s debt of gratitude to one’s parents can never be done away with.utang


vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo place s.t. in the in sunInellewan kennahin duk manjari sempinaˈ.The fish is placed in the sun so that it becomes dried fish.Nakanak iyan ngellewan dīne.That child is sunning himself.Magellewkennaiye.He is placing fish in the sun.
vsubjectN-, mag-To go out into the sun.Ngellewkudahuˈ duk tohoˈ semmekkun diyataˈ barankun.I will just go out into the sun so that my clothes will dry.Daˈakewmagellew duk gaˈi kew ilemmun.Don’t go into the sun so that you won’t get a fever.

mata ellew

nThe sun, the disk of the sun.Bangsalung paguwaˈ mata ellewin si silangan.In the morning the sun comes up in the east.


nDry season.dry seasonTeggang boheˈin bang beytu pangellew.The (sources of) water are dried up when it is dry season.uttalaˈtunggaraˈ(pang)ulan5.1World and timeWorld and time


nDay.dayPitusiyeellewituˈ.They will come this day.Bangku moleˈ hap Basilan meˈ tellu ellew hadja ku laˈi.When I go home to Basilan I will be there for only three days.bahangikekkohapan


nDaytime, daylight hours.daytimeLumengngan ku hadja bang ellew, bang sangem gaˈi ne ku paluwas amban lumaˈ.I only go out during daytime; in the evening I don’t leave the house.sangem5.1World and timeWorld and time

bahangi a day, 24 hour period
bayaˈ kohap early evening
dibuhiˈ last night
diˈilewkohap yesterday afternoon
diˈilewsangem night before last
kekkohapan all day
kellawan all night
kohap afternoon, early evening
lettuellew noon
ninaˈ tonight
salung morning
sangem night
subu early morning

ellew-sangemDay and night.Aˈa miyaˈan maghinang ellew-sangem.That person works day and night.kekkohapan-kellawande ellew

nOne day, one whole day, all daylight hours.De ellew paghinang kamihin.We worked one day.kekkohapan

ellew dembuli

nThe hereafter, life after death.hereafter, the; life after deathBangekka dusete hinukum kite si ellew dembuli.If we have many sins we will be judged in the hereafter.ahilat14.5Religion generalReligion general

ellew liˈi

nA day of no work, a rest day.A day when work is not allowed by the religious law. If one would work, the body would
hurt; if one would cut oneself, it would be hard to heal.
14.5Religion generalReligion general


nA sacrifice.sacrifice (of an animal); sacrifice, toThis is a sacrifice of a goat, cow or chicken while a person is alive, or after death
has occurred. It will be a witness to the fact that one has sacrificed and followed
Islam when one reaches the edge of the river that has to be crossed before entering
the afterworld. Some say it is also to provide the ‘means of transportation’ when
crossing the bridge to the afterworld. Others say the yearly sacrifice kuluban which has to be sacrificed during the month of hadjiˈ will carry people across the water.
Magsumbaliˈ kambing ku hinangku hekika.I am butchering a goat to offer as a sacrifice.kulubankulubaˈ14.9Offerings, gifts, tithesOfferings, gifts, tithes14.5Religion generalReligion general
vsubjectmag-To bring an animal sacrifice.Maghekikaku duk niyaˈ pasakeyan hap ahirat.I bring a sacrifice so that I will have transportation to the afterworld.


nA state of purity (required during the pilgrimage to Mecca). The white garment worn
by men during the pilgrimage.
The garment consists of two unsewn wrappers. One is worn over one shoulder leaving
the right arm and shoulder exposed. It is knotted at the right side. The other is
wrapped around the loins from the waist to the knees and knotted in the middle. Women
wear their habitual garments, but they should be simple without adornment.
14.5Religion generalReligion general


nIslam. (The religious faith of Muslims including belief in Allah as the sole deity
and in Muhammad as his prophet.)
IslamKaˈam meˈ āgama islamin subey pagtuyuˈanbi baranbin magsambahayang salung-kohap.You, the ones who (follow) the religion of Islam, you should persevere in worshiping morning and night.14.5Religion generalReligion general


vsubjectN-, mag-To circumcise s.o.circumciseBang lellahin sōng subul-subul ne atawa dende sōng megbudjang-budjang ne subey inislam.When boys will soon be young men or for girls when they will soon be of marriageable
age they should be circumcised.
Subey kaˈam meˈ mākanakin megislam duk kaˈam gey pinasayehan.You children should be circumcised so that you won’t be laughed at.Sinengislam kaˈuhin?Who circumcised you?14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship


nRitual purity (achieved through ablutions).After various kinds of ritual defilement (such as defecating or sexual intercourse)
a person has to perform a ritual washing before being able to worship in an acceptable
purity, ritual

junub duk istinjaPurification rites and ritual purity.The two words usually occur only together and in this phrase.14.5Religion generalReligion general


nFate, end (of life).fate, end of lifeBangmateyne aˈahin iye miyaˈan janjiˈnen. Kemuwe tagnaˈ ne iye miyaˈan janjiˈ Tuhan si iyehin.When a person dies that is his fate. From the beginning that is what God had as fate for him.karal14.14‘Things’ that come to people (luck, disaster, etc.)‘Things’ that come to people (luck, disaster, etc.)


nPromise, covenant, contract.promise, a; covenant, a; contract, aJanjiˈne si akuhin pitu iye balik ngeddoˈ aku.His promise to me was that he would come back to fetch me.
vsubjectN-, mag-To make a covenant; promise s.t.covenant, to; promise, toIf an oath is involved in a promise, the word janjiˈ has to be used.Bang magsapa aˈahin hātinen bakas magjanjiˈ ne siye.If people swear that means they have made a covenant (lit. covenanted).Ngajanjiˈneaˈa miyaˈan weˈ gaˈi ne tangkewanne balik.That person promised that he would not steal again.
npagjanjiˈanA covenant, promise, contract.Iyehadja subey tuhutte pagjanjiˈante tagnaˈin.That is what we should follow, our first promise (what we first promised).Pagjanjiˈan kamihin bang ubus lumaˈkun hinangne urunganku iye tellu ngibu.Our contract was that when he had finished building my house I would pay him three thousand.sanggup14.5Religion generalReligion general


nCommandments, law (esp. of God).commandments (of God); law (of God)Sinulat lalangan Tuhanin dem kitab.God’s commandments are written in the holy book.(pangan)daˈak(an)saraˈ14.5Religion generalReligion general


nWord, verbal message.word; messageNuhut kaˈam sessaˈ si lapal Tuhanin.Follow the instructions in the word of God.Iyelapalnen bangniyaˈne subey ne pinaboˈohan.That was his message if something is available it should be sent.14.5Religion generalReligion general
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo speak, deliver (a speech).speak; deliver (speech)Ine akanu, maglapal ne be kew.What is your reason (for visiting); speak up.Ubus ne lapalanne bissānen.He finished delivering his speech (making his speech).Magaka ne be kew, ngalapal ne be kew.Tell it; say it.bissābahasapalaman, palman30WAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKINGWAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKING


vsubjectmag-objectpag-To surrender, submit oneself, to yield to s.o.surrender; submit; yield to s.o.Banggaˈine pangurungbi aku tanaˈku iyan, na ambat ne, si kaˈam ne. Paglillaˈku ne luˈugkun.If you don’t give me that field of mine, well, never mind, it is yours. I surrender my hard work.Maglillaˈneku papateynu.I submit to your killing me (meaning: you can do with me as you please).Bakas ne iye pitu magmalillaˈ. (Hātinen, sōnganne dīnen, dinaˈak pagbayaˈ-bayaˈan, peggeˈ niyaˈ bakas dusene.)He came here already to surrender. (It means, he gives himself up, telling the other to have authority over him because
he has sinned against him.)
Maglillaˈnekew weˈ kinawin ne kew kuweˈitu? Maglillaˈ ne.Do you submit to be married now? I submit. (Question and answer in marriage service. Equivalent to ‘I do’ or ‘I will’.)


nForgiveness.forgivenessku māku lillaˈ si iye peggeˈ bakas niyaˈ taˈeddoˈku amban iye duk niyaˈ bakas tahinangku laˈat si iye.I will go to him to ask forgiveness of him because I have taken something from him and I have done something bad to him.ampun
vobject-anTo forgive s.o.Paˈinte, lillaˈanun ku peggeˈ niyaˈ bakas hinangku laˈat.One says, forgive me because I did something bad.Kēmon meˈ bakas tahinangku si kaˈu malaˈatin duk meˈ taˈeddoˈku amban kaˈuhin lillaˈanun ne ku hadja.All the bad things I have done to you and what I have taken from you, just forgive me for it.Lillaˈanne kite bang kite magsusun duk lebbahante malaˈatin.He forgives us if we regret and stop doing the bad (things).14.5Religion generalReligion general


nCustoms (esp. religious customs); precept.customs, religious; preceptTahinang kēmon lukun kamateyin.All the customs of death were fulfilled.Bangrukunsambahayang subey gey kineyipatan bang lime waktu.As for the custom of worshiping one should not forget the five appointed times.Rukun Islamin lime.There are five precepts in Islam.addat14.5Religion generalReligion general


nName of the ninth month in the Muslim calendar, month of fasting, Ramadan. (Arabic:
RamadanBulan Puwase.The month of the fast (Ramadan).bulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months
nA, a; fast, toGaˈtambuspuwasenen.His fast was not complete.5.1World and timeWorld and time
vsubjectN-, mag-To fast.MuwasekuPuwaseinin.I will fast this month of Ramadan.Magpuwasesiye.They are fasting.14.5Religion generalReligion general


nA wrong; a fault; a moral mistake.A mistake in writing, weaving, etc. would be salaˈ. For a moral mistake only sāˈ is used. In most other instances sāˈ and salaˈ can be used interchangeably.wrong, a; fault, a; fault, be atAmāhanne ku, bu gaˈ niyaˈ sāˈku.He scolded me, but I had no fault.Pinapatey bisan gaˈ niyaˈ sāˈne.He was killed even though he had no fault.dusesalaˈ14.5Religion generalReligion general
v-um-, mag- (recip.)For s.o. to be at fault, be (in the) wrong.Bang kite sumāˈ (sumalaˈ) subey kite maglillaˈ.If we are at fault we should submit.Magsāˈ teyimaˈan kite.We are misunderstanding each other (lit. we are at fault in receiving).
v. statmagsāˈFor s.t. to be wrong.Laboˈiyeensiniˈbumagsāˈ (magsalaˈ) kellongnen.He fell earlier and something is wrong with his neck.


nAn optional (individual) prayer performed before and/or after the ritual prayer.prayer, optionalMaki ku nambahayang luhul bang ubus ku nambahayang sunnat.I will worship at the noon ritual prayer when I have finished my private prayer.14.5Religion generalReligion general


nA special form of prayer during the month of Ramadan.The tarawi prayers follow the evening prayers. They consist of eight to twenty units offered
two by two with a short break between each two units.
prayer (special during Ramadan)Bang ubus ku nambahayang eyisa maki ku nambahayang tarawi.When I have finished the evening worship then I do the special prayers.sambahayang14.8CeremoniesCeremonies14.5Religion generalReligion general


nA sermon; teaching on religious matters.sermonHāpusihatnen pinakale.His sermon is good to listen to.14.5Religion generalReligion general
vsubjectN-, mag-To teach (on religious matters); preach.teach on religious matters; preachNiyaˈimamngusihatankami.There is an imam who preaches for us.Luwaliyemagusihat.He always preaches.Taˈuiyengusihat.He knows how to preach.nasihatsalsilahutbaˈ14.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general


nAuthorization; permission; commission to do or say s.t.authorization; commission to do s.t.; permission to do s.t.Bang sōng ngawin imamin ngeddoˈ wakil dahuˈ amban metettoˈa pangantinin bang magkawin ne ke.When the imam is about to perform the marriage ceremony he asks permission from the parents of the bride if the ceremony can proceed.kew ngeddoˈ wakil bang kajari ne ke kew hap lumaˈ.Go and get permission if you can go home now.14.5Religion generalReligion general
vobjectka-#-anTo commission, appoint or authorize s.o.commission, to; appoint, to; authorize, toKawakilaniye dinaˈak magurung seydola.He is authorized to give out identification papers.Kawakilanku dinaˈak magbatik.I was appointed to invite people.daˈak