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nA thick walking stick; a cane.Esp. the stick the angel mungkalun carries when he investigates people after death.walking stick, thick; cane for walkingBangniyaˈaˈamateyne, paˈin meˈ aˈahin, mungkalunin moˈo bastunnen pakeddutne aˈahin.If a person has died, the people say, the angel mungkalun goes there carrying his walking stick to startle the person.tungkud20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectmag-To use a walking stick.Magbastunaˈa bahiˈin peggeˈ kokkoˈ ne, sōng gaˈi ne koleˈ lumengngan.The old man is using a walking stick because he is bent; he almost can’t walk anymore.


vsubjectN-, mag-ngang-To mill s.t.; to grind s.t.mill, to; grind, toHap Lamitan ku sumu maggiling paley.I will go to Lamitan tomorrow to mill rice.9.4Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ riceVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ rice


nA mill.mill, aGaˈ tagiling paleyin peggeˈ magkaˈat gilinganin.The rice cannot be milled because the mill broke down.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements19.1Types of housesTypes of houses


nRope; strong string.rope, a; string (strong)Bellihanun kite ingket peggeˈ gantiˈte ingket kābew.Buy us a rope, because we have to change the rope of the carabao.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-, mag- (pl.)object-anTo tie s.t.; to tether s.t.tie, to; tether, toIningketan kābewin dem kalahingan.The carabao is tied in the coconut grove.Tiyaˈkungingketkābew si lugluban.I am off to tie the carabao at the water hole.dagtel32WAYS OF TYING THINGSWAYS OF TYING THINGS

bannang thin thread for tying s.t.
ingket rope
lubid cord, twisted rope
lupis abaca fiber not yet twisted
nayilon nylon rope or string
pintal strings on a kite
string, wire or thin stick for carrying
tondaˈ string for flying kites, fishing line


nPropeller (a revolving shaft with blades set at an angle).As a propeller of a ship or aircraft, windmill.propellerBasagmanamal megbuwibudan jaga-jaga eriplanuhin.The propeller of the airplane rotates very fast.Meˈ mākanakin maghinang jaga-jaga duk dawen lahing.The children make windmills from coconut leaves.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements6.2Parts of boats and shipsParts of boats and ships
vsubjectmag-To play with a windmill.Īˈ meˈ mākanakin magjaga-jaga.The children are out there playing with windmills.buwibud1


nA camera, photographic camera.cameraThe brand name is used as a generic for the item.Melli ku kodak duk niyaˈ pagpattaˈ-pattaˈanku.I will buy a camera so that I will have something to take pictures with.pattaˈ(an)20.8Other, implementsOther, implements


nElectric current, electricity.electric current; electricityGaˈpeniyaˈkurente si lahat kami.Electricity has not yet come to our place.litrik20.8Other, implementsOther, implements


vsubjectN-, mag-To turn (a crank, handwheel or pedals, thereby setting a machine into motion).turn crank, handwheel or pedalsDaˈakuweyunmākina iyan, kaw kew talogsok dalum.Don’t turn (the handwheel of) that sewing machine, lest you be pierced by the needle.Gaˈikutaˈunguwey duk bettis.I don’t know how to turn (pedals) with my feet.buwibud220.8Other, implementsOther, implements


vsubjectN-, mag- (recip.)To hit s.t.hit s.t.Daˈaekka kawulnu duk gey lisagku kōknun.Don’t make a fuss so that I won’t hit your head.Weˈeykaˈamluwalmaglisag?Why are you always hitting each other?Bang iyan lisag ellewin pinuhiˈan iyan, daddaliˈ du iyan gangu.If the sun will hit what is drying there, it will quickly get dry.
vsubjectN-, mag-To strike, hit (a musical instrument with a mallet).Sinenaglisagagung miyaˈan?Who struck that gong?Lisagun agungin.Strike the gong.pogpogpopok
nkelisag, lelisagMallet, drum stick; stick for playing gongs.drum stick; stick for playing gongs; mallet eddoˈun lisagin, tiyaˈ ku ngulintang.Go and get the mallet; I want to play the gongs.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements


nString, cord (of twisted fiber or thread); a strand (of a rope).string, a; strand of rope; cordIngketinintellulubidnen.This rope has three strands.Ennaˈun lubid inin.Store this string.ingket20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-, mag-To twist (strands of hemp, yarn or vine to make a rope or cord).twist making ropeLubidunakuingketinin.Twist this into a rope for me.Aˈa iyan maglubid bāhan baka pagingket manuk.That person twisted the fibers of abaca to tie a chicken.Ngalubidkewbāhanbulaˈ-bulaˈ hinang ingket.Twist the bulaˈ-bulaˈ vine into rope.


nMachine, esp. sewing machine; motor.machine; sewing machine; motorHāp laˈitan mākinanen.Her sewing machine sews well.Magkaˈatmākina jīpin.The motor of the jeep is broken.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing


nParachute.parachuteHadjeparakyutnen.His parachute is big.
vmagparakyutTo jump with a parachute.Niyaˈmagparakyut.There are (people) jumping with a parachute.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements


nStocks (an instrument for punishment).stocks (instrument for punishment)An implement consisting of a board with two holes for the feet to keep a person from
moving away. The board is nailed to the floor. It is used to restrain people that
are out of their minds.
Talekkane pasungnen.He managed to open his stocks.12.11TreatmentTreatment20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo put s.o. in the stocks.Pinasunganaˈa binalewin.The mad person is put in the stocks.iyemagpasungaˈabinalew.He has gone to put a mad person in the stocks.


nPicture, photograph.picture; photographHāp meˈ pattaˈ inin.These pictures are nice.14.13ObjectsObjects
vsubjectN-, mag-To take a photograph, to take a picture.photograph, to take a; picture, to take aBakas ku magpattaˈ.I have taken a photograph.Niyaˈmattaˈkamilaˈi si tabuˈan.Someone took a picture of us at the market.Pinattaˈku weˈ ne.I was photographed by him.


nCamera, photographic camera.cameraNiyaˈpattaˈanne.He has a camera.kodak20.8Other, implementsOther, implements


nPencil.pencilIndamanun ku pinsil panulatku.Lend me your pencil for me to write.dawat20.8Other, implementsOther, implements


nHandcuffs.handcuffsPulis miyaˈan magboˈo-boˈo posas.That policeman carries handcuffs.
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo handcuff s.o.Pinosasan pilisuhin kaw lahi.The prisoner is handcuffed lest he escape.Magposas meˈ pilisu pulisin.The policemen handcuff the prisoners.Pulis miyaˈan basag mosas.That policeman always handcuffs (people).20.8Other, implementsOther, implements17.4PenaltiesPenalties


nInch (measurement and size for nails).inch, anBellihanun ku lansang tellu pulgara.Buy me three inch nails.dangew20.8Other, implementsOther, implements


vsubjectmag-#-an (repet.)To come off (of knife handle).come off (of knife handle)Tagsuˈū sanggutkun.The handle of my sickle has come off.Gey taguna sanggut iyan iyuˈ luwal magtagsuˈan ūnen.That sickle cannot be used; its handle keeps coming off.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-#-anobject-anTo take off (the handle of a knife).Tagsuˈankuū duhungkun.I will take off the handle of my hoe.Geykutaˈunagsuˈanū pirakun.I don’t know how to take off the handle of my working bolo.


nA crane (machine for lifting heavy weights).crane (machine to lift things)Gey batang iyan takoleˈ binengket bang dumaˈin du timun-timun.That tree trunk cannot be lifted if it is not with a crane.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements

nStringing material (such as string, wire, or thin stick used to thread through s.t.
that is going to be carried or bound); shoelace; string of s.t. (as bananas, fish,
etc. that are strung onto s.t.).
string to thread through s.t.; shoelaceTengkuleyan inin hinangku .This midrib of a coconut leaflet I will use as a stick (to thread something on).Piyesīn kennahin den ?How much is one string of the fish?Intag sapatusnu iyan?Where is your shoelace?ingket20.8Other, implementsOther, implements7.5Units in countingUnits in counting
vsubjectN-, mag-To string s.t., put s.t. on a string; to insert a string into a hole.string s.t.; insert a stringBanggaˈniyaˈselopen pangisihannu kennanu iyan tōhun hadja duk buwey.If you don’t have a plastic bag for putting your fish in, just string them with a piece of rattan.Sasangmagtōkennaiye tekkakun.While he was stringing fish I arrived.Tabanganku iye sapatusne.I helped him insert (the shoelaces) into his shoes.32WAYS OF TYING THINGSWAYS OF TYING THINGS


nA string or stick with items on it (as fish, fried bananas, beads).Labungtōhankenna iyan.That string has many fish on it.Pettudku kenna inin amban tōhanne.I will pull this fish from the string (it is on with many others).Tahaˈtōhanpiritu iyan.The stick with those fried bananas is long.


nA stick (for sticking food or fruit on).Ngeddoˈ kew bātakan hinangnu togsok piritu.Fetch some bamboo and make it into sticks for fried bananas.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-, mag-To pierce or prick s.t.; stick s.t. into s.t. (often a stick into fruit in order to
carry it by).
stick s.t. into s.t.Īˈpesiyemagtogsokmarang.They are still busy sticking (sticks) into the marang. (To join two in order to carry them or to have them ripen
more easily.)
Togsokne pirituhin duk tengkuleyang.He pierces the fried banana with a midrib of a coconut leaflet.Tatogsok tangankun weˈ dalum.My hand was pricked by a needle.logsok


nA walking stick.walking stick; stick for walkingPolongtungkudaˈa bahiˈin.The stick of the old man is broken.bastun20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-, mag-To use a walking stick.Bangiye lumengngan subey iye magtungkud.When he goes out he should use a walking stick.Nungkudneiyekuweˈitupeggeˈ bahiˈ ne.He is using a walking stick now because he is old.


nGoggles (used for swimming).gogglesThey are usually made of wood with two individual glasses.Toketun tuparanun bang kew maglangihan.Put your goggles on when you go swimming.sāmin (mata)20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vmagtuparaTo use or wear goggles.Banggeykumagtuparageysandal matakun pakellat dem boheˈ.If I don’t wear goggles I can’t endure opening my eyes in water.