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vsubjectN-, mag-To hold in or with hand; to touch s.t.hold in or with handNgantaniye si haren. (Antanne harenin.)He holds on to the stairs.Daˈaantanun olosku iyan.Don’t touch my skirt.Daˈakewngantanbangdumaˈinkaˈu depuˈnen.Don’t touch it if you are not its owner.sugguˈ12

ambey hold on shoulder
ambit hold on shoulder
ampit hold on lap
hilap touching (man touching a woman)
komong grip as with claws
kuwebbey 2 touch, move, take
pusal2 handle, touch
sagang hold to prevent falling
tayak hold on flat hand
timayuk support by holding


vsubjectN-, mag-To hold power, to rule.hold power; rule, toKuweˈitu munduhin ne ngantan Basilanin.Now the rebels are ruling in Basilan.bayaˈ2


nHolding of power; ruling.holding power; rulingMatuˈuhin si antanan Hapun kite bi.In the past we were under the ruling of the Japanese.bayaˈ2 (pagbayaˈan)


nRows of rice left standing during harvest (that form a connection between yet unripe
parts of the field with the middle).
rows of riceRows of rice left standing on the stalk during harvest that connect those parts of
the field that are not yet ripe with the middle, where the fertility rites were performed
during planting time. Sometimes the little “house” from that ceremony is still there.
It is taboo to cut through the row as long as there is still rice standing on either
Daˈa ubusun pinaganinun, lebbihanun si tengngaˈ duk niyaˈ antananne.Don’t finish your harvesting, leave some in the middle so that there is a connection.9.1FieldsFields


nDam or dike (between wet rice fields).Usually made of mud.dam (of rice field); dike (of rice field)Bentelapil-apilbasakan miyaˈan.The dam of that rice field is straight.8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields


nRice paddy; wet rice field.rice paddy; rice field, wetLuhapahāpbasak si Apuˈ miyaˈan.The rice paddy of Apuˈ is big.


nA collection of wet rice fields.Luhabasakan si lān tudju Limoˈokin.The rice paddies at the road toward Limook are large.tanaˈ8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields


nDry rice field (narrow or small).Often used to belittle the extent of a field, in order not to seem bragging.rice field, narrowUbus ne pinagani lupukun.I have already harvested my narrow rice field.tanaˈ8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields
vmaglupu-lupuTo make a small rice field.Īˈkumaglupu-lupulaˈi si Pipil kuweˈitu.I am making a small rice field there in Pipil now.


nDry rice field; swidden.field of rice (dry); swiddenLuhatanaˈkun.My dry rice field is big.lupubasak8.4Verbs used in connection w/ agricultureVerbs used in connection w/ agriculture8.1LandLand9.1FieldsFields
vsubjectN-, mag-To plant (or make s.t. into) a dry rice field.Magtanaˈkukahabaˈmusim.I plant a dry rice field every season.Niyaˈnenanaˈ sōng tinanaˈkun.Someone is planting a field already where I was about to plant a field.Tanaˈunne bakas maniku miyaˈan.Make a dry rice field out of where I had my peanuts.