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nFoot.footTewwaˈtunggulbettiskun.I stubbed my toe (lit.foot) on a stump.11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet
vsubjectN-, mag-To go on foot; walk.walk; go on footMettiskuhadjapeggeˈgaˈidutala.I will just walk because it is not far.Magbettiskuhadjahap, peggeˈgaˈidutala.I will just walk there because it is not far.


nWheel and tire of a vehicle.wheel (of vehicle); tire (of vehicle)Palātnebettis jīpin.The tire of the jeep is flat.18.2Parts of motor vehiclesParts of motor vehicles


nThe calf (of a leg).calf of legHadjebunga-bunganen peggeˈlemmek.His calves are big because he is fat.buwaˈ pusuˈpusuˈ11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nShin (of leg).shin of legHebbaˈku, tewwaˈkunulkun diyataˈbatu.I fell; my shin hit a stone.11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nBack of the knee.knee, back of the11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nBack of ankle (from heel to height of ankle).back of leg, heel to anklePeddiˈmintelne bakas magbetteˈin.His ankle hurt in the back after he played the kicking-game.11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nPalm of hand; inside of hand; underside of foot.palm of hand; hand, inside; foot, undersideNiyaˈ teyiˈ langewku diyataˈ pāt tangan.I have a black birthmark on the palm of my hand.Pusiyat pāt bettiskun.The underside of my foot is pale.tangan11.5Arms, hands and fingersArms, hands and fingers11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nWidth of hand (measurement).width of hand; hand, widthTennuninin ladjabnen limem pāt.This weaving is five hands wide.tapak2dangew


nThigh.thighHadjepaˈanen peggeˈlemmekiye.His thighs are big because he is fat.11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nLower leg; calf of leg.leg (lower); calf of legHadjepusuˈdende iyan.That woman has big calves.bunga-bunga11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet

buwaˈ pusuˈ

nCalf of the leg.

pusuˈ uyat

nFlower (blossom) of the banana.flower of banana; banana, blossom ofPusuˈ sinayulkun.I cook the flower (of the banana) as a vegetable.uyat1.14Parts of plants or fruitParts of plants or fruit


nGroin.groinKinateltēsseknen.He has itchy sores in his groin.11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nHeel.heel, aTewwaˈtunggultikedkun peggeˈgaˈku magsinelas.My heel hit a stump because I was not wearing sandals.11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nKnee.kneeBangiye ningkoloˈ patenggene tuˈutnen.When she sits down she brings her knee up to her chin (lit. stands her knee up).11.6Legs and feetLegs and feet


nA joint (in the body).joint in bodyMagsalaˈulaˈan bettisnen peggeˈ hebbaˈ iye.The joint of his foot (his ankle) is sprained because he fell.Peddiˈkēmonulaˈannen.All his joints are aching.11.1External body partsExternal body parts

ulaˈan bettis