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adjGood; good (about one’s situation); to be well off.good (about situation)Gāmpekew nuhut aku.It is good if you come with me.Gāmdukaˈu, hāpne lessanu.It is good for you; you feel well now.Gāmduiye, ekka semmekne.He is well-off; he has many clothes.hāp
adjgām-gāmTo be better (of any situation, but not really good or well yet).better but not yet well or goodBakas saki iye, gām-gām ne kuweˈitu.He was sick; he is better (fairly well) now.
adjpagām-gāmTo get better (of sickness only).Pagām-gāmne sakinen, sōng koleˈ ne iye.His sickness is getting better; he will soon be well.koleˈ1
v. statkagām-gāmanTo be better off (of living situation).Bakas iye kasigpitan, kuweˈitu kagām-gāman peggeˈ niyaˈ ne sīnne.He was in difficulties; now he is better off because now he has money.
nKerosene.keroseneBanggaˈniyaˈgās peyitaˈanin gaˈi kayat.If there is no kerosene in the lamp it will not burn.gasulgasulina5.6Soil, stone, fireSoil, stone, fire18.4Other, types of conveyancesOther, types of conveyances
nBamboo xylophone.xylophone, bambooA musical instrument with (for Yakan) five bamboo keys. Also called a kulintangan bettung.Hāphellinggabbangin bangtaˈu manitik iyehin. Magsabut teˈed.The sound of a bamboo xylophone is nice if the one playing it knows how to. The sounds of the keys really match.kulintangan kayuagung
vsubjectmag-To play the bamboo xylophone.Bang si Totoˈ maggabbang sinna aˈahin pakale.When Totoˈ plays the bamboo xylophone the people like to listen.
adjRotten (of wood).It can already be taken apart by hand.rotten (of wood)Bābag miyaˈan gabuk ne, subey ne ginantiˈan.That floor beam is already rotten; it should be replaced.gapuˈ1.12Adjectives used in connection w/ plantsAdjectives used in connection w/ plants
nCloud, rain cloud; mist.cloud; mistThey may be white or dark and bringing rain.Gaˈi takite ariplanuhin peggeˈ subuk gabunin.The airplane can’t be seen because the clouds are thick.inalaktayiˈ baliyu5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein
adjGreen.greenBangbeytupangulangaddungkēmon meˈ matomoˈin.During rainy season everything growing is green.25.1ColorsColors
gadja mina
nA creature in the sea. Possibly a sea lion or a mythical creature.It is said to be the source of ivory garing. Some believe it can fly. It is said to be a huge creature. It reportedly vomits up some substance that is sweet smelling. (But people wrinkled their noses when talking about it as if it was a bad smell.) One can grow that substance in a mixture of tea and sugar. It reportedly causes alataˈ manaˈik si kite ‘wealth to come to us’.4.6Other sea creaturesOther sea creatures
nWages; salary.wages; salaryPiyegadjinun pagtarabahunu si opisinahin?How much are your wages for your work in the office?suweldotangdan
nFurrow.furrowLuhagadlisnen bangbatadtinanem. Hiretgadlisnen bangmaniatawapaleytinanem.The furrows are wide when maize is planted. The furrows are close together when rice or peanuts are planted.lumbey8.1LandLand
vsubjectN-, mag-ngang-object-anTo force s.o. (to do s.t.); to take s.t. by force.force s.o.; rape, toGagahanlella miyaˈan ku duk ku nuhut iye.That man forced me so that I went with him.Bangkew māku daˈa kew nganggaga.If you ask for something don’t take it by force.puwersaw
vsubjectmag-To worry about s.t.; to care about s.t.worry, to; care aboutGagalku si meˈ salikun, kaw gaˈ niyaˈ kinakande.I am worried about my younger siblings; perhaps they have nothing to eat.Daˈanekewmaggagal sabab kami. Bakas mangan ne du kami andang.Don’t worry about us. We have already eaten.
vsubjectN-ngang-To worry s.o.Bangniyaˈ hinangnu daˈa kew nganggagal saweˈnu.If you have work to do don’t worry your companion about it.hidjabsuse
nA bamboo spatula.It is used for turning rice cakes while cooking them in oil.spatula, bambooHinanganun kite gagawi pagbīngte panyām.Make us a spatula for turning the rice cakes.kuha20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items
nRust; corrosion.rust; corrosionSubuknegahaˈ mital inin.The rust on this can is already thick.5.6Soil, stone, fireSoil, stone, fire
adjginahaˈRusty, for s.t. to be rusty.Ginahaˈ bessihin bang luwal basseˈ boheˈ.The knife will get rusty if it is always wet.nawasaˈbaluba
vsubjectN-, mag-ngang-object-anTo cut weeds (in order to prevent a fire from spreading).cut weeds as fire preventionA strip of land about 1.5 m wide is cleared before a field is burned. Also the weeds around any trees one wants to protect are cleared.Tabanganun ku nganggahit.Help me to cut weeds.Gahitande tanaˈden maki siye ngeggas.They cut (the weeds in) their field; then they burn it.labas29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING
nA jar (with a lid).Usually made of glass or if made out of plastic it is called a gahrapun palastik.jar with lidGaharapunin hāppangisihan meˈ kendi-kendi bang magtinda.A jar is good for putting candy in when one has a store.kassaˈ20.4Measuring devicesMeasuring devices
negNo; not; none.It negates existential clauses, completed action clauses, and expressions with ‘not yet’ gaˈ pe. If it occurs in isolation the vowel is lengthened.no; not; noneGaˈniyaˈ buwas? Gāˈ.Is there no rice? No (or none).Gaˈpe palabey eriplenuhin.The airplane has not yet come by.Gaˈku kabelli delos peggeˈ gaˈ niyaˈ sīnku.I was not able to buy a watch because I had no money.Gaˈpeiye tekka? Gaˈ.Has he not come yet? No.gaˈidumaˈin
nThe one who has not or did not.The stress is on the last syllable. (Some people also use manggāˈ instead of bang gaˈ ‘if not’. See manggāˈ|d3.)Meˈ aˈa manggaˈ niyaˈ sīnnen, kaˈaseˈ-aseˈ teˈed.The people who have no money are really to be pitied.Makaˈaseˈ-aseˈteˈed meˈ aˈa manggāˈin.The people who don’t have (anything) are really pitiful.Si Dende manggāˈ manginduk boheˈin.Dende is the one who did not draw water.
nNothing, as if nothing...It always occurs together with kuweˈ ‘as if’ followed by si ‘to’.nothingBangniyaˈpangandaˈakaniyekuweˈdumanggāˈ si iye.If someone tells him something it is like nothing to him.Kuweˈmanggāˈniyaˈkulang si iye, bu ine kew? Dumaˈin! Kasigpitan iye.It is as if she is lacking nothing, and what do you know? It is not so! She is in great need.Kuweˈmanggāˈniyaˈgoyak si kappal mahadjehin.Waves are like nothing to a big boat. (lit. As if none there is wave to boat the big one.)
conjIf (there is) none...Manggāˈniyaˈ sīnbi nambi dahuˈ kaˈam si meˈ aˈa maniyaˈ sīnnen. (Bang gaˈ niyaˈ...)If you have no money borrow some first from those who have money.Manggāˈniyaˈ si iye niyaˈ si aku. (Bang gaˈ niyaˈ si iye niyaˈ si aku.)If he does not have it, I have it.
vTo act unconcerned, act as if nothing mattered.unconcerned, act; act unconcernedIt always occurs with kuweˈ.Hap Isabela kite duwangan bu dembuwaˈin kuweˈ manggāˈ-gāˈ hadja bisan du magdaliˈ-daliˈ ilengnganin.The two of us are going to Isabela but the one acts as if nothing matters even though there is reason to go fast.Bangniyaˈ hinangne, ningkoloˈ-ningkoloˈ hadja iye kuweˈ manggāˈ-gāˈ.When she has work, she just sits there acting as if nothing matters.Bisanduniyaˈ magbonoˈ si bihingne kuweˈ iye manggāˈ-gāˈ.Even if there is fighting right next to him he is unconcerned.haman-haman
neg.No; not.Negative particle in adjectival expressions and verbal incomplete action clauses. Also used in expressions like ‘no longer’ gaˈi ne.not; noGaˈi tahinangku.I am not able to do it.Gaˈikusinna si iyan.I am not happy with that. (I do not like that.)Gaˈikubahani.I am not bold.Mangankew inin! Gaˈi ku.Eat this! No! (I won’t or I will not.)Gaˈineiyetuˈu.He is no longer here.
manggaˈi, manggey
nThe one who doesn’t (do s.t.).one who doesn’t do s.t.The verb following is nominalized with maN-#-hin.Sinemanggey manuhutin?Who is the one who isn’t coming along?Si Dende manggaˈi manginduk boheˈin.Dende is the one who doesn’t draw water.Meˈ aˈa manggaˈi mamanganin sudda matey.People who don’t eat will eventually die.
manggaˈi, bang gaˈi
conjIf not... (used with verbs).Some speakers make the morphophonemic change to manggaˈi here.Manggaˈi (Bang gaˈi) kew nuhut kuweˈitu paturul saˈ kew.If you don’t come along now, follow later.gaˈdaˈadumaˈin
adjStirred up (and muddy, of water).Bangkew nginduk boheˈ kamayaˈ-mayaˈun duk gaˈi gaˈul.Be careful when you draw water so that it won’t be stirred up (and muddy).
vsubjectN-, mag-ngang-To stir up water.stir up waterDaˈagaˈulun boheˈin.Don’t stir up the water.Niyaˈnganggaˈul boheˈin.Somebody stirred up the water.kutaˈul
nPerson in charge (of a family); male relatives on paternal side.A person’s father, grandparents on father’s side or male relatives on father’s side. If a problem arises in a family concerning the children and the father has died already, the grandfather (or grandmother) on the father’s side will be called on to give advice. If both have died or the grandmother is not able to handle the problem, the male relatives on father’s side will step in. Any of these are called galabat.It occurs also with the prefix mag- in a nominal construction. The meaning then is: ‘the one who acts as head of the family’.relative on paternal side, maleSinegalabatin?Who is the one in charge?Niyaˈdende inanda bu gey bayaˈ maggalabatin, hātinen samanen.There is a girl who is being proposed to but her own galabat doesn’t want to, that means her father.walisusba16.1Types of relationshipsTypes of relationships
nPulse.pulseBang aˈahin matey gaˈ niyaˈ galakne.If a person is dead he doesn’t have a pulse.12.1Various sicknesses and general medical termsVarious sicknesses and general medical terms
nA garden, vegetable bed.It is a plot of land that is planted with vegetables. The dirt is usually piled up to form a ridge.garden; vegetable bedkew ngeddoˈ sayul si galden.Go and get some vegetables from the garden.likuslame8.1LandLand
nA crack (in glass, pottery, or wood).It may be leaking or not yet.crack (in glass etc.)Hadjenegaliˈsawaninin.The crack in this glass is already big.
adjCracked.crackedTiyaˈne pingganin galiˈan, talebbaku ensiniˈ.Now the bowl is cracked; I happened to drop it earlier.pessaˈbuwekkaˈ
vsubjectN-, mag-ngang-To spin (cotton).spin cottonMetuˈuhin subey aˈahin maggaling.In olden times people had to spin.23.6Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressingVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressing
nBracelet.braceletHāpgallangin pagdende-dende.A bracelet is nice for dressing up.23.2JewelryJewelry
gallangtāgheavy gold chain, expensive
gallangbukubātakanlike bamboo joints
gallangminutsaˈanvarious kinds of stones
gallangjinakitall gold coins
gallangsinoploˈblack coral wound with gold
gallangsulabayall pearls
gallangsulewcut out of one shell
lantey-lanteysafety chain on bracelet