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ibātibātan, kuweˈ ibāt(an)ibārat
adv(It is) as if...; s.t. appears to be like...; s.t. seems to...appears to be like; seems to be like; like, s.t. isOften ibāt is combined with kuweˈ though either one would convey the full meaning.Aˈa miyaˈan bissāhannen kuweˈ ibātan gaˈi tantu kapangandelan.The words of that person seem not to be very trustworthy.Sakinen ibāt sakinun.His sickness appears to be like your sickness.Daya aˈahin ibātan tahik, ubus tebba ubus solon.The wealth of people is like the sea, it ebbs and flows. (It has low and high tides.)(kuweˈ) bantukdalil
nKamias (a sour, green fruit).Averrhoa bilimbikamiasIt is about 4 cm long. Used in cooking to give things a bit of a sour flavor.1.1.2Trees, fruitTrees, fruit
conjAnd.andDayahansiye. Niyaˈ meˈ lumaˈde hāp iban tege awtu siye.They are rich. They have nice houses and they have a car.duk1
ptlThere is; to have s.t. or s.o.; it exists.there is; have s.t.Gaˈkew melli kenna? Gaˈ, iban kennaku du laˈi si lumaˈ.Aren’t you buying fish? No, I have (there is) fish there at the house.Bang lumengngan aˈa dayahanin iban guwaldiyane nuhut-nuhut.If rich people go out they have a guard accompanying them.niyaˈ
nMouse. A small rodent.fam. Muridae or Cricetidae (mouse)gen. Apodemus or microtus (field mouse)mouseThey normally live outside but come into the house too.Basagibas-ibasin mangankātasdemaparadul.The mouse ate lots of paper in the cupboard.mellek2.1.2Rodents and batsRodents and bats
adjTo be eager for s.t.; to be desirous for s.t.eager for s.t.; desirous for s.t.Nuhut ku lumengngan, īˈ ku isab ibeg, iyuˈ du ekka saweˈ.I am coming along; I am eager to, for there are many companions.Arakkuibeg si dende miyaˈan, kannalku weˈ hāp addatnen.I was almost desirous for that girl; I thought (mistakenly) that she had good customs.Bangkew ngite meˈ saweˈnu maginuman daˈa kew ibeg.If you see your companions drinking don’t be eager (to join them).bayaˈ12sinna
nDesire; eagerness.Inekaˈibegannun hangkan kewluwal nuhut siye?What is your desire that you always go along with them?
nIguana (a large lizard, edible).fam. Iguanidaeiguana; lizard, largeThe eggs are elongated and have a soft shell; they are good to eat. The ibid lays eggs near water in the ground. The iguana’s color is greenish-brown with a yellowish pattern. Both male and female have a serrated ridge on the back. They live along rivers on trees and feed on fruit.2.2Amphibians and lizardsAmphibians and lizards
numThousand.thousandDuwe ngibu.Two thousand.hatuspūˈ27.2Cardinal numbersCardinal numbers
nibuhan, ibu-ibuhanThousands.Ibuhanaˈa si pagkawinanin.There were thousands of people at the wedding.Ibu-ibuhankenna taˈeddoˈden kahabaˈ ellew.Every day they catch thousands of fish.
nA heap (of unthreshed rice).heap of unthreshed rice; rice, heap of unthreshedGaˈipe diniˈikan ibudku inin.This heap shall not be threshed yet.Hadjeibudkun demtanaˈ.My heap (of rice) in the field is big.9.2Parts of the plantParts of the plant
nThe whereabouts (of people or things).whereabouts (of people or things)Niyaˈbāng-bāng bettadku tuˈu, gaˈ ne kataˈuhanku bang tungan ibudnen.I placed a cookie here; I don’t know its whereabouts now.Bangku iyan tapasambiˈannu sīn gey ne kataˈuhannu bang tungan ibudkun.If you would lend me money, you would no longer know my whereabouts.(pa)laˈi(han)
nA set time frame; a set date for s.t.time, set; date, set for s.t.It is decided by one party only.Gaˈniyaˈiddanepitubalik.He has no set time for coming back.Taˈabutneidda si iyehin.His set date has been reached (meaning he died).
vsubjectmag- (recip.)object-anTo set a time frame; set a date; allow a specified time.Bagaykun nginum tambal duk gaˈi anakan; iniddahan weˈ ne duwen tahun.My friend drank medicine so that she would not give birth; she set the time for two years.Niyaˈ sinsimne sandaˈanku. Magidda kami taman tellum bahangi. Bang gey talekkatne leleb.I have pawned a ring for her. We set a time frame of up to three days. If she cannot redeem it, it is lost to her.keddew5.1World and timeWorld and time
nEgg yolk.egg yolkSinna mākanakin mangan igad pugad.The children like to eat the yolk of an egg.21.4Things used in cookingThings used in cooking
vsubjectN-, mag- (pl.)To growl (of dogs); roar (of animals).growl, to; roar, toNgigel asuhin batang ngekkeb.The dog growls; he wants to bite.28SOUNDSSOUNDS
nFig (the tree and fruit).fig, tree and fruitFicus carica1.1.2Trees, fruitTrees, fruit
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo rub one thing on another (for relief of itching, to wipe off dirt etc.).rub one thing against anotherBangkatelmanamal tangannun ignasun tangannun duk tengitang batad (ignasanun tangannun diyataˈ lamisahan).If your hand itches a lot, rub your hand with a corncob (rub your hand on the table).Kābewin ngignasan bukutnen diyataˈ olom.The carabao rubs his back on the post.Asu iyan luwal ngignas diyataˈ pusuˈku.That dog always rubs against my calf.giggis
adjIgnorant; uneducated.ignorant; uneducatedAˈa iyan ignorante teˈed dem puweblo, lepas iye.That person is really ignorant (when) in the city; he gets lost.Meˈ aˈa Basilanin ekka ignorante, gaˈi taˈu matsa.Many people on Basilan are uneducated; they cannot read.awam
adjSmall waisted.waist, smallNiyaˈ sanam (lepitut) igut baranden.There are insects (lepitut) that have small waisted bodies.Igutiyemanamal.She is very small waisted.
Aˈa miyaˈan kuweˈ betteng lepitut.That person has a waist (lit. stomach) like a lepitut.igutan
nWaist.Dende iyan hāp iye magbadjuˈ lapiˈ, niyaˈ igutanne.That girl looks nice wearing a tight black blouse; she has a waist.hawakan11.1External body partsExternal body parts
adjTo be willing, wholehearted, ungrudging.willing; give wholeheartedly; wholehearted; ungrudgingBanggeyihlasdem ateyten, paˈinte, ‘weˈey ella tapangurungte.’ Magsusun ne.If we are not ungrudging in the heart, we will say, ‘why on earth did I give it?’ One regrets it.kanaˈallasuhudsukka
vTo give s.t. wholeheartedly, cheerfully, willingly.Pangurungku inin si kaˈu, asal islasku si kaˈu dunya ahilat.I give this to you; I really give wholeheartedly to you now and forever (lit. world and hereafter).Badjuˈininihlasku si kaˈu.I give this blouse to you wholeheartedly.urung114.15Verbs used in connection w/ religion in generalVerbs used in connection w/ religion in general
nA state of purity (required during the pilgrimage to Mecca). The white garment worn by men during the pilgrimage.The garment consists of two unsewn wrappers. One is worn over one shoulder leaving the right arm and shoulder exposed. It is knotted at the right side. The other is wrapped around the loins from the waist to the knees and knotted in the middle. Women wear their habitual garments, but they should be simple without adornment.14.5Religion generalReligion general
vsubjectN-, mag-To eat (or drink) a thick soup.soup, thick and sweet; drink a thick soupIt is either a sweet or savory thick soup. It consists of at least rice and water (preferably coconut milk). It can also contain camote, millet and/or small green beans, soft maize kernels. Some variety of this is always served to helpers at the time of planting rice.Deˈnekaˈammagihupnekite bi.Come here, we will now drink the soup.Ubus ne ihupne inihupin.She already ate the soup.
ninihupA thick soup (as described above).Deˈkaˈam maghinang ne kite inihup.Come here; we will make now the soup.sindulmistangulad
vsubjectmag-To cook a soup.Cook with a lot of water, more water than other ingredients.Maginihupkuninaˈ.I will cook a soup tonight.21.6Cooking termsCooking terms
nAn abscess or large boil.boils, large; abscessLarge boils or abscesses develop in the glands, under the arm, in the back of the knee or on the side of the neck. The boils tend to make clusters and take a long time to heal. The growing part of a certain tree can be burnt and the ashes sprinkled on it as a medicine.Inikat-ikatdende miyaˈan diyataˈ susune.That woman has an abscess on her breast.12.1Various sicknesses and general medical termsVarious sicknesses and general medical terms12.2SkinSkin
nBlack or reddish marks (on body); birthmarks (on skin).birthmark
adjEclipse (of sun or moon).eclipse of sun or moonIlahuˈ bulanin dibuhiˈ.There was an eclipse of the moon last night.Minteddeduku ngite ellew ilahuˈ.I have seen an eclipse of the sun only once.5.2Sky and things thereinSky and things therein
nBluefish, chubs, rudderfish.fam. Kyphosidae4.1FishFish
nIlanun (Iranon) people.An ethnic group living between the Maguindanao and Maranao.Magdagang pemulawan meˈ Ilanunin.The Ilanun trade in jewelry.14.2Men, titles, etc., occupationsMen, titles, etc., occupations