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affVerbal affix signifying agreement between verb and subject in single-argument or antipassive clauses.For detailed information on this affix see Introduction section 4.Bakas ngeddek ne iye.He has already planted.Mellikennaku.I am buying fish.
affPerformative aspect.Bangdumaˈinimamgaˈitaˈunganduwaˈa.If someone is not an imam he does not know how to perform a prayer ceremony.mag-
ptlWell; now; ah (sometimes like: come on; come to a decision!).Sentence introducer; filling particle; hesitation particle.well; now; ahBangniyaˈaˈatekka paˈinte: na, kaˈu hatiˈ.If somebody comes we say: well, it is you, surprise.Na, pihun ne koˈ, missā kew isab.Come on, go ahead, say also something.Na, haplumaˈnekami.Well, we are going home now.manjari3bahasa5ubus2
ā na
intjBother! Shucks! Exclamation of dismay.excl. of dismay; dismay, excl.Ā na, gaˈ tasaˈutku lansahin!Bother, I didn’t catch the boat.Āna, gaˈ taˈessebku pitakakun!Shucks, I forgot my purse!aba-abaalla bēā
nNaval boat.naval boatEkkasundaludiyataˈnabal.There are many soldiers on the naval boat.kappallansa6.1Types of boats and shipsTypes of boats and ships
nA dragon.dragonNiyaˈ koˈ paluwas ebbut amban dem behe naga.Fire reportedly comes out of the mouth of a dragon.2.7Other creaturesOther creatures14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
nBad luck, mishap, adversity.It is always something that affects one’s body in a really bad way.calamity; mishap; adversity; unlucky; luck, badLumengngan ne kew, gaˈ niyaˈ nahasnu kuweˈitu.You can go now, you will have no bad luck now.(um)antag2 2
vmagnahasTo have bad luck, have a calamity.Arakkumagnahasensiniˈ, keyiparagaˈku katuhut jīp mabaliskatin.I almost had bad luck earlier; fortunately I did not go on the jeep that overturned.
adjUnlucky.Nahasellewinin.This day is unlucky.Kataˈuhanbang lisag piye nahas ellew miyaˈan.It is known which hour is unlucky on that day.14.14‘Things’ that come to people (luck, disaster, etc.)‘Things’ that come to people (luck, disaster, etc.)
adjSmall.smallFor inherently small items (such as grains or thread) only nahut may be used but not dikiˈ. For big items (such as fish or house) either word may be used to describe its smallness.Nahut sulatankun.My writing is small.Nahutpekukamatey papuˈkun.I was still small when my grandmother died.dikiˈaslag
adjBig and small mixed together (such as grains).Magnahut-aslagasininin.This salt has big and small (grains) mixed together.
vsubjectmag-To pledge, vow or promise to do s.t. (on the condition that some stipulation has been fulfilled).promise s.t., to; pledge s.t.; vow s.t.Niyaˈnajalkubangkew tinammat.I promise you something if you graduate.Geykumagnajalbanggey tumananku.I do not promise if I cannot fulfill it.Bangniyaˈnajalte bugaˈi tumanante gey kuhi.It is taboo if we pledge something but don’t fulfill it.sangguptunggaˈ
nChild.childKag-kag nakanak iyan.That child is skinny.anakmākanak16.1Types of relationshipsTypes of relationships
nA leader.leaderKumandelin nakuraˈ meˈ munduhin.The commander is the leader of the outlaws.tuhut (panuhutan 1)panduˈmalim16.1Types of relationshipsTypes of relationships
vmagnakuraˈTo be a leader.Ekka mabayaˈ magnakuraˈ laˈi si Badjaˈ.Many want to be leader there in Badjaˈ.
locRight here.here; right hereTulikunaˈan si bangkuˈnu inin.I will sleep right here on your bed.tuˈu
vpanaˈanTo put s.t. right here.Panaˈanne motolnen si behe gawangku.He put his motorcycle right here at my door.Panaˈanunne binoˈonu iyan.Put what you brought right here.
npanaˈananPresence of s.o.presence of s.o.Geyiyebahani magdupang-dupang bang si panaˈananku.He does not dare to act foolishly when he is in my presence.Daˈakaˈam magsasaˈ bang si panaˈanan sundalu.Don’t quarrel when you are in the presence of soldiers.
naˈut-naˈutsaˈut 2
vTo take the opportunity to do s.t.opportunity, to take theNaˈut-naˈutku maghinang pād-pād niyaˈ ngipat nakanakin.I will take the opportunity to work as long as someone is watching the child.
vTo walk about.walk aboutDaˈakaˈamluwalnalataybangsangem.Don’t always walk about when it is evening.Daˈakewnalatayluˈu si iyan kaw tadiˈiknu meˈ beyuˈan iyan.Don’t walk about there lest you step on those things.l(um)engngan31WAYS OF WALKINGWAYS OF WALKING
nalusnawustalus 2
advImmediately; right away; directly.
adv(Wanting) more of s.t.more (of s.t.)
namba2nambahi, nambahine
advTo a greater or higher degree; more; still; even.more; still (adv); even; degree, to a greaterThe form namba is always followed by ne.Nambanekewpanasbangkewpatapit si bihing ebbut. (nambahi ne kew panas...)You will be hotter (lit. more hot) if you go closer to the fire.Nambahi (namba ne) ngeˈekka aˈahin bang kohap.There will be even more people in the afternoon.Bangniyaˈsukang sakiten bu kakante sukangnen nambahi (namba ne) pesōng sakiten.If something is adverse to our sickness and we eat it, our sickness will get even worse.Bang nakanakin nāring bu lubakte pe nambahine ne nāring.If a child cries and we still hit him, he will cry more.pasōng1
prepIn direction of; towards; to the ... of s.t.
nPus.pusPesselanun keybubutnu iyan, ambat paguwaˈ nanaˈnen.Squeeze that boil of yours; let the pus come out.sagu12.2SkinSkin
vmagnanaˈTo develop pus (of an inflamed wound or boil).Magnanaˈne keybubutin.The boil is developing pus.
nTaste, flavor.Bang kite saki gaˈ niyaˈ nanam kinakanin.If we are sick the food has no taste.
vsubjectka-objectta-To feel or experience s.t.feel s.t.; experience s.t.Often used as a threat of punishment.Bangkewgaˈitakoleˈ-koleˈkananamnekewisab iyan.If you will not obey you will feel (it).Daˈakew magdupang-dupang duk kew gaˈi kananam.Don’t do bad things so that you won’t feel (it).Peggeˈ bahiˈ ne ku tananamku ne mahāp-malaˈatin.Because I am old already I have experienced good and bad.lessa
nJackfruit.jackfruitArtocarpus heterophyllusNiyaˈ poˈon nangkaˈ si lameku.I have a jackfruit tree in my yard.Mamisnangkaˈ iyan bang tahak.That jackfruit is sweet when it is ripe.
nangkaˈ tignes
nJackfruit (a firm variety).The seeds are firmly attached to the middle section.Mamisnangkaˈ tignes miyaˈan.That tignes-jackfruit is sweet.
nangkaˈ loyaˈ
nSpecies of jackfruit.It is soft like marang.tibaballoyaˈtignes1.1.2Trees, fruitTrees, fruit
nBreath.breath; breathe, toBewwannapasnen.His breath smells bad.11.10FunctionsFunctions
vmagnapasTo breathe, take a breath.Bangmateyne aˈahin gey ne magnapas.When a person has died he no longer breathes.Magnapas pinahadje iye.He took a deep breath#/#he breathed deeply.
tahaˈ napasnen
adjTo be hard working (lit. his breath is long).Aˈa iyan ekka kinakanne peggeˈ tahaˈ napasnen.That person has much food because she is hardworking.pages1
pandak napasnen
adjTo be lazy (lit. his breath is short).Aˈa iyan pandak napasnen hangkan hep luwal kasigpitan.That person is lazy; that’s why he is always in difficulties.
bekkat napasnen
adjTo be dead (lit. his breath broke).Aˈa tinimbak miyaˈan tiggel behu bekkat napasnen.That person who was shot took a long time before he died.
nDesire, greed; craving.desire; greed; craveGaˈniyaˈnapsukumangansapiˈ.I have no desire to eat beef.
vsubjectmag-objectpag-#-anTo desire s.t.; crave s.t.; be greedy for s.t.Magnapsuiye si panyap saweˈne.He craves the belongings of his companion.Daˈapagnapsuhanunpanyap saweˈnun.Don’t be greedy for the belongings of your companion.
adjnapsuhanTo be greedy.greedyAˈa iyan napsuhan si sīn.That person is greedy for money.
nHell.hellBangkewmateybuekka dusenu, pinapī kew dem narkaˈ.If you die and have many sins, you will be put in hell.jahannamsulgaˈ14.4Places and buildingsPlaces and buildings
nA nurse, a paramedic.nurse; paramedicAny person working in a hospital or doctor’s office who is qualified to administer medication and injections.Nars miyaˈan manugsuk akuhin.That nurse gave me the injection.14.2Men, titles, etc., occupationsMen, titles, etc., occupations
nA certain kind of chant during a prayer ceremony.It is a chant similar to mawulud but not from the book Mawulud. It is normally done only at important ceremonies.chant at prayer ceremonyAˈa iyan tahaˈ nasibnen.That person has a long chant.Gaˈikutaˈu magluguˈ nasib.I don’t know how to sing the tune of the chant.
vmagnasibTo respond with the above chant.Bang nganduwaˈa imamin magnasib isab meˈ bilalin.When the imam performs a prayer ceremony the helpers also respond with a chant.kalang214.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship

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