abl. abilitative
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
aff. affix
ant. antonym
approx. approximately
Ar. Arabic
arch. archaic
C. consonant
cf. compare with
Chav. Chavacano
circ. circumstantial
comp. comparative / competitive
conj conjunction
dem. demonstrative
der. derogatory
derv. derivational
e.g.. for example
Eng. English
esp. especially
etc. et cetera
euph. euphemism
excl. exclamation / exclamatory
fam. family
gen. genus
i.e.. that is
indef. pron. indefinite pronoun
intg. interrogative
intj. interjection
lit. literally
loc. location
n. noun
neg. negative
num. number
O. object
opt. optional
pl. plural
prep. preposition
pron. pronoun
prop. n. proper noun
ptl. particle
recip. reciprocal
redup. reduplicated
reflex. reflexive
repet. repetitive
S. subject
sg. singular
s.o.. someone
sp. one particular species
Sp. Spanish
spp. species
s.t. something
Tag. Tagalog
temp. temporal
V. vowel
v. stat. stative verb
v. variant