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vsubjectN-, mag-To ask forgiveness for s.t.; say the confession of faith; utter an Arabic phrase (as
an expression of dismay).
forgiveness, to ask; confession of faith, to sayexclaim in dismayTawubat is in most cases understood as the pronouncing of certain Arabic phrases during a
prayer ceremony. People at the point of death are also urged to pronounce them. In
order to clear one’s mind of bad feelings one may say parts of those phrases. Often
if something goes wrong, breaks or at bad news people say: astag! or: astag pirulla!
Magsusunku duk magtawubat weˈ duseku miyaˈan.I regret and ask forgiveness because of my sins.Bangniyaˈ pangamāhannu newubat kew duk tahalaˈ amānun.If someone has made you angry say the statement of faith so that your anger will leave.Tepenewubatku peg tekka ku ubus ne kakan mellek badjuˈkun. (Paˈinku: astag pirulla.)I happened to exclaim when I arrived and a rat had eaten my blouse. (I said: astag pirulla.)panyabut14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship

duwaˈa tawubatPrayer ceremony for asking forgiveness.Magduwaˈa ku duwaˈa tewubat.I will have a prayer ceremony for asking forgiveness (when having done something wrong and promising not to do it again).


vsubjectN-, mag-To cense s.t.; to place s.t. into the smoke of incense or other substances.Incense or leaves of certain trees are burnt and the smoke is believed to be beneficial.
It is said to cure certain sicknesses or to increase the effectiveness of charms.
For example a woman with red spots breaking out all over her face, her eyelids and
ears swelling was believed to be having an allergic reaction to the balunu fruit. So leaves of the balunu tree were burnt and she had to place her face into the smoke. Sometimes smoke like
that is passed around the body of a person in order to cure some sickness.
cense, to; incense, to wave overTemmugne habaynen duk kamanyan.He places his invulnerability-charm into the smoke of incense.Magtemmugkew duk dawen bewunuˈ duk kewuliˈan sakinun.Place (yourself) into the smoke of balunu leaves so that your sickness will be healed.Pitu tabibin nemmug aˈa masaki iyan.The healer comes and censes that sick person.14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship
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