vsubjectN-, mag-To remove s.t. (that is firmly fixed in its place).remove s.t. firmly fixed; come off (like skin)Niyaˈaˈa daˈakku pitu maglekkup dinding.I told a person to come and remove the wall.Nabang kew ngalekkup lansang.Help to remove the nail.Lekkupunne meˈ pattaˈ diyataˈ dinding iyan.Remove the pictures from that wall.abatlakbutān
vN-, pa-To come off, peel (like skin, paint).Lekkup (palekkup) ne kuwit kayu miyaˈan peggeˈ lanes ne poˈonnen.The bark of that tree is coming off because the trunk is withered.Ngalekkup kuwitnen peggeˈ eggas weˈ ellew.His skin is peeling because it was burned by the sun.Lekkupkukku bettiskun sumampuk diyataˈ batu.My toenail came off when I stubbed it on a stone.lagsiˈ