nA patch on s.t.patch; mend (by patching)Ekkanetopak sawalku inin.These pants of mine have already many patches.laˈit23.4Parts of clothingParts of clothing
vsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo patch s.t., put patches on s.t. (to mend a hole or tear by placing s.t. on it).Topakanun badjuˈnu iyan, iyuˈ garet.Patch your blouse; it is torn.Taˈuiyemagtopakkaldero.He knows how to patch pots.Iyuˈ aˈa iyan gey nopak, iyuˈ hadja magbadjuˈ bisan garet.That person does not patch (her clothes); she just wears her blouse even though it is torn.sulsi