vsubjectmag- (recip.)objectta-most frequent formTo reach s.t. (an object or a location).reach s.t.Magabutkamilaˈi si Lamitan.We reached (each other) there in Lamitan (i.e. we met there in Lamitan).Gaˈtaˈabutkulansa salungin.I did not reach the ferry in the morning.Abutku Lamitan ensiniˈ.I reached Lamitan earlier.Taˈabutnenegahrapun bāng-bāngin.He can reach the cookie jar already.sugguˈ12saˈuttekkad
vsubjectpa-, -um-For s.t. to reach a certain point (spatial); extend to; come; go.come; go; reach a destinationPaˈabutkuharappitu duk kite magkesuwaˈ.I came here so that we would meet.Gaˈpeumabut boheˈin si lumaˈ kami.The water (pipe) has not yet reached up to our house.


vtaˈabutTo reach a point in time or a stage of development.reach a point in time; reach stage of developmentPagtaˈabutku ngiskul kulang sīnku.When I reached (the age) to go to school I didn’t have enough money.Paˈin aˈahin: hap lumaˈ ku simana dembuwaˈin. Pag taˈabut ne simana dembuwaˈin hap lumaˈ ne iye.The person said: I will go home next week. When the following week had been reached he went home.


vumabutTo be enough for s.t., suffice.enough for s.t.; sufficeSemmek inin gaˈi umabut hinang sawal.This cloth isn’t enough for making trousers.sarang1