nFuture.future‘In the future’ occurs always with si.Magsusunkew si ahil bang gaˈi kew magiskul.You will regret it in the future if you don’t go to school.Bangkaˈamluwal magulahan ahilnen magsasaˈ.If you always joke in the end you will fight each other.(pa)sōng2(an)suddaujud5.1World and timeWorld and time


advEventually, ultimately; finally; in the end.eventually; ultimately; finallyThe concept refers to a state that can be predicted to occur in the future. Or if
used with a negative it refers to a state that has receded from what it used to be.
Bang kite magtanem jambangan ubus gey tantu nulig paˈinte, tiyaˈ jambangan ituˈ ahil (ahil-ahil) palellek, gaˈ niyaˈ pasōnganne.If we plant plants and they don’t grow well we say, this plant will eventually recede, it doesn’t advance.Weˈeykew iyan ahil gaˈi taˈu magbella?Eventually you will no longer know how to cook! (lit. Why do you not know in the end how to cook?)Iyuˈ mangga iyan ahil gaˈi buwaˈ.That mango tree ultimately will not bear fruit.ujudsudda

Addat aˈa miyaˈan gaˈi magawwal-magahil.The customs of that person never change.