nAnger.The outward manifestation of the inward feeling of anger astel.Ubus amānen si aku.His anger towards me has stopped.
v. statmagamā, ngamāTo be or become angry.Sakakun mura ngamā.My older sibling easily gets angry.Daˈakewpatapit si aˈa iyan, ngamā iye.Don’t get close to that person, he is angry.putal
vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo scold s.o.anger; angry; scold s.o.Amāhanneku.He scolds me.Ganaˈ ngamāhan iye bisan iye dupang.Nobody scolds him even when he is bad.Aˈa iyan luwal magamā bisan gaˈ niyaˈ jānne.That person always scolds even if there is no reason.asteltumbuysallaˈ