vpa-, mag- (pl.)To align; be in a row; be in physical position to...align s.t.; row, to be in aMagantag kite - magabey kite atawa magharap atawa magdiyawaˈ-diyataˈ kite.We are in a row - we are next to each other or facing each other or are above or below each other.Paˈantagku si kaˈu.I align myself with you (any direction).
vpaˈantagsubjectmag-To position, place, align s.t. (in relation to s.t.).Paˈantagne fanin si aku.She positioned the fan in my direction.Magpaˈantagpeyitaˈanku si kōkne.I place a lamp near her head.


vumantagFor s.t. to happen, s.t. bad happening (always has negative connotation).happen (bad), toIneumantag si kaˈu?What happened to you?Niyaˈumantaglaˈi si Lamitan diˈilew.Something (bad) happened yesterday in Lamitan.baya-bayajahatnahastumpalak