vsubjectpa-, -um-, mag-#-an (repet.)To enter; to go inside.enter; go insidePaˈasekkewdembilik.Go inside the room.Umaseknekewdemtindabaˈahu miyaˈan?Have you been able to go inside the new store?sayed (sēd)(pa)diyalemluwas


vsubjectN-, mag-To put on s.t. (as clothes); to enter s.t.put on clothes; share a blanketNgasekkudahuˈ semmek patuliku.I will just put on my clothes that I sleep in.Asekkunesawal peyatin.I am putting on the Yakan trousers.kungaseksini.I am going to enter the cinema.23.6Verbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressingVerbs and adjectives used in connection w/ sewing and dressing


vsubjectN-, mag-To share a blanket (with s.o.).Magˈasekhadjakaˈampeggeˈkulangolos.Just share a blanket because there are few.Aseknekupeggeˈgaˈniyaˈ olosku.She shared (with) me because I didn’t have a blanket.siˈib