nAges ago, ancient times, olden times, a long time ago.Used only in connection with the suffix -ley ‘having been in existence before’ or the noun jaman ‘time’.ages ago; ancient times; past, long ago; time, ancientEwwalley pinaˈal ne andang bonoˈin.In ancient times already the fighting was foretold.Banggaˈ magduse disi apuˈ Adam ewwalley gaˈ kite matuk magduse.If grandfather Adam had not sinned in old times we would not be sinning.Gaˈniyaˈjīpawwalley.There were no jeeps in olden times.14.3Time, monthsTime, months5.1World and timeWorld and time

awwal jaman

nAncient time, a long time ago.Masaewwal jamanpe meˈ inakane iyan.He already told that a long time ago.matuˈuhin (metuˈuhin)masa