adjOld (of persons and living objects such as animals, trees, etc.).old (of person)Bang aˈahin bahiˈ ne magkotot luwenen.When a person is old his face is wrinkled.
vmagbahiˈanTo compare and see which of the (pl.) subjects looks the older.bataˈ


nAn elder, a position in the community or mosque.He instructs people.elder, anSi Apaˈ iye bahiˈ malaˈi si lahat kamihin.Apaˈ is the elder there in our place.gellal14.2Men, titles, etc., occupationsMen, titles, etc., occupations
vmagbahiˈTo act as an elder; to settle cases (like an elder).Si Apaˈ magbahiˈ laˈi si lahat kami.Apaˈ acts as elder there in our place.sellet4