vsubjectN-#-an, mag-To call to worship; call to ward off evil spirits; do the first part of corporate
The very first part of the worship service. The call to prayer. A man stands and chants.
He sings and cups his ears. Any man who knows how to and has a good voice can do it.
It has to be loud. But even if only one is there going to worship, he does the balang, but only in the mosque. It is said that the balang wards off the evil spirits so they won’t tempt during worship. When a child is lost
and believed to be hidden by unseen beings kokok someone also has to balang so that the beings leave and the child becomes visible again and can be found.
call to worship, to; ward off spirits, call to; prayer, first partBang aˈahin sōng nambahayang balang dahuˈ.If the people are about to worship the call to worship is done first.Niyaˈ takaleku magbalang dibuhiˈ.Last night I heard s.o. do the call to worship.Bangniyaˈnakanakbehu inanakan subey binalangan.If there is a child newly born it should have the call to worship done for it.sambahayang14.12Spells, casting spells, effectsSpells, casting spells, effects14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship