nWind; air; oxygen.wind; air; oxygenBasagbeliyudibuhiˈ, hebbaˈ meˈ kayuhin.There was a strong wind last night; trees fell.Bang kite magleklas lansa subey kite magboˈo baliyu dem tangki duk niyaˈ pagnapasante.When we clean the (underside of the) boat we have to take oxygen in a tank so that we have something to breathe.5.3Weather and natural calamitiesWeather and natural calamities

badju rain storm, typhoon
habagat west wind
hemiyu draft of air
lahat-lahat strong wind
limpūs sudden strong wind in small area, whirlwind
satan south wind
tayiˈ baliyu gray sky, covered by rain clouds (lit. waste of wind)
tenuˈug (gentle) breeze
timul east wind