conjIf; when (not yet realized).It introduces a dependent time clause or a conditional clause.if; when (not yet realized)Ingge kite hap puweblo bang ne seddep ellewin.We will go to town when the sun has set.Bangniyaˈ sīnnu bellihanun kite kenna.If you have money buy us fish.Banggaˈniyaˈ takasuwaˈnu, ambat ne.If you cannot find anything, never mind.pagabiyaˈabeyibastangēbbasangattiyap-tiyap


conjAs to. (It usually is not translated into English.)It joins a dependent WH clause to the independent one.Daˈanekaˈamluwal magpandoga bang sine kaˈam dehelluhin.Don’t always observe each other as to who of you will be the first (to do it or to go).Andagun koˈ bang piye sīn ōsin.Inquire please how much that sarong is.Bambalun ingket iyan, payamante bang sāingge tahaˈnen.Unwind the rope; we will see how long it is.Aˈa bahiˈ iyan luwal makbat-makkat, bu gey kataˈuhanku bang ine pangamānnen.That old man is always muttering, and I don’t know what is he angry at.Gaˈi kataˈuhanku bang behoyo tungan tennunku inin.I don’t know in which direction my weaving is crooked.