nStone; rock.stone; rockEddoˈun batu iyan, bettadte tuˈu.Fetch that stone; we will place it here.peggelutuk5.6Soil, stone, fireSoil, stone, fire
adjbatuhanStony, stone-covered.stonyBatuhan bulakkun.My land (field) is stony.

batu pānas

nRock beneath the soil (that prevents crops from thriving).

batu papan

nBig rock with flat surface (level with ground).

batu matey

nA reddish stone that easily breaks.It can be used as supports on the firetable because the stones do not explode when
they get hot.

batu lantup

nPumice (it floats in water).

batu manunggul

nA rock which stands by itself and is exposed during low tide (mentioned in stories).