nMouth.mouthLuha bangaˈan behenen bang ngohap.The opening of his mouth is wide when he yawns.11.4Teeth and mouth etc.Teeth and mouth etc.

sīng behe

behe gawang


behe karut, baˈung, kassaˈ, boloˈ

nOpening of a sack, coconut container, bottle, water container.opening (of a container)

behe buliˈ


vpabehesubjectmag-object-anTo scold s.o.scoldPabehehanun meˈ mākanak iyan bang siye maghidjul.Scold those children if they are noisy.Bekkatan ku magpabehe bu gaˈi du ngasip mākanakin.I have scolded them a lot but the children do not pay attention.amā(han)s(in)abit


vmabehe, magbehe-beheTo talk,, to; speakWeˈeykewgaˈimabehebangniyaˈ tinilew si kaˈu?Why don’t you speak when something is asked of you?Gaˈikumagbehe-behebisanniyaˈ takiteku aˈa nangkew.I don’t say (anything) even if I have seen someone steal.bissā


adjbehehanHarsh, critical.harsh; critical of s.t., to beAˈa bahiˈ miyaˈan gaˈ niyaˈ mabayaˈ ampune patapit si iye peggeˈ behehan, luwal ngamā.None of her grandchildren wants to go close to that old woman because she is harsh; she always gets angry.laˈatan

bisa behenenBeing sharp tongued (lit. his mouth is poisonous).sharp tonguedtahaˈ behenenTo tell or pass on things that are none of one’s business (lit. his mouth is long).