vFor s.t. to break (of rope, thread, wire).break, like rope; brokenBekkat pahayanganin peggeˈ bohat semmekin.The clothesline is broken because the clothes are heavy.
vsubjectN-, mag- (repet.)To break s.t. (like thread, wire, rope).Bekkatun koˈ nayilon inin bang takoleˈnu ke.Break this nylon (rope) if you can.Gaˈi takoleˈku mekkat ingket inin peggeˈ hadje.I am not able to break this rope because it is thick.tettas1


v. statTo be in an extremity about s.t.; to exert great effort in doing s.t. (lit. to be
broken about s.t.).
Bekkatankami magsaye.We convulsed with laughter.Bekkatanku weˈ haggutin.I am freezing with cold.Bekkatanku mikil.I am racking my brain thinking (about it).Bekkatanku maghinang bu gaˈi du ku ngatu dayahan.I am slaving but I can’t get rich.

bekkat napasnenHis breath broke. Euphemism for: he died.magbekkat buweyTo break off a relationship (lit. breaking of rattan).A piece of rattan is broken as a visible sign by the elders and as a ‘witness’ if
family members are so much at enmity that they publicly declare not to be family members
any longer.