nThe side of s.t.; location by s.t.; beside; next to; near s.t.Always occurs following si.side of; beside; next to; near to; location byEkkajambangan si bihing lumaˈ.There are many plants beside (lit. at the side of) the house.Ningkoloˈ ku si bihingne.I sit down next to her (lit. at her side).Si bihing boheˈ lumaˈkun.My house is near (lit. at the side of) the river.higad


vmagbihingFor s.t. to be nearby, next-door (situated or living).nearby; next-doorNiyaˈ saweˈne magbihing.She has a companion nearby. (A next-door neighbor or a seat mate.)Sine saweˈnu magbihing lumaˈin?Who is your next-door neighbor?(mag)tapit