vTo discover, find out (a fact that was thought to be hidden).discover s.t. (thought hidden); find out (s.t. thought hidden)Bistune meˈ hinangankun.My doings have been discovered.
vsubjectN-To suspect s.t., to discern s.t.suspect s.t.; discern s.t.Tabistukudemateyaˈa miyaˈan.I can discern what is in the heart of that person.Bistune kite weˈ kite manangkewin.He suspects that we are the thieves.Daˈakewmistu saweˈnu.Don’t suspect your companion.(ka)taˈu(han)


vpabistusubjectmag-To disclose s.t.; tell s.t.disclose; tell s.t.Daˈakewmagpabistu weˈ sōng kite ngahinang lumaˈ.Don’t disclose that we will soon build a house.aka