adjHeavy (in weight).heavy (in weight)Bohatbag binoˈokun.The bag I am carrying is heavy.lampung

bohat buliˈkunSaid if one should get going but just sits there; to be lazy, always just sitting
there. (lit. My behind is heavy.)

v. statTo have difficulty (in doing s.t.); to find s.t. difficult.difficult, to find s.t.; difficulty, to haveKabohatanku mikil.I find it difficult to think.hunit1(ka)sigpit1(an)lampung

bohat behenenHave difficulty getting out (words), not being a good speaker; being shy to speak
(lit. his mouth is heavy).
Bohat behenenmissāgaˈihāp.She doesn’t easily (lit. her mouth is heavy to) say things that are not good.