nBottom (of objects); buttocks (of a person); the behind or seat (of a person); the
rear end (as of boat, bus, etc.).
bottom (of anything); behind, the; buttocks; rear end of s.t.Eggasbuliˈ kalderokun.The bottom (inside) of my pot is burnt.Bangkābew iyan sungiˈ lege buliˈnen.When that carabao defecates its behind is dirty.Binettad kalgahin si buliˈ lansa.The cargo is placed at the rear end of the boat.kegolkōk311.1External body partsExternal body parts18.2Parts of motor vehiclesParts of motor vehicles

buliˈ dalum

nEye of a needle or head of a pin.

buliˈ kellong

nBack of the neck.

lowang buliˈ