nHair (on head or body); feather; fur; wool (on skin); spines (which grow densely from
living creatures, as the spines of sea urchins).
hair; fur; feather; wool on skin; spines (as of sea urchins)manuk-manuk manessepin binaning.The feathers of the manessep bird are yellow.Sinnaku si meyong miyaˈan.I like the fur of that cat.Labungkōk nakanakin.The child has lots of hair.messang11.7HairHair26.4Nouns used in connection w/ hairNouns used in connection w/ hair3.5Parts of birdsParts of birds
adjbūhanHaving wool or hair (on the body); be hairy.Būhan kuyaˈin.The monkey is hairy.