vsubjectN-, mag-ngan-To pull s.t. up (as pants or sleeves).pull up s.t. (as pants or sleeves)Dahikun pantalunnun duk gey palurus.Pull up (at waist) your pants so that they won’t fall down.kandatlurus
vsubjectpa-To go or move up (towards the top of s.t.).go up towards the top; move up towards topPhysically and figuratively.Padahikkewbangkew pabāk, daˈa pabāk si tindakan.Move up (to the head-end) when you lie down, don’t lie down at the foot-end.Padahik subaˈin bang beytu solon.The estuary moves up during high tide.Padahik buwasin kuweˈitu.The rice has gone up now (in price).(pa)diyataˈ(pa)lurus