numOne (in counting objects).one (counting objects)Niyaˈ sinsimku dambuwaˈ.I have one finger ring.daissaˈdangantedde (min-)lowang7.2Cardinal numbersCardinal numbers


vmagdembuwaˈTo be or become one (in spirit or understanding); to be united; to be together.It is also used as euphemism for being sexually united, and so to be, to be or become; together, to beMagtewwaˈ siye peggeˈ magdembuwaˈ pikilanden.They hit it off because they are one in their thinking.Magdembuwaˈnesiyepeggeˈ bakas kinawin siye.They are one now because they have been married.Gaˈpekamimagdembuwaˈkamatey saˈinen.We were not yet one (not yet been married) at the time of his mother’s death.
vpadembuwaˈTo be in one place with s.o., share (a place); to be one (have sexual intercourse)
with s.o.
kupadembuwaˈmustakero si iye.I go to be in one mosquito net with her.Padembuwaˈlumaˈku si sakaku.I share the house with my older sibling.Padembuwaˈneiye si andanen.He has intercourse with his wife.


advdembuwaˈ-dembuwaˈIndividually.individuallyMagbahagiˈ-bahagiˈ saˈ kaˈam buwas inin, gaˈi ne kaˈam urunganku dembuwaˈ-dembuwaˈ.Share this rice; I will not give to you individually.kayuˈ-kayuˈ
vtadembuwaˈTo divide, receive or get s.t. - one for each person.Tedembuwaˈne kite kenna iyan.The two of us get one fish each.Limekite bi, tedembuwaˈ-dembuwaˈkite bibāng-bāng iyan.We are five, we get one cookie each.