nSpecial supernatural knowledge and/or power.It is acquired from other people or through dreams; also foreknowledge of future happenings
gotten by divination. Occasionally something appears and teaches the person to give
him ilmuˈ.
knowledge (supernatural); power (supernatural); foreknowledge of futureNgasi elimuˈnen, bisan iye tinimbak gaˈi iye katamaˈan.His supernatural power is effective; even if he is shot, he will not be hurt.
adjelimuˈanTo be knowledgeable and/or powerful (in supernatural matters).Elimuˈanaˈa bahiˈ miyaˈan, taˈu iye nabang aˈa saki.That old person is knowledgeable; he can help sick people.(ka)taˈusihil14.18Supernatural power/knowledgeSupernatural power/knowledge