vsubjectN-#-an, mag-object-anTo place s.t. in the sun.place in sunInellewan kennahin duk manjari sempinaˈ.The fish is placed in the sun so that it becomes dried fish.Nakanak iyan ngellewan dīne.That child is sunning himself.Magellewkennaiye.He is placing fish in the sun.
vsubjectN-, mag-To go out into the sun.Ngellewkudahuˈ duk tohoˈ semmekkun diyataˈ barankun.I will just go out into the sun so that my clothes will dry.Daˈakewmagellew duk gaˈi kew ilemmun.Don’t go into the sun so that you won’t get a fever.

mata ellew

nThe sun, the disk of the sun.Bangsalung paguwaˈ mata ellewin si silangan.In the morning the sun comes up in the east.


nDry season.dry seasonTeggang boheˈin bang beytu pangellew.The (sources of) water are dried up when it is dry season.uttalaˈtunggaraˈ(pang)ulan5.1World and timeWorld and time


nDay.dayPitusiyeellewituˈ.They will come this day.Bangku moleˈ hap Basilan meˈ tellu ellew hadja ku laˈi.When I go home to Basilan I will be there for only three days.bahangikekkohapan


nDaytime, daylight hours.daytimeLumengngan ku hadja bang ellew, bang sangem gaˈi ne ku paluwas amban lumaˈ.I only go out during daytime; in the evening I don’t leave the house.sangem5.1World and timeWorld and time

bahangi a day, 24 hour period
bayaˈ kohap early evening
dibuhiˈ last night
diˈilewkohap yesterday afternoon
diˈilewsangem night before last
kekkohapan all day
kellawan all night
kohap afternoon, early evening
lettuellew noon
ninaˈ tonight
salung morning
sangem night
subu early morning

ellew-sangemDay and night.Aˈa miyaˈan maghinang ellew-sangem.That person works day and night.kekkohapan-kellawande ellew

nOne day, one whole day, all daylight hours.De ellew paghinang kamihin.We worked one day.kekkohapan

ellew dembuli

nThe hereafter, life after death.hereafter, the; life after deathBangekka dusete hinukum kite si ellew dembuli.If we have many sins we will be judged in the hereafter.ahilat14.5Religion generalReligion general

ellew liˈi

nA day of no work, a rest day.A day when work is not allowed by the religious law. If one would work, the body would
hurt; if one would cut oneself, it would be hard to heal.
14.5Religion generalReligion general