negNo; not; none.It negates existential clauses, completed action clauses, and expressions with ‘not
yet’ gaˈ pe. If it occurs in isolation the vowel is lengthened.
no; not; noneGaˈniyaˈ buwas? Gāˈ.Is there no rice? No (or none).Gaˈpe palabey eriplenuhin.The airplane has not yet come by.Gaˈku kabelli delos peggeˈ gaˈ niyaˈ sīnku.I was not able to buy a watch because I had no money.Gaˈpeiye tekka? Gaˈ.Has he not come yet? No.gaˈidumaˈin


nThe one who has not or did not.The stress is on the last syllable. (Some people also use manggāˈ instead of bang gaˈ ‘if not’. See manggāˈ|d3.)Meˈ aˈa manggaˈ niyaˈ sīnnen, kaˈaseˈ-aseˈ teˈed.The people who have no money are really to be pitied.Makaˈaseˈ-aseˈteˈed meˈ aˈa manggāˈin.The people who don’t have (anything) are really pitiful.Si Dende manggāˈ manginduk boheˈin.Dende is the one who did not draw water.


nNothing, as if nothing...It always occurs together with kuweˈ ‘as if’ followed by si ‘to’.nothingBangniyaˈpangandaˈakaniyekuweˈdumanggāˈ si iye.If someone tells him something it is like nothing to him.Kuweˈmanggāˈniyaˈkulang si iye, bu ine kew? Dumaˈin! Kasigpitan iye.It is as if she is lacking nothing, and what do you know? It is not so! She is in great need.Kuweˈmanggāˈniyaˈgoyak si kappal mahadjehin.Waves are like nothing to a big boat. (lit. As if none there is wave to boat the big one.)


conjIf (there is) none...Manggāˈniyaˈ sīnbi nambi dahuˈ kaˈam si meˈ aˈa maniyaˈ sīnnen. (Bang gaˈ niyaˈ...)If you have no money borrow some first from those who have money.Manggāˈniyaˈ si iye niyaˈ si aku. (Bang gaˈ niyaˈ si iye niyaˈ si aku.)If he does not have it, I have it.


vTo act unconcerned, act as if nothing mattered.unconcerned, act; act unconcernedIt always occurs with kuweˈ.Hap Isabela kite duwangan bu dembuwaˈin kuweˈ manggāˈ-gāˈ hadja bisan du magdaliˈ-daliˈ ilengnganin.The two of us are going to Isabela but the one acts as if nothing matters even though there is reason to go fast.Bangniyaˈ hinangne, ningkoloˈ-ningkoloˈ hadja iye kuweˈ manggāˈ-gāˈ.When she has work, she just sits there acting as if nothing matters.Bisanduniyaˈ magbonoˈ si bihingne kuweˈ iye manggāˈ-gāˈ.Even if there is fighting right next to him he is unconcerned.haman-haman