neg.No; not.Negative particle in adjectival expressions and verbal incomplete action clauses.
Also used in expressions like ‘no longer’ gaˈi ne.
not; noGaˈi tahinangku.I am not able to do it.Gaˈikusinna si iyan.I am not happy with that. (I do not like that.)Gaˈikubahani.I am not bold.Mangankew inin! Gaˈi ku.Eat this! No! (I won’t or I will not.)Gaˈineiyetuˈu.He is no longer here.

manggaˈi, manggey

nThe one who doesn’t (do s.t.).one who doesn’t do s.t.The verb following is nominalized with maN-#-hin.Sinemanggey manuhutin?Who is the one who isn’t coming along?Si Dende manggaˈi manginduk boheˈin.Dende is the one who doesn’t draw water.Meˈ aˈa manggaˈi mamanganin sudda matey.People who don’t eat will eventually die.

manggaˈi, bang gaˈi

conjIf not... (used with verbs).Some speakers make the morphophonemic change to manggaˈi here.Manggaˈi (Bang gaˈi) kew nuhut kuweˈitu paturul saˈ kew.If you don’t come along now, follow later.gaˈdaˈadumaˈin