nA substitute.Iyegantiˈnen.He is his substitute.ulul
vsubjectmag-object-anTo substitute s.t. for s.t. else; to change s.t.substitute s.t.; change s.t.Ginantiˈannebettis jīpin.The tire of the jeep has been changed.Maggantiˈku semmek.I will change my clothes.salinsambiˈ1salingubirakarakisal2jihad1


vsubjectpa-, N-, mag- (pl.)To take turns at s.t.take turnskewpagantiˈ magbella.Go take your turn at cooking.kewngagantiˈ magbella.Go take your turn at cooking.Maggantiˈkite bi magbella.We will take turns in cooking.sublisokleˈ


vComing and going.Said of people, some leaving, others arriving.coming and going (of people)Ekkaaˈamaggewgantiˈ si siye.Many people kept coming to them (and others going away).